Why Astrology Major is an Excellent Choice for Today’s Students

Astrology has seen a major resurgence in recent years, especially among younger millennials and Generation Z. More and more college students are opting to major in this fascinating subject. While some may see astrology as a fringe subject not worthy of serious academic study, there are many great reasons why majoring in astrology can be an excellent choice for today’s students.

Astrology Connects us to the Past

Astrology is one of the oldest subjects studied by humanity, dating back over 4000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China and beyond. Majoring in astrology connects students to this vast, rich heritage. Learning the fundamentals of astrological symbolism and meaning provides a window into how ancient cultures made sense of the heavens above and sought meaning in the human experience below.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Contrary to popular misconception, astrology is not only concerned with sun signs and horoscopes. Serious astrological study involves mastering complex systems of chart interpretation. To become proficient in astrology requires sharp analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to synthesize disparate pieces of information. The critical thinking skills developed help astrology majors excel in many other academic and professional pursuits.

Expands Perspective on Human Nature

Astrology is essentially the study of human nature, motivations and tendencies. It provides perspective on the cycles, patterns and archetypes that shape human life. Studying astrology greatly expands students’ insight into themselves and others. It fosters compassion, open-mindedness and cultural appreciation. These expanded perspectives serve astrology majors well in fields involving human interaction like counseling, teaching, social work, human resources, etc.

Prepares for Exciting Career Paths

Contrary to outdated stereotypes, a major in astrology can lead to many exciting career opportunities. Professional astrologers work in journalism, finance, marketing, organisational consulting, and more. With their expertise in motivation and timing, astrologers are highly sought after in the business world. For those who wish to go into astrological consulting and forecasting, a major plus certification provides credibility and trust.

There are also abundant opportunities to apply astrological skills in related fields like psychology, sociology and anthropology. Astrology majors can readily move into counseling, social work, cultural research, human resources and more. Combining an astrology major with a minor in a related field expands career options exponentially.

Allows Focus on a Subject of Passion

Most importantly, majoring in astrology allows students to immerse themselves in a subject they are truly passionate about. The more enthusiasm and love students can bring to their studies, the more they will thrive. Astrology is a positive major that focuses on human potential rather than dysfunction. Students are empowered to share their knowledge and uplift others.


Astrology is no longer a fringe subject, but an essential field offering powerful tools for understanding life and living it fully. For college students seeking a course of study that develops critical faculties, expands perspectives, connects to heritage, and propels successful careers, majoring in astrology is truly an alignment of the stars.


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