The Compatibility of Astrology’s Opposite Signs


In astrology, each zodiac sign has an “opposite” sign that it is directly across from on the wheel of the zodiac. There has long been debate over whether opposite astrological signs are romantically compatible or destined to clash.

In this blog post, we will explore the unique chemistry that exists between opposite signs and discuss how opposites can attract in astrology.

The Nature of Opposite Signs

Opposites on the Zodiac Wheel

In astrology, the zodiac wheel is comprised of 12 signs split into four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Each zodiac sign has an “opposite” sign that is directly across the wheel from it. For example:

  • Aries’ opposite is Libra
  • Taurus’ opposite is Scorpio
  • Gemini’s opposite is Sagittarius

And so on around the wheel. Opposite signs always share two qualities: they are in different elements, and they are six signs apart.

Opposites Balance Each Other Out

So what does it mean to be opposite signs? While opposite signs may seem drastically different at first glance, they actually balance each other out in a yin-yang style dynamic. That’s because each opposite sign contains the element, modality or qualities that the other lacks.

For example, fiery Aries offers passionate, impulsive energy while airy Libra brings logical balance. This allows opposites to fill in each other’s gaps quite nicely if the chemistry is right.

How Opposite Signs Attract

They Offer What the Other Lacks

As discussed above, opposite signs fill in gaps for each other elementally and quality-wise. This “completing each other” dynamic can be highly attractive to opposite sign pairings.

Aries brings fiery action while Libra offers harmonizing diplomacy. Sensual Taurus grounds anxious Scorpio. Lighthearted Sagittarius gets serious Capricorn to loosen up.

When an opposite sign pairing clicks, it’s because they gravitate to traits in the other that they lack in themselves.

Yin-Yang Balance

Like yin and yang, opposite signs complement each other symmetrically. There is give and take that allows opposite pairs to achieve an almost cosmic balance.

What one opposite brings, the other lacks, and together they offer a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This ability to effortlessly even each other out can be a deeply fulfilling aspect of opposite sign bonds.

Fascination With the Unfamiliar

Sometimes we’re just drawn to what’s unfamiliar to us. The mysteriousness and unknown of an opposite sign can be magnetic for this reason.

Opposite signs unlock different sides of each other. In relationships, this attraction to our opposite can encourage growth, adventure and passion.

Making Opposite Sign Relationships Work

Communication is Key

Like any astrological pairing, robust communication is key for opposite sign bonds. Owing to their elemental differences, opposite signs may express themselves and think in ways that require patience and translation.

Being aware of each other’s modes of processing information is vital. With mutual understanding, opposite signs are well equipped to handle any conflict diplomatically.

Focus on Shared Values

It’s important to focus on shared values and interests rather than surface personality differences. Opposite signs might express themselves differently, but they likely share common ground like humor, intellect or empathy.

Nurturing shared values makes relationships more harmonious. It also ensures opposite signs have activities they enjoy together.

Embrace Differences

Rather than fight their variances, opposite signs should learn from each other’s divergent traits. Opposites can teach each other new modes of thinking while discovering hidden parts of themselves.

Appreciating their contrasts gives opposites dynamic energy and helps them both evolve.

Famous Opposite Sign Couples

To see opposites attracting in the real world, here are just a few famous opposite sign couples:

  • Ryan Reynolds (Libra) and Blake Lively (Aries): This passionate pair balances her fiery femininity with his peaceful charm.
  • Prince William (Cancer) and Kate Middleton (Capricorn): The Prince’s nurturing nature soothes Kate’s stoic ambitions.
  • Neil Patrick Harris (Gemini) and David Burtka (Sagittarius): Neil’s witty versatility enlivens David’s philosophical adventurism.


While at first glance, astrological opposites may seem too different to make a match, they actually have a magnetic attraction. Opposite signs fill each other’s gaps, create cosmic balance and unlock new perspectives in each other.

With open communication and a focus on shared values, opposite sign couples can achieve an incredibly harmonious partnership. They demonstrate how differences can attract and perfectly complement when the chemistry is right.

So next time you meet your opposite sign match, keep an open mind. With some understanding and effort, that opposite attraction could lead you to the yin to your yang.


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