The Power of the Astrology Quintile

The astrological aspect known as the quintile is one of the most intriguing and mysterious connections in astrology. Formed when two planets are 72 degrees apart, the quintile is said to indicate hidden talents, unconventional thinking, and enormous creative potential.

What is a Quintile?

A quintile is an astrological aspect formed when two planets are 72 degrees apart (or one-fifth of the 360-degree astrological wheel). Quintiles are considered relatively rare in natal charts, occurring less frequently than major aspects like conjunctions, squares, and trines.

Mathematical and Mystical Meanings

Mathematically, the quintile’s 72-degree angle links back to the number five. The number five has long been considered mystical and sacred, from the five-pointed stars that ancient mystics revered, to the five elements in nature.

Quintiles are sometimes called the “aspect of magic” because they unlock access to talents and abilities that often seem almost supernatural.

The Gifts and Challenges of Quintiles

In your natal birth chart, quintiles can indicate areas of hidden talents and untapped potential. Quintiles may reveal abilities and inclinations that feel unfamiliar or require creative thinking to harness.

Creative Problem Solving

The 72-degree angle of the quintile stimulates innovative solutions. Quintiles can cultivate the ability to think outside the box and approach problems from unconventional angles.

Artistic and Inventive Expression

Quintiles are linked to creative self-expression through art, music, writing, dance, invention, and more. Quintiles can unlock latent creative gifts.

Reconciling Paradoxes

With their unusual 72-degree angle, quintiles join together planetary energies that may seem contradictory or incompatible. This can lead to inner tensions, but also encourages resolving paradoxes and integrating disparate parts of oneself.

Tapping Into Your Quintile Potential

If you have quintiles in your natal chart, here are tips for harnessing their gifts:

  • Experiment and play – quintiles thrive through unconventional creativity.
  • Express yourself artistically – paint, write, sing, dance. Quintiles flourish through the arts.
  • Solve problems innovatively – use brainstorming, imaginative thinking. Avoid rigid, linear thinking.
  • Explore contradictions – sit with paradoxes and seek creative syntheses.
  • Collaborate with others – quintiles indicate shared talents needing combined forces.
  • Allow magic – quintiles defy rational explanation. Welcome synchronicities and serendipity.

Unlocking Hidden Talents

The rare and mysterious quintile holds enormous untapped potential. By understanding quintiles in your chart, you can embrace your whole self and unlock dimensional abilities. Quintiles offer a key to reveal your hidden talents and fulfill your magical purpose.


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