VIP Golden Trump Bucks Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?


Trump promoted Trump Bucks for the first time ever on camera.

In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump spoke about VIP Golden Trump Bucks for the first time, he shared AMAZING news for all PATRIOTS!

The VIP Trump $1000 bill is the official $1000 bill of the United States and are being accepted by all major banks in America!

This product is being distributed by the Office of Donald J. Trump. There is no limit on the quantity of the bills.

You need to purchase TRB System Membership Card to use Trump Bucks as legal tender in participating banks and merchants.

What are VIP Golden Trump Bucks?

VIP Trump Bucks are commemorative bank notes to celebrate the presidency of Donald Trump, and soon to be legal tender.

I have already collected several of these VIP Trump Bucks, and I think they are a wise investment as they’re obviously going to blow up any day now.

What are VIP Golden Trump Bucks made of?

They are made of a high-quality paper and feature a special gold foil treatment. Each note is individually numbered and comes in a protective sleeve.

Do you need to pay to register VIP Golden Trump Bucks?

Yes, you need to purchase TRB System Membership Card to use Trump Bucks as legal tender in participating banks and merchants.

Will VIP Golden Trump Bucks be worth a lot of money in the future?

Trump’s Midas touch makes it almost certain that VIP Trump Bucks are only going to go up in value. They’re also being minted in a limited number so be sure to grab yours before the rest of the market catches up and these things shoot up like Bitcoin. I’m so sure that they are a solid investment that I’ve just bought another batch out of fear of missing out.

If Trump wins again then there’s no doubt these things will blow up. When he’s no longer with us (God forbid), as with any other celebrity that has passed away, anything with his name on it will skyrocket. These two facts seem obvious enough that I wouldn’t want to be panic-buying Trump Bucks when the rush comes.

It will be no surprise when VIP Trump Bucks become the next Bitcoin.

I shudder when I think what they will be worth once they’re legal tender.

Do VIP Golden Trump Bucks come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, VIP Trump Bucks come with a money-back guarantee if you purchase them from the official website. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the Trump Buck within 60 days for a full refund.

Can I get VIP Golden Trump Bucks if I’m not a US citizen?

Yes, anyone can purchase VIP Trump Bucks regardless of citizenship.

Where can I buy VIP Golden Trump Bucks?

The best place to buy VIP Trump Bucks is the official site, where you’ll find an exclusive discount using this link.

Are VIP Golden Trump Bucks a scam or legit?

VIP Trump Bucks are 100% legit. Mine only took a couple of days to come in the mail and now they’re locked away in my safe steadily accumulating value until they explode in value the day they become legal tender.

What’s the official site for VIP Golden Trump Bucks?

You can buy VIP Trump Bucks securely from the official website here.

What’s the official customer service phone number for VIP Golden Trump Bucks?

You can find the official customer service phone number here.

31 thoughts on “VIP Golden Trump Bucks Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?”

        • Hi Carrie, is there anything in particular you’d like me to research? I couldn’t find any evidence that the bank of America will support Trump Bucks but I’m still buying more whenever I have some extra cash. Be careful where you buy them from, my page only links to the official store.

    • I went to BOA with one of the bills. The branch manager had no information. I went to another bank and got a similar answer of they had no information “from management”.

      As an aside Restored Republic had mention of Trump Bucks on 8/15 at the 7 minute 20 second mark. They are usually very accurate on their information. The quote was

      “Long time ago, the president Trump said:

      I will create a well constructed economy for America. I would make our allies pay their fair share. Something is going to happen when I will be sitting on the Presidential chair.
      You can’t keep going on leasing 200 billion and let the other countries dump into our markets. America will never be in debt.

      All I need will be 2 Presidential mandates and I am going to create my own kind of money. I will name them Trump Bucks.

      America’s economy will advance and those who support me will never live poor. The ones opposing me will be seething.

      I hope this helps.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have 20 Trump Bucks and my husband just found on the back side of the bill the numbers 666. I am concerned about this. Does anyone know anything about this.

  2. So I keep seeing TRUMP BUCKS for sale on Telegram and was wondering if there is a true value to them and what that might be. There were clams that people made big money from them! We’re older with financial problems, health issues, having to work at 72, 74 because of mistaken investment, so these text and emails threatening we will loose our conservative status is harmful, we’re registered voters and always vote. We just don’t have any discretionary money beyond our Tithe and offerings to God and our little amounts we could donate in the past. BUT WE LOVE OUR TRUMPSTER AND FAMILY!

    • Hi Dianne,

      These things are only going to go up if either Trump wins again or dies (God forbid). The first could happen but the second sadly will but when it does everything with his name on it is going to become a collector’s item.

      If you do decide to buy it then be sure to only purchase it from the official site.

      Sending prayers your way.

  3. My bills also have the number 666 on the back lower right corner. It is very small and hard to see. I too was concerned what this meant. I can’t upload a photo here. They are very nice however.

    • I have many of these Trump Bucks….all of them have 666 in lower right corner… It’s disturbing, and I tried researching the reason or purpose of it, but can’t find any explanation for it.

  4. Hello, I am from Canada in Quebec city province of Quebec and I bought Trumpbucks. I received it quickly it took two weeks. Is it good for us in Canada? I imagine that yes if not I could not have received any.

  5. I have been searching for information on if I needed to register my Trump Bucks and Trump Checks in the TRB System as some sites tell us that we need to or we will lose out. I kept buying a small amount and then recently got a number of the checks. In the past few days I have been seeing it would cost me $500.00 to register these items. Please let me know what you have learned about this. I am like so many others who have commented, we are older and have no extra money, have so hoped that these would be worth something. Then different ones were pointing out the 666 number and that is concerning, it is on all my bills as well. I am glad that I found this site! Thank you to everyone!

  6. There is one thing they did not tell you. You need to have a active account at Bank of America to cash in your products with the TRB system membership card. Hope that helps.


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