What is numerology and how does it work?

Numerology is an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years, and is a way to predict the future through the language of numbers. It matches up letters from your name with numbers from 1-9, giving you a sum which is said to represent your personality traits. There are many different ways to use numerology in order to find out what it says about you, but some people believe that the birth date on your birth certificate is the best way to get started. This method is often referred to as “numerological birth analysis” or N.B.A..

Step 1: Get your full name and birthday on the numerology site of your choice, then click that link in Step 2 below which will take you through a few prompts about what you’d like it to do for you (personality check etc.), enter those details into their form and follow any further instructions given by them such as putting down how many people are named after each letter or adding numbers from 0-9 afterwards based upon where they were allocated within the alphabet when written out phonetically)

Step 2: The next step tells you to pick a date from the calendar, and then fill in your name (using any spelling) followed by “birthdate”, so if it was 21st March 2010 that would be written as 20100321. Click through their form which will ask for some details about what sort of numerology you want performed on your data such as how many people are named after each letter or whether they should add numbers afterwards based upon where they were allocated within the alphabet when written out phonetically etc.. Enter these into another box provided with this page and follow whatever instructions given at all times! You’ll also need to enter an email address too please because there is no way around getting access without one 🙂

Step 3: This will ask you to choose a personality type and then enter your date of birth, followed by “birthdate” again. Click through the box that says ‘Click here for free Personality test’ which brings up another page with more details about what it does (take this one too seriously!)

The cool thing is that not only can you get an idea from Numerology if there are any potential issues in your life at present – such as certain numbers or letters being negative affectors within threes – but also whether anything bad may happen very soon! If someone doesn’t have their birthday listed on our site they might want to check out how other countries use theirs because many others allow people’s name-day dates/days etc.. Get back into contact when we publish our UK version 🙂

The history of numerology

The concept of numerology can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who used it in their attempts at predicting events and historically, they would consult a system whereby each letter had an assigned number between 1-9 depending upon its position within the alphabet. This particular method was based around these numbers being positive or negative affects on people’s lives – so 2 might mean “love”, but 3 could also refer to unhappiness etc.. The reasoning for this is because as you know there are 26 letters (plus spaces) which means that 11 more must relate into something else! So if we take out ‘J’ from our alphabet chart then J = 10 – 9 = 0 + 5 = 4, Eindeavour has just outlined how many times his name has been written down already 😀 If anyone knows where I may find examples/information about other alphabets like Voodoo style ones please let me know 🙂

There is also a way of using numerology in which you’re allowed to do it on your own birth date. You need to take the birthday from all 6 family members, put them into a spreadsheet (or whatever) and then use this information combined with other info such as astrology dates etc.. To complete any sort of more advanced calculations would require separate software but what’s important here at first hand is that we don’t know much about how possible these kinds of things are for us without paying someone lots!

The concept of the birth date is called “numerological nativities” or N.N.. If you click on this link please remember that it has nothing to do with me – I found out about your site via a friend and have no idea who owns it! The thing here is that if anyone wants to find out more information they should use their own name, not mine 🙂

Love numerology for your birthday? Don’t forget that you can also look up anyone else’s date too. If it was a Saturday, Sunday or Monday you could use 1-9 as per the example above and find out what their ‘birthday’ is to see if there are any issues with them being negative numbers – but remember this method has never been used before so please don’t go getting all excited just yet!

The best way of finding out what it tells you is to click through and read their “free personality test” (I’m not kidding) as this will give us a lot more information about your own situation. It’s so much better than following some random link that pops up on the internet, because then we can see exactly how accurate these results are for each individual person! There seems to be no doubt in our minds here at Eindeavour Design that by using Numerology technique anyone could benefit from an insight into themselves – but just remember there has never been anything like this before 🙂 If any future articles come along I’ll add them below:D

Numerology and astrology – the difference?

“An astrology is merely a numerology that has forgotten its numbers.” – Arthur C Clarke, 2001. After all you can’t really have an accurate description of someone’s personality without knowing the dates they were born on and what year it was! So if our site doesn’t tell us your date exactly then we’ll probably use their birthdate to make up for this 🙂 Astrologers also don’t know when people are going to die either so I’m not sure why anyone would want them messing around with any peoples’ lives in that way? It just seems like such as primitive activity from ancient times which should only be used by ignorant religious fanatics who’ve taken these ideas too far (I couldn’t agree more!) Anyway enough about me 😀 If anything does happen there will probably come along some links below 😉

The birth chart is the most accurate way of predicting someone’s future! It takes into account their date, time and place of departure from our solar system at birth to create a 3D picture in space which shows all aspects related directly or indirectly. As an example if you look up where I live on Google Maps when this page was first published – it says that my sun sign/birthday falls between 1st February 2010 – 7th March 2013 :3 This tells me how long after death will be by looking at what position they were born under within both hemispheres (your ascendant) so your birthday may also tell us something about those we care for too… Happy Birthday Eindeavour!!

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