What Astrology Sign is October? Free Calculator and Guide

October welcomes Halloween under the mystical energies of Scorpio. The fixed water sign helps illuminate depths, power, and transformation. Keep reading to understand October’s zodiac forecast.

October Sun Signs

The majority of October is ruled by intense Scorpio:

  • Libra: October 1-22
  • Scorpio: October 23-November 21

After Libra’s balanced relating, Scorpio’s occult energies emerge. The scorpion plunges into shadowy waters fearlessly.

As a fixed sign, Scorpio stabilizes and concentrates energy. October suits exploring mysteries, esoteric topics, and undergoing metamorphosis.

October’s Cusp Signs

On the horizons between signs, traits intermingle. Here are October’s cusps:

  • Libra-Scorpio: October 19-25
  • Scorpio-Sagittarius: November 18-24

Those born on the cusps exhibit a fusion of the two adjoining signs’ qualities.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio is the zodiac’s mystic, unafraid of the unknown. Key traits include:

  • Alluring and secretive
  • Passionate and stubborn
  • Jealous yet loyal
  • Insightful and intense
  • Fearless yet vengeful
  • Drawn to the occult

Scorpios embrace the mysterious, viewing life as an exciting quest into the shadows. But beware manipulativeness or obsession.

Scorpio Season

Scorpio season from late October to late November favors exploring occult topics, vulnerable intimacy, releasing old patterns, and embracing power.

But caution against manipulating or imposing control. Temper intensity with self-care practices like meditation.

Free Astrology Calculator

Confirm your complete natal chart based on your exact birth details with this astrology calculator:

Input your precise date, time, and location of birth to generate your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs plus planet placements.

In Summary

October spotlights mystical Scorpio, illuminating the hidden and facilitating transformation. Scorpio plunges fearlessly into shadow work. Use the astrology calculator to identify your zodiac map. Understanding our nature allows us to embrace growth.


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