What Astrology Sign is June? Free Calculator and Guide

June welcomes the start of summer with the nurturing energies of Cancer. The cardinal water sign helps us connect to family, home, and emotional roots. Read on to understand June’s cosmic weather.

June Sun Signs

The vast majority of June falls under the guidance of sensitive Cancer:

  • Gemini: June 1 – 20
  • Cancer: June 21 – July 22

After Gemini’s mental fluttering, Cancer helps root us back home, both literally and metaphorically. The crab reigns over home, family, heritage, and emotional security.

As a cardinal sign, Cancer initiates new beginnings. June is therefore optimal for reconnecting with family, anchoring yourself, and soul-searching.

June’s Cusp Signs

On the horizons between signs, overlapping influences meet. Here are June’s cusps:

  • Gemini-Cancer: June 17 – 23
  • Cancer-Leo: June 19 – 25

Those born on the cusps exhibit a blend of the adjoining signs’ traits.

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancer is the zodiac’s nurturer, exemplifying unconditional care. Key traits include:

  • Emotional and intuitive
  • Protective and sympathetic
  • Imaginative and nostalgic
  • Moody yet sentimental
  • Loves home and family
  • Needs security and familiarity

Cancers cherish family traditions and passing down heritage. They instinctively nurture and provide safety to their “tribe.”

Cancer Season

Cancer season from late June to late July revolves around domesticity. Expect cozy home projects, quality family time, and reconnecting with your roots.

But cancer can also amplify sensitivities – beware getting crabby. Stress management and self-care helps prevent excessive moodiness.

Free Astrology Calculator

Confirm your complete zodiac profile based on your birth details with this astrology calculator:

Submit your exact birth date, time, and location to generate your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs plus planet placements.

In Summary

June falls under the guidance of sentimental Cancer, drawing focus back to family, home, heritage, and emotional security. Use the astrology calculator to decode your natal chart. By understanding our inner nature, we can nurture our roots and grow.


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