The Best Astrology Names for Cats

Naming a new kitten can be difficult. With so many options, how do you choose the perfect name for your furry friend? One fun way to name your cat is by using astrology! Astrological names add a touch of mysticism and personality to your pet. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best astrology-inspired names for cats.

Earth Sign Names

Cats with earth sign names are grounded, loyal, and comforting. Some great earth sign names include:

  • Taurus – Strong, stubborn, and determined. Good for muscular cats.
  • Virgo – Helpful, perfectionist, clean. Fits fastidious felines.
  • Capricorn – Ambitious, wise, patient. Perfect for serene senior cats.

Earth names like Gaia, Terra, Sage, and Jasper also embody earthy vibes.

Air Sign Names

Air sign cat names capture curious, social, and intelligent cats. Ideal air sign options include:

  • Gemini – Playful, mischievous, and agile. Perfect for energetic twin cats.
  • Libra – Charming, peaceful, and romantic. Great for affectionate and partner cats.
  • Aquarius – Quirky, creative, unique. Fits one-of-a-kind cats.

Other breezy air names: Zephyr, Luna, Cirrus, Tempest, Aura

Water Sign Names

Does your cat spend hours gazing out windows or lounging by their water bowl? Water-inspired names reflect emotional, compassionate, and intuitive cats. Some examples:

  • Cancer – Loyal, nurturing, and a homebody. Ideal for mama cats.
  • Scorpio – Passionate, observant, and courageous. For brave kitties.
  • Pisces – Dreamy, artistic, and delicate. Suits sensitive cats.

More watery names:波 Marina, Oceana, Coral, Delta, Rain

Fire Sign Names

Fire sign felines are bold, enthusiastic go-getters. Energetic fire names include:

  • Aries – Adventurous, enthusiastic, confident. Perfect for intrepid explorers.
  • Leo – Proud, theatrical, charismatic. Ideal for attention-loving cats.
  • Sagittarius – Smart, independent, and silly. Fits wandering philosopher cats.

Other fiery names: Inferno, Blaze, Phoenix, Rocket, Solar

Mix and Match

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one astrology element. Mix and match for twice the fun. Some examples:

  • Taurus Luna – An earthy, dreamy cat
  • Virgo Nova – A cosmic, meticulous kitty
  • Gemini Blaze – A shooting star of a twin cat

Get creative with combinations!

Celestial Bodies and Mythological Names

Look to the sky and myths for more mystical monikers:

  • Luna, Orion, Andromeda, Cosmo, Aurora
  • Apollo, Artemis, Zeus, Athena, Atlas

Choose a Name That Fits Your Cat

While astrology names are fun, make sure to pick one that fits your cat’s personality too. Watch their mannerisms and see what suits them best.

The Final Name Decision

Naming your cat is a personal choice. From celestial bodies to elements and myths, astrology is a great source of distinctive and meaningful names. Browse these astrological options, get a feel for your new kitten’s character, then make your final decision. Whatever name you choose, your cosmic cat is sure to be your celestial companion and bringer of stardust.


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