The Power of Numerology in Business Success


Numerology, the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and events, has been used for centuries to provide guidance and insights into all aspects of life. In recent years, more and more business leaders and entrepreneurs have begun harnessing the power of numerology to help achieve greater success in their ventures.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how numerology principles, when properly applied, can lead to improved business performance, increased profits, and overall growth. We’ll look at different numerology techniques and discuss real-world examples of companies and business people who have used numerology to their benefit.

Understanding the Basics of Numerology

A Brief History

Numerology’s origins can be traced back thousands of years to early civilizations in China, Egypt, and Greece who believed numbers held deeper meaning and could reveal truths about the world around them. Modern numerology as we know it today is often credited to the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, who founded the first school of numerology in Crotona, Italy around 500 BC.

Pythagoras taught that because numbers are universal and deterministic, everything could be explained in terms of numbers. This formed the underlying basis for numerology that all things – including people, events, names, dates, and more – have unique numerical values. By analyzing these values, we can gain insight into their deeper nature.

Core Principles

There are a few core principles that form the foundation of numerology:

  • Everything has numerical meaning – Every person, place, or thing can be represented numerically using different calculation methods. This numerical meaning provides insight.
  • Vibrational resonance – Numbers have their own energetic vibrations that interact and resonate with the world around them. Certain numbers are more harmonious for a person based on their unique vibration.
  • cycles and patterns – Numerology looks at timed cycles and repeating numerical patterns that occur throughout nature and human society. These cycles can have important implications.

By applying numerology principles, we can uncover and interpret the numbers underlying people, businesses, and events on a deeper level. This information provides guidance and reveals opportunities.

Numerology Elements Used in Business

There are many different elements of numerology that can be applied in a business context. Some of the most commonly used include:

Business Name Numerology

In numerology, every letter has a corresponding number. By calculating the numerical value of a business name, numerologists can analyze the energetic implications of the name on the success, values, and character of the business. Business names that resonate with the core purpose and goals of the company tend to attract more prosperity.

Business Address or Phone Number

A business’s street address and phone number also have numerical meanings that can be interpreted. An address with favorable numbers might mean greater success for that location. An auspicious phone number might translate to easier communications with customers.

Product or Service Names

Analyzing the numerology of product or service names can ensure their numerical essence aligns with the core identity of the brand. Numbers also influence consumer psychology and buying behaviors.

Best Timing for Events or Launches

There are certain numbered days, weeks, or dates each year that are more favorable for major business events, announcements, or product launches. By planning around these dates, businesses can capitalize on times of peak energetic alignment.

Real-World Examples of Numerology in Business

Numerology may seem esoteric at first glance but is being embraced more and more in the corporate world. Here are some examples of how businesses are integrating numerology:

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

When planning his mega-theme park, Walt Disney hired a famed numerologist who advised him based on favorable numbers and even helped him pick the opening date. Disney World opened on October 1, 1971 (10-01-1971). Add those numbers together and you get 23 which numerologists consider a lucky number.

KFC and the Colonel’s Lucky Numbers

Colonel Sanders opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952. KFC’s numeric code of 11 herbs and spices in his secret chicken recipe was highly influenced by Sanders’ numerology beliefs. The number 7 in particular was considered lucky.

Names and Founding Dates of Major Brands

Many major corporations have names, founding dates, addresses, or phone numbers with strongly resonant numbers like Apple (founded 6/1/1976) or Coca-Cola (founded 1892, numerology number 13). This shows intentional use of numerology by the founders.

Steve Jobs and Apple Product Launches

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was interested in numerology and carefully chose launch dates for new products that aligned with numerically significant dates in Apple’s history. This created a feeling of things coming full circle which added to the iconic Apple mystique.

How You Can Apply Numerology to Your Business

You do not need to be an expert numerologist to start integrating some basic numerology practices into your business strategy and see tangible benefits. Here are some simple ways to get started:

Analyze Your Business Name

Calculate your business name number and see if it resonates with your goals. If not, consider tweaking the name to change the number. Even small modifications can shift the numbers significantly.

Pick Optimal Dates

Use numerology date calculations to find auspicious launch dates for new products or services. Also analyze cycles to see when major career or financial changes are more likely to manifest.

Understand Your Customers

People are also strongly influenced by numbers. See how numerology archetypes apply to your target demographics and adjust marketing accordingly.

Balance Business Areas

Look at key numbers in different parts of your business – marketing, operations, finance, etc. Adjust strategies to create more harmonious numerical balance across the organization.


As we have seen, numerology has profound applications in the world of business for those who take the time to study it and integrate it properly. Subtle shifts based on numerically favorable timing, names, dates, addresses, and more can stack the odds for success significantly in one’s favor over competitors who are unaware of such nuances.

Numerology’s potential to optimize business growth makes it an intriguing field well worth exploring for any entrepreneur, founder, or executive.


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