Which Astrology House is Death?

The topic of death in astrology is complex and nuanced. Different astrological house systems approach the concept of death differently. In this post, we’ll explore the major house systems and how they relate to the idea of death in astrology.

The 8th House

In most house systems, the 8th house is associated with death and transformation. This house rules over mysteries, the occult, sex, rebirth, and things beyond our control. It’s often seen as the house of “shared resources,” including wills, inheritances, taxes, insurance, joint finances, and even the partner’s money and possessions.

The 8th house is where we confront our mortality. It represents decay and loss, but also regeneration. Planets in the 8th house and the ruler of the 8th house indicate how we approach death, inheritance, and using other people’s resources.

The 12th House

Some astrologers associate the 12th house with death and the unconscious realm. As the final house in the natal chart, the 12th house rules endings, the subconscious mind, isolation, spirituality, and connection to the divine. It’s considered the house of self-undoing, hidden enemies, and restrictions.

In certain house systems like Whole Sign houses and Equal houses, the 12th house encompasses death and the transition into the afterlife. The 12th house relates to eternal peace and oneness beyond the physical form.

Placidus Houses

In the Placidus house system, the cusp of the 8th house is connected to death, while the 12th house relates more to the dream world and seclusion. This system emphasizes the 8th house cusp as governing literal death and managing estates. The 12th house still relates to the unconscious and past lives in this system.

Koch Houses

The Koch house system also highlights the 8th house cusp for death and legacies. The 12th house denotes seclusion and retreat. Since this system has varying house sizes, the 8th house ending point may also incorporate some afterlife themes. But the primary house of death is the 8th.

Campanus Houses

Similarly to Koch, Campanus houses use the prime 8th house cusp for matters of death and inheritance. The spacious 12th house describes spiritual liberation versus bodily death. Campanus houses put more accent on the 8th house cusp.

Topocentric Houses

Topocentric houses are based on the latitude of one’s birth location. With uneven house sizes, death is signified by both the 8th house cusp and later degrees of the 8th house. The 12th house relates to unconscious, past lives, and imagination.

Meridian Houses

In Meridian houses, the 8th house is deemed the house of death. The 12th house relates to the collective unconscious but not literal death. Of all systems, Meridian houses make the 8th house specifically responsible for matters of mortality.


While there are diverse perspectives on astrological houses and death, most house systems designate the 8th house and cusp as governing literal death and legacies. The 12th house relates to dream states, mysticism, and what lies beyond, but is not the prime house of death itself. By understanding the nuances of each house system, we can gain deeper insight into the astrological meanings of life, death, and rebirth.


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