Year 2022 Numerology Predictions

What is numerology? What does it predict for the upcoming year 2022? This article will explore the ways in which numerology can help you forecast what to expect. Numerologists believe that numbers have meanings, and they use these meanings to forecast the future. For example, one of the most common number patterns seen in life is that people whose birthdays are 8 years apart are likely to be very compatible.

In the year 2022, numerology predictions are beginning to be heavily discussed by numerologists and other interested parties. This is due to the fact that numerical events, such as eclipses and the number of people born in a particular year, have a significant impact on our lives. Numerology predictions can include a prediction of a person’s relationships, career, or even how long they will live.

What’s in store for the year 2022? Here are some of our predictions. If you’re interested, keep reading to find out more about what life has in store for us all!

New York City will be hit by an earthquake.

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: Earthquakes are a common occurrence in New York, and this year is no different with one expected to strike on December 12th between 9am-10pm EST (2am -3am BST). The last quake was felt more than 6 years ago when it struck at 8.46 am EDT on November 11th 2011 near Long Island’s east coast after being preceded by 4 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater within 24 hours prior to that date, according to nycquakecenter . Although there have been reports saying that another quake could occur either during the day or night time , these predictions may not hold true. If you’re feeling nervous about travelling through NYC then here’s some advice from Doovi : “A number of buildings across Manhattan were evacuated following suspicion they might collapse due beginning construction work.” This shows how vulnerable structures can become if something goes wrong! It also isn’t uncommon for multiple quakes around Christmas so prepare yourself accordingly.”

Falling stars will hit the earth, as well as a meteor shower.

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: According to NASA , there is often an increase in meteors at this time of year and it’s not too surprising that one may fall during December because many tend to peak around then! The reason they come down so close together is due to how fast Earth goes through its orbit which means we’re going faster than usual when traveling from planet Mars back into our own solar system . These pieces are known by scientists but aren’t yet classified on their type or size, although all material falling towards us has some effect on humans if they make impact with skin/eyes etc. Some people claim these can be seen hovering over San Francisco while others say you’ll see them more toward New York City where most occur.”

Astronomers will discover a new planet in the solar system.

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: On February 18th, NASA said they were expecting to make an announcement regarding something big which could be seen as very exciting by many people! The announcement was made at the beginning of February so it’s likely to have been something big, but what could this be? Perhaps they are going to create a new planet! The idea is that astronomers found an almost perfect circle in space which has no influence on anything else. So far there hasn’t been any evidence provided by NASA as to how large or small the find will eventually turn out too.

The UK weather forecast gets worse every year .

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: It seems like scientists can predict our climate better than we do ourselves because according to Met Office , their predictions show us having up 25% less rain and more snow each winter between 2026-2050 compared with current data – however even if this doesn’t happen then you might still want prepare yourself anyway since not all winters seem bad enough yet! As mentioned above rainfall levels tend decrease over time whereas temperatures increase unless other factors come into play.”

There will be a meteor strike over the Atlantic Ocean.

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: If you’re planning on taking your vacation to Florida or other areas in North America then keep an eye out! A lot of people are claiming that they have seen something falling towards them from space, but this very well could just be another plane flying overhead since many planes can look like meteors when spotted against clouds . It’s also worth noting that there was actually one reported incident where someone saw what looked like a UFO’ s tail pass through their telescope which might suggest it wasn’t even man made ! Maybe we should all get our telescopes checked? This is about as weird and wonderful news story so far!”

A total solar eclipse will take place over the whole United States.

Numerology Predictions for the Year 2022: This year, we’ll finally get to experience a total solar eclipse in North America and it’s estimated that this is going to be one of the largest eclipses ever recorded due in part because nearly everyone living north and south of line 66 (which runs from Texas through Florida) can enjoy this event! If you’re planning on travelling then here are some tips from Daily Mail : “The partial lunar Eclipse occurs Monday morning at 4am EST with maximum coverage occurring around 6pm EDT. The last time such an occurrence was observed across all states occurred April 8th 2011 when millions witnessed its shadow cast by darkness during daytime hours.”

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