The Best Astrology Names for Dogs

Naming your new puppy is so exciting! Astrological names are a fun way to choose a cosmic moniker that captures your dog’s personality. In this post, let’s explore astrology-inspired names that perfectly capture your pooch’s energy.

Earth Sign Names

Earth sign names embody steadfast, grounded pups. Some ideas:

  • Taurus – Strong-willed, loyal, reliable. Fits sturdy pups.
  • Virgo – Helpful, hardworking, meticulous. For service dogs.
  • Capricorn – Patient, responsible, ambitious. Perfect for focused working dogs.

Other earthy names like Gaia, Pebble, Rocky, or Cliff exemplify earth energy.

Air Sign Names

Air sign names suit intelligent, social, and free-spirited pups who love to run and play. Great options include:

  • Gemini – Playful, affectionate, agile. Ideal for rough-and-tumble sibling pups.
  • Libra – Charming, peaceful, graceful. For balanced companion dogs.
  • Aquarius – Quirky, smart, inventive. Fits creative trick dogs.

More breezy air names: Sky, Cloud, Cyclone, Bolt, Zephyr

Water Sign Names

Water sign dogs are emotionally intuitive with peaceful, dreamy temperaments. Examples:

  • Cancer – Gentle, nurturing, loyal. Perfect for comforting therapy dogs.
  • Scorpio – Passionate, attentive, brave. For fearless K-9 pups.
  • Pisces – Compassionate, sensitive, imaginative. Suits empathetic rescue dogs.

Also consider: Marina, Waverly, Coral, Ocean, Rain

Fire Sign Names

Fire sign pups have enthusiasm and courage. Energizing options include:

  • Aries – Adventurous, confident, energetic. For bold explorer dogs.
  • Leo – Proud, affectionate, theatrical. Ideal for doggy entertainers.
  • Sagittarius – Smart, happy-go-lucky, funny. Fits goofy pups.

More fiery names: Blaze, Rocket, Phoenix, Inferno, Stella

Mix and Match Signs

Why pick just one sign? Combine signs for multi-dimensional names like:

  • Venus Luna (earth + water)
  • Leo Nova (fire + air)
  • Atlas Blaze (mythology + fire)

Get creative mixing and matching elements!

Celestial and Mythological Names

Look to the cosmos and myths for divine dog names like:

  • Luna, Orion, Athena, Zeus, Atlas
  • Nova, Nebula, Aurora, Cosmos, Jupiter

Choose a Name That Matches Your Pup

Be sure to observe your pup’s personality and pick an astrological name that fits them. An active Aries name suits energetic pups, while a Pisces name fits sensitive dogs.

The Perfect Astrological Puppy Name Awaits

Finding the perfect name for your dog among the stars and constellations is so much fun. From earthy Taurus to airy Libra, watery Scorpio to fiery Leo, mix and match to find a cosmic name that captures your dog’s stellar personality. Soon you and your divinely dubbed pup will be aligned and enjoying doggy astrology adventures!


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