What Astrology Sign is July? Free Calculator and Guide

July heats up under the fiery influence of bold Leo. The fixed fire sign helps us shine with confidence, creativity, and leadership. Keep reading to understand July’s zodiac energies.

July Sun Signs

The Lion rules the vast majority of July:

  • Cancer: July 1-22
  • Leo: July 23-August 22

Leo’s fiery energy charges in after July’s first weeks of Cancer’s domesticity. The expressive Leo wants to be seen and heard.

As a fixed sign, Leo stabilizes energy. July encourages embodying confidence and sharing your light with the world.

July’s Cusp Signs

Around the cusps, energy shifts between signs. Here are July’s astro cusps:

  • Cancer-Leo: July 19-25
  • Leo-Virgo: August 19-25

Those born on the cusps exhibit a fusion of both adjoining signs.

Leo Personality Traits

Leo is the zodiac’s flamboyant performer, living for applause and accolades. Key traits include:

  • Confident and ambitious
  • Generous and loyal
  • Encouraging yet domineering
  • Creative and entertaining
  • Seeks luxury and pleasure
  • Vibrant yet melodramatic

Leos love being in the spotlight and expressing themselves boldly. But beware of becoming overbearing or craving too much attention.

Leo Season

Leo season from late July to late August encourages confidence, creativity, and standing out. Avoid self-doubt and dare to share your talents.

But also prevent ego inflation – listen humbly to others and acknowledge team efforts. Manage the urge for excessive drama or conflict.

Free Astrology Calculator

Confirm your complete zodiac profile based on your exact birth data with this natal chart generator:

Input your precise birth date, time, and location to receive your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs plus planet placements. Decode your cosmic map!

In Summary

July spotlights expressive Leo, helping us boldly shine our inner light. The fiery sign bolsters confidence and creativity. Use the astrology calculator to identify your complete natal chart. By understanding our natural strengths, we can joyfully nurture our talents and share our gifts.


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