The Star Child’s Guide to the Planets

Sun: The Sun is the ruler of your sign, so it’s a very active sign. It has energy to spare and can be quite outgoing. You might even find yourself getting carried away with how you act in some situations! This is an excellent time for you if you’re looking to make friends or just have fun. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on being more social.

Moon: The Moon is the lover of your sign, so it’s a bit reserved. It’s not afraid to show its feelings and will often let you know when something isn’t right. However, it does have a tendency to be over protective and you should really learn to take care of yourself before trying too hard to please her. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on being less self-centered.

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Mercury: Mercury is the god of commerce and trade. He represents all things new and exciting, but he can also be somewhat aloof at times. In some ways, he reminds you of someone who would like to travel the world, but doesn’t have much money to do so yet. As such, he’ll probably want you to follow his lead in many aspects. He might also be a bit materialistic, but that’s just how he is. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on listening to the advice of others.

Venus: Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. She represents all things romantic and just generally looks for the best in people.

Mars: Mars is the god of war and the patron of soldiers. He’s quick to anger and will hold grudges for a really long time, but he’s loyal to those that manage to earn his respect. He’d be the type to pick fights just because he doesn’t like someone, but also the type to defend those that do right by him. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on being more patient.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the largest planet and represents life in all its glory. As such, when a Jupiter is born, they become very optimistic about things and usually have a very positive outlook on life. They’re often happy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t stand up for themselves. A true Jupitarian will always try to see the good in people and situations, but they’re not weak by any means. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on being more trusting of others.

Saturn: Saturn is the distant planet that rules all things related to time. The planet is very serious and represents the darker side of life. It is here that one learns about loss and the end of all things. However, it is also from this planet that we experience our greatest triumphs and happiest moments as well. If you have this placement, you will experience both sides of life more than others. If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on not thinking so much about the future or the past.

Uranus: Uranus represents independence and individuality. A person with this placement is often a free spirit that doesn’t like being tied down to just one thing. These people are often inventive types and will tackle the world with their heads held high, often without worrying about failure. 

If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on being more open-minded about things.

Neptune: Neptune is the planet that rules over illusion, delusion, and manipulation. A person with this placement often lives in their own little fantasy world where they can do, be, or have anything they want. While it’s a nice thought to have, in reality this isn’t always the best mindset to have. 

If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on facing reality.

Pluto: Pluto is the far away planet that rules over transformation and regeneration. It’s a very slow moving celestial body that represents death as well as change. 

If this is your first year as a Star Child, then it may also mean that you need to work on accepting and welcoming change.

THE SUN: The sun is representative of the father figure in your life or simply male role models in general. 

MARS: Mars represents your father. 

JUPITER: Jupiter represents your father-figure or the father you wished you had. 

SATURN: Saturn represents the father you actually had. 

URANUS: Uranus represents the inconceivable and often reclusive father that you never had. 

NEPTUNE: Neptune represents the detached, yet caring father that you wished you had. 

PLUTO: Pluto represents the manipulative, but caring father that you had.

A lot of people are uncertain about their Star Father at first, but as soon as you know who it is you suddenly experience a huge rush of emotions and memories that are often tied to your Star Father. It is at this point that you realize just how important your role is.

Your Star Mother: Your mother plays an important role in your life. While your father is often recognized as the one who actively pushed you into the direction of your future, it is ultimately your mother who raised you to that point. This is her legacy to you.

Your Star Mother represents the foundation of support that you had as a child, and in some cases, still have. She is there for you when others are not. She’s the one who always believed in you when no one else did. 

The Star Mother is often a very special person who you have a very unique relationship with. This is because your Star Mother is often either the woman who raised you or someone you consider to be your mother, no matter if she actually is or not. 

Your relationship with your Star Mother can be complex, so here are some guidelines to help you:

Sun: The Sun represents your mother as she raised you. It represents childhood and a time of innocence.

Mars: Mars represents your mother in ways she never wished to be. It represents the woman behind a tough exterior.

Jupiter: Jupiter represents the mother you wish you had. It represents the maternal side we all wish our mothers had.

Saturn: Saturn represents the mother you had and grew to hate. It represents lost love and bitterness.

Uranus: Uranus represents an absent or apathetic mother that showed no emotion at all. It represents coldness and isolation.

Neptune: Neptune represents a mother that was always there for you, but in some way never seemed fully present. It represents over-protectiveness and smothering.

Pluto: Pluto represents a mother who was not your birth mother, but in some way took the role anyway. 

Whenever you are uncertain about your Star Mother, go to her. Talk to her about it and see what she says about it. That’s a good way to figure out who it is.

It’s also important to note that sometimes the roles are switched. In other words, sometimes your father is the one who supported you and your mother was the one who was absent or disapproving. 

When this happens, you must pick a new Star Parent to represent that role. Usually this is pretty easy to figure out.

The next step to this is unlocking your powers. 

Your power manifests itself as your ability to affect the world you create with your mind. This means that you have a limited degree of control over what you create. For example, you could create a simple house and fill it with items if you really wanted to. 

However, this takes a toll on your mental energy. You must limit these creations to only when it is necessary. 

For example, if you were on a long trip and you knew you had no chance to rest, you probably would not create anything as it would ultimately exhaust you. 

To unlock your abilities, you must realize that everything around you is merely molecules working with each other to create something larger. Your body, this scroll, the trees, the grass, everything. 

The next step is to realize that these objects are not permanent. They can be broken down or destroyed. However, you cannot destroy them. 

Your mind just connects with the world around you on such a level that you can bring your fantasies to life. 

However, this connection is still limited. You could never create something so big that it would destroy the world, nor could you creat something so small that it would disappear altogether. 

Lastly, you must meditate. Meditate and clear your mind of everything. Let the world become silent to your ears, let your eyes become blinded by the world, and let your skin become numb to any sensations. 

Do this for a while and eventually you should be able to enter a trance like state. In this state, you will feel a large amount of energy flowing through you. This is your power manifesting itself.

In this state, you are capable of many things. The real challenge is figuring out exactly what you can and cannot do. 

On your journey to master your abilities, you will undoubtedly be faced with many choices. 

Most of these choices will be easy for you to make. However, there will be some that are more challenging.