Where to Buy Numerology Books: A Guide to Essential Resources for Beginners and Enthusiasts


Numerology has become an increasingly popular metaphysical divination practice in recent years. But for those looking to learn numerology and delve deeper, finding reliable and substantive books can pose a challenge. In this post, we’ll explore the best places to purchase quality numerology books for various needs and experience levels.

Getting Started: Introductory Numerology Books

For complete beginners, certain foundational texts provide an accessible starting point for grasping numerology’s core concepts and techniques. These introductory books are widely available from major booksellers:

  • “Numerology Made Easy” by Tonja Waring – A basic primer explaining chart readings. Find at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and indie bookstores.
  • “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Numerology” by The Diagram Group – A pocket overview of definitions, methods, and interpretations. Available on Amazon and eBay.
  • “Numerology for Self-Mastery” by Rick McGuire – A slim intro guide focused on growth. Look for used copies on ThriftBooks, AbeBooks, or Alibris.

Comprehensive Instructional Guides

Once grounded in the basics, more extensive instructional guides provide thorough, structured training in numerology divination practices. These in-depth references offer vital reference info:

  • “Complete Book of Numerology” by David Phillips – Widely considered the numerology bible. Find at major bookstores like Barnes & Noble.
  • “Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self” by Hans Decoz – A seminal modern guide breaking down readings. Look for used copies on Amazon.
  • “Numerology” by Harish Johari – An authoritative Vedic numerology resource. Available at specialty India booksellers.

Advanced and Specialized Numerology Works

After becoming well-versed in conventional Western and Vedic numerology techniques, enthusiasts can level up their knowledge through advanced and specialized works:

  • “The Complete Book of Numerology” by Joyce Vega – Focuses on relationships and compatibility. Purchase from Red Wheel, Watkins Books, or other metaphysical bookstores.
  • “The Kabbalah Numerology” by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi – On Jewish mystic numerology. Find at online occult bookshops like AzureGreen.
  • “Chinese Numerology” by Paul Siong – Explores distinctive Chinese traditions. Check Asian specialty bookstores or import seller YesAsia.


While numerology guides are sold almost everywhere nowadays, discerning enthusiasts should carefully source books from reputable metaphysical retailers boasting robust selections. Visiting online marketplaces for out-of-print gems also unearths hidden treasures.

Developing a well-rounded numerology education requires piecing together knowledge from diverse sources. Luckily, accessing quality books for every stage of learning is possible with some diligent searching. The journey promises rich rewards for determined students of this ancient divination art.


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