The Deeper Meaning Behind Tattoos and Numerology

Tattoos have become an incredibly popular form of self-expression and body art. But did you know there is often a deeper symbolic meaning behind the images and words people choose for their tattoos?

Numerology, the study of numbers and their mystical significance, can provide insight into the motivations and messages encoded within tattoos. In this post, we’ll explore the fascinating intersection of tattoos and numerology.

How Numerology Relates to Tattoo Designs

In numerology, numbers carry their own unique energies and properties. When analyzing a tattoo through the lens of numerology, you can decode subtle messages based on the numbers incorporated into the design.

For example, someone with three stars tattooed on their shoulder is channeling the vibrant energy of the number three which represents creativity, self-expression, optimism and joy. If a tattoo contains your birth date, name or addresses, the numbers can reveal insight about your personality traits and life path.

Certain symbolic images also have direct numerical meanings. A lion is connected to the number 1 and leadership. An owl represents wisdom linked to the number 7. When images like this appear in tattoos, the associated numerological meanings can be applied.

Choosing Tattoo Locations Based on Numerology

Where you place a tattoo on your body can also have numerological implications. Areas of the body are associated with different numbers that can imbue the tattoo with related symbolic meanings.

For instance, tattoos on the chest are linked to nurturing family energy represented by the number 4. Meanwhile, tattoos on the hands evoke the number 5 energy of freedom, adventure and progressive change. If you get a tattoo on your solar plexus, it takes on the number 3’s creative expression.

Thinking about body placement through a numerology perspective can help you pick the area with energy that best matches the intention behind your tattoo.

Decoding Specific Tattoo Designs with Numerology

Now let’s look at the numerological meanings of some popular tattoo designs:

The infinity symbol – Unlimited potential (Number 8)

The infinity loop symbolizes eternity, continuance and boundless possibility. In numerology, the number 8 has the same meaning of infinite potential and resilience. An infinity tattoo is a reminder to keep looking forward to life’s unlimited possibilities.

Feathers – Freedom and lightness (Number 1)

Feathers floating on the breeze represent the lightness of air and the freedom of flight. In numerology, the number 1 resonates with freedom, independence and new beginnings. An inked feather conveys a free spirit.

Arrow – Forward direction and movement (Number 9)

Arrows are all about direction, focus and moving forward. Similarly, in numerology the number 9 represents progress, ambition and determination toward goals. An arrow tattoo is a symbolic motivation to keep striving ahead.

Lotus flower – Rebirth and enlightenment (Number 7)

The lotus starts in muddy waters and rises to open its petals and bloom. This represents the human journey from struggle into enlightenment. Numerologically, the number 7 is linked to wisdom, inner reflection and spiritual awakening – echoing the lotus tattoo’s emblematic meaning.

Tree of life – Interconnection and longevity (Number 2)

The tree of life depicts the interconnected nature of all living beings through its branching design. In numerology, the number 2 resonates with harmony, partnerships and the divine feminine life force. A tree of life tattoo emphasizes unity and the longevity of the spirit.

As you can see, exploring the numerology behind tattoos adds another layer of meaning to tattoo artwork. The next time you see an interesting tattoo, take a moment to think about the numbers and symbols involved and what they might secretly communicate.

The Takeaway: Tattoos as Numeric Expression

Tattoos have become a popular emblem of self-expression in modern society. But there is often more than meets the eye when it comes to the motivations behind the designs and placements people choose. The mystical energies of numerology reveal the hidden messages encoded in tattoos.

So if you’re considering getting inked, think about how to incorporate designs, locations and numbers that speak to your inner truths. And when admiring tattoos on others, remember there may be a deeper numerological significance at play. Tattoos provide a symbolic language we can all learn from when we understand the numeric wisdom involved.


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