Who Predicted Coronavirus with Astrology?

Examining Astrologers’ Strikingly Accurate Pandemic Forecasts

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in unprecedented ways since emerging in late 2019. With entire countries going into lockdown seemingly overnight, no one could have predicted how dramatically daily life would change. Or could they?

In a fascinating twist, some astrologers had in fact foreseen the coming of a serious global pandemic years in advance, based on their readings of the stars and planets. As skeptical as many may be about astrology, the accuracy of some astrologers’ coronavirus predictions is undeniable.

Astrologers Who Foresaw the Coronavirus Crisis

Several renowned astrologers and psychics had flagged 2020 as being a year of great turmoil and change. Looking at upcoming astrological alignments, they warned that global disaster was imminent.

Mystic Masha, a Russian astrologer, predicted in December 2019 that there would be a “great and powerful epidemic” in 2020. She cited the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurring January 2020 as a harbinger of coming calamity. At the time, her warnings seemed exaggerated, but soon proved to be chillingly prescient.

Nicholas Aujula, a psychic based in London, also sounded the alarm about 2020. In 2018, he predicted that the world would be gripped by a “global health crisis” in 2 years time. Other astrologers and psychics, from Sylvia Browne to Kim Russo, also made vague but alarming predictions about 2020 that seemed to foreshadow the coronavirus outbreak.

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction’s Role

What is it about the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction that made astrologers so nervous? This rare alignment, occurring on January 12, 2020, was seen by many astrologers as setting the stage for a monumental global event.

Saturn represents restriction, adversity, and hardship, while Pluto represents death, renewal, and tumultuous change. The combination was expected to trigger chaos and wholesale transformation on a society-wide scale. Clearly, the astrologers attuned to this cosmic warning were right to sound the alarm.

Additional Ominous Alignments in 2020

But the Saturn-Pluto conjunction wasn’t the only astrological red flag for 2020. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn also aligned in Capricorn in March 2020 as coronavirus fears took hold globally. Mars-Saturn alignments are thought to correlate with pandemics and restrictions.

Meanwhile, June 2020 saw a rare lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, and Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, further pointing to massive societal shakeups. The astrological signs for turbulence were everywhere for those paying attention to the stars above.

The Mysterious Accuracy of Astrologers’ Predictions

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the accuracy of some astrologers’ pandemic predictions is hard to dismiss as mere coincidence. Of course, astrology cannot foretell every detail or exact timing of major world events. But the planetary alignments leading into 2020 undeniably pointed to impending chaos and upheaval, just as astrologers interpreted them.

Some skeptics argue that astrologers make vague predictions all the time, and only publicize the ones that come true. However, the coronavirus predictions were unusually specific about the nature and timing of the disaster they foresaw coming in 2020. The fact that multiple astrologers, across different countries, all sounded the alarm independently, lends credibility to the surprising phenomenon.

Looking Ahead: What Do the Stars Have in Store Next?

Will astrologers’ reads of the celestial bodies prove accurate in predicting future events as well? What warnings, if any, are in the stars today? Many astrologers believe the worst is behind us for now, with the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in April 2022 signaling recovery and renewal.

Others, however, point to an upcoming Saturn-Uranus square in June and November 2022 as portending more upheaval ahead. We can only wait and see whether the planetary alignments again align with earthly events. For skeptics, the bizarre accuracy of some astrologers’ coronavirus predictions may provide some food for thought on the possibilities of divination.


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