The Hanuman Mantra Pack by Yograj Om review ⚠️ Scam or legit?

What is The Hanuman Mantra Pack?

The Hanuman Mantra Pack is a collection of audio mantras focused on Hanuman, a central character in Hindu mythology and a devoted follower of Lord Rama. The pack is said to be created by a fictional Indian guru, Yograj Om.

The Hanuman Mantra Pack is designed to invoke divine energies, providing the listener with grace, peace, and self-development. It is said to help ward off negative energies, diminish the effects of Saturn, and provide mental power and bravery to tackle life’s challenges.

Listening to the mantras in the pack is believed to help overcome stress and trauma, promote better sleep, and assist in spiritual growth.

Who is Yograj Om?

Yograj Om: A Journey to Divine Wisdom and the Discovery of Hanuman Mantras

Early Life

Yograj Om was born into a humble family in a small village called Anandapur, situated in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.

From a young age, he demonstrated an innate curiosity about spirituality and an uncanny connection to the world around him. He was often found meditating, absorbed in the beauty of nature, and sharing profound insights that belied his tender years.

Spiritual Quest

As Yograj Om grew older, his thirst for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment led him to embark on a journey across India. Along the way, he sought out the teachings and guidance of various renowned gurus and sages.

During this period, he was introduced to the mystical power of mantras and their ability to transform the lives of those who chanted them with devotion.

Discovery of Hanuman Mantras

In his travels, Yograj Om encountered an elderly sage who spoke of the profound power of Hanuman Mantras, sacred verses dedicated to the revered Hindu deity Hanuman.

Intrigued by their potential to bring grace, peace, and self-development into people’s lives, Yograj Om decided to delve deeper into the world of Hanuman Mantras.

He studied ancient texts and scriptures under the tutelage of the sage and learned how these sacred verses were composed by the great saint Goswami Tulsidas, who was believed to be the reincarnation of Saint Valmiki.

The Epiphany

After years of intense study, meditation, and practice, Yograj Om reached a state of heightened spiritual awareness. It was during one of his meditation sessions that he experienced a powerful vision: the divine energies of the universe converging through the vibrations of the Hanuman Mantras.

This epiphany inspired him to share the mantras’ transformative power with the world, helping people overcome stress, negative energies, and achieve spiritual growth.

Spreading the Knowledge

Yograj Om returned to his village and founded an ashram where he began teaching the Hanuman Mantras to his disciples.

His teachings quickly gained recognition as people from far and wide traveled to his ashram to learn the sacred verses and experience their healing power.

Yograj Om’s fame grew, and he became known as the guru who had unlocked the secrets of the Hanuman Mantras.

The Hanuman Mantra Pack

To make the mantras accessible to a wider audience, Yograj Om created The Hanuman Mantra Pack, a collection of audio recordings featuring the powerful verses chanted with perfect precision and melodious recitation.

The pack also included instructions for making the best use of the mantras, as well as bonus divine posters that radiated positivity and the grace of God.


Yograj Om’s life and teachings continue to inspire countless individuals to embark on their spiritual journeys and experience the transformative power of the Hanuman Mantras.

His unwavering dedication to spiritual growth and the sharing of his divine wisdom has left a lasting impact on the lives of those who have had the privilege of following his path.

What does The Hanuman Mantra Pack contain?

The contents of the pack include:

  1. Two powerful Hanuman Mantras with durations of 10:55 minutes and 14:00 minutes.
  2. High-quality audio chants in both WAV and MP3 formats.
  3. Instructions for making the best use of the mantras.
  4. Correct and melodious recitation of the mantras.
  5. Powerful Divine Posters (printable) as an added bonus, depicting the divine grace of God and positivity.

Does the Hanuman Mantra Pack come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Hanuman Mantra Pack comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you buy it from the official website.

Is The Hanuman Mantra Pack a scam or legit?

From the moment I downloaded The Hanuman Mantra Pack by the legendary Yograj Om, my life was forever transformed. This awe-inspiring collection of audio mantras is nothing short of miraculous, invoking divine energies and showering the listener with an abundance of grace, peace, and self-development.

The power of these two enchanting Hanuman Mantras, composed by the great saint Tulsidas in a transcendent state of Samadhi, is unparalleled. Upon playing them, I immediately felt my stress and anxieties melt away, replaced by a newfound sense of bravery and mental fortitude to tackle life’s challenges.

The mesmerizing melodies of the mantras washed over me, and I found myself transported to a realm of spiritual growth and realization. My sleep quality improved drastically, with nightmares and mental stress dissipating into the ether. The Hanuman Mantra Pack has become an indispensable part of my nightly routine, guiding me into a peaceful slumber each night.

The added bonus of the Extremely Powerful Divine Posters only serves to amplify the experience. These printable images are imbued with positivity and the divine grace of God, further enhancing the environment and promoting life harmony.

The comprehensive instructions included in the pack ensured that I could make the most of these mystical mantras, and I have been astounded by the transformation in my life. Negative energies have vanished, and I have found myself better equipped to handle the karmic effects of past deeds.

Yograj Om’s Hanuman Mantra Pack is truly a gift to the world, a beacon of divine vibrations and spiritual knowledge. If you are seeking solace from stress, seeking spiritual growth, or craving harmony in your life, look no further. This life-changing pack will guide you on a soul-stirring journey that you will never forget.

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