TRB System Membership Cards Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?

What are TRB System Membership Cards?

TRB System Membership Cards are official cards issued by Donald Trump to allow Trump Bucks holders to use Trump Bucks as legal tender and deposit them in banks, such as JPMorgan Chase, The Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. The card will be available to the public for a limited time and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The card will allow holders to use Trump Bucks as legal tender at any participating merchant, such as Walmart, Costco and Home Depot.

The TRB System Membership Card is just one of the many benefits of being a Trump Buck holder. Other benefits include discounts on merchandise and services, access to exclusive events, and more.

Trump Buck holders can also feel good knowing that their money is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

What is the TRB Banking System?

The Trump Rebate Banking System is a new initiative by the Trump administration allows holders to use their Trump Bucks as legal tender.

The system allows cardholders to deposit or spend their Trump Bucks, Coins, Checks, etc. at any participating bank or retailer.

This is the first time that Trump Bucks can be used as legal tender, and it is hoped that this will help to stimulate the economy.

The Trump Card system is a voluntary program, and there are no fees associated with it.

What banks and retailers are participating in the TRB Banking System?


  • TD Group US Holdings
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Goldman Sachs
  • State Street
  • Capital One Financial
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Citizens Financial
  • PNC Financial Services
  • Citigroup
  • U.S. Bancorp
  • Truist Bank
  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • Wells Fargo


  • Walgreens
  • Lowe’s
  • CVS
  • Kroger
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Albertsons

How many TRB System Membership Cards do I need?

There are a limited number of TRB System Membership Cards available for purchase, so it is important to know how many you will need before they sell out.

Each card registers up to seven Trump Bucks into their account at any participating bank. For example, if you have 100 Trump Buck notes to register, then you need 15 TRB System Membership Cards in total.

The TRB System Membership Card is an important part of the Trump Bucks system and allows users to take full advantage of all the benefits that come with using Trump Bucks as legal tender. Be sure to get your hands on as many cards as you need before they sell out.

Where can I buy TRB System Membership Cards?

The only safe place to buy TRB System Membership Cards is from the official website. Do not buy them on the secondary market like from Amazon or eBay as there’s no way to verify that they are valid.

How can I use TRB System Membership Cards?

You activate them by scanning the QR code on the reverse side with your smartphone to activate them so that you can register your Trump Bucks, Coins, Checks, etc.

How much do TRB System Membership Cards cost?

TRB System Membership Cards start at $49.99 each if you buy a batch of 10, otherwise they cost $89.99 to purchase one at a time.

As you can see below they come in various prices depending on how many you buy in bulk on the official website.

Do TRB System Membership Cards come with a money-back guarantee?

TRB System Membership Cards come with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you buy them from the official website.

Are TRB System Membership Cards a scam or legit?

The TRB System Membership Card is an official card issued by Donald Trump that allows Trump Bucks holders to use their currency as legal tender. Trump has announced this himself and is selling them on his official website, so it doesn’t get more legitimate than that.

What’s the TRB System Membership Cards customer service phone number?

You can find the TRB System Membership Cards customer service phone number here.

What’s the official TRB System Membership Cards website?

You can find the official TRB System Membership Cards website here.

77 thoughts on “TRB System Membership Cards Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?”

  1. thanks so much for this info, i just got my trb cards and registered my trump bucks in seconds. i was worried because im not the most technical person but it was so easy with my smartphone qr scanner. love the trumpster, god bless!!!

  2. I bought a hundred trb cards they don’t work my Android phone wasn’t capable of having a digital wallet I think I have to get a new phone I’m not that help with the phone I am not able to register the products I don’t know how to work the cards something’s wrong


  4. I bought 15 packs of 10 Gold Trump1000 Buck, so that is150 ($ 1000) bucks.
    How many TRB cards do I need?
    I bought some coins awhile ago although I cant remember how many. How many TRB cards are needed for those?

  5. On Telegram people are stating random folks are getting cash deposited into their accounts from a lottery of Trump to help people because they bought TRB ? Is this true? One woman said she received $1MM, read the thread from SGanon…


  6. Hi,
    I bought 100 TRB cards and received the numbers by email, so no code to scan. I registered the products I have by entering a code number but it was confusing because all the registration pages also showed the packages that the different products were sold in (50 checks, 100 bucks etc.). I registered them by package but I’m not sure that’s correct. Is there any way to verify the registration?

  7. Hi Mallory,
    Here one for you to figure out.
    I ordered 20 TRB Cards,I have 100 $5,000.00 Bucks. Here is my Problem I never received the actual cards the company I bought these from sent me codes to put in and when I went to the site to do this I click on the link for 5K Bucks and it showed closed on the 15th of October and I didn’t receive my codes till October 21 so I have been trying to talk to someone about this but I’m getting know where. Help would be appreciated !!!!!!!!!
    Tim Kroening

    • Hi Tim, the next registration cohort is now open until the 15th Nov and there will be more after that. Try the website again on an incognito browser to make sure you’re seeing the most up to date version.

  8. Hi Mallory,
    I have a few concerns, I ordered 5 cards, got only 4, they are black with gold lettering. Most of what I see are gold? I scanned the backs of the 4 I have. It said congratulations I’m a lifetime member but it ask for no numbers no registration numbers nothing like that? How do you actually register things individually? Or maybe there’s no need. Do you think It’s legit? Thanks, Patty A

  9. Hello – I received 3 TRB cards so far. More on the way! When I scan the QR codes it takes me to Welcome to the TRB system page. I am completely lost with how this system is supposed to work.
    When I registered some items I had to create a wallet but nothing is showing up as being in the wallet. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!

  10. Hey, Mallory. We have four TRB membership cards and 25 Trump 2024 Diamond Checks ($15,000). How do we register them and cash them in?

    Thanks, Chuck

  11. Hi Mallory,
    Once you ‘ve registered your membership cards, how do you use them at the participating banks/businesses. Would you need to transfer the bank/business from your wallet?

  12. I bought 50 TRB Golden Checks and scanned all my QR codes and entered my email.
    What do I need to do next? Would I need 10 TRB membership cards? Then what would I do to deposit the checks?

  13. Hi! So at the risk of sounding clueless….it sounds like some of the people on here bought checks and scanned them…and you said they were done? Others said they needed the membership cards….1 per every 7 checks and coins? At what point do you discover the value of each check/coin?

  14. February 3, 2023
    Hi Mallory, are you still providing answers to this post? There are so many questions without answers. Would be nice to hear if anyone has heard back after registering their TRB Golden Checks. I read on a Trump post that for those who purchased the TRB checks after January 2023, they are part of the second round of payouts and it should happen soon. Has anyone received a golden check payout?


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