The Best Astrology Dates for 2023


The positions of the planets and stars can reveal a lot about the best times for romance, career moves, and new adventures in the coming year. For those who follow astrology, checking the key astrological dates is essential for planning and making the most of 2023. This guide will provide an overview of the major astrological events coming up this year and what they mean for your horoscope.

Powerful Eclipses Bring Major Shifts

There are two eclipses happening in 2023 that will bring pivotal developments and turning points in many areas of life.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus – April 20, 2023

This solar eclipse in grounded Taurus will open new doors related to money, possessions, security, and self-worth. Under this sky, it’s time to establish greater physical and financial stability. Taurus solar eclipses often mark significant financial or career milestones.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – October 28, 2023

The emotional lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio brings major revelations and transformations around relationships, intimacy, and shared resources. Buried truths may come to light under this sky. It’s time to embrace necessary changes in significant bonds and ventures involving others.

Retrogrades Offer Opportunities for Reflection

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will all undergo retrograde periods in 2023. While retrogrades are often seen as problematic, they provide important windows for re-evaluation, course correction, and introspection.

Key retrograde dates for 2023:

  • Venus Retrograde – July 22 to September 3 – Review relationships and rekindle creative/artistic passions
  • Mercury Retrograde – September 9 to October 1 – Reflect on decisions; avoid signing contracts
  • Mars Retrograde – October 30 to January 12, 2024 – Redo, rethink, recharge your drive and direction

Use these retrograde periods for inner work rather than launching major new initiatives. The backwards motion helps integrate lessons and tie up loose ends from the past.

Jupiter Transits Bring Expansion & Luck

Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune, abundance, and growth. Its sign transits occur every 12-13 months and deliver increased opportunities to the areas of life ruled by that zodiac sign.

Key Jupiter transit dates:

  • Jupiter in Aries – May 16 to May 23 – Luck and growth with new endeavors, leadership, initiative
  • Jupiter in Taurus – May 23 to June 19 – Prosperity in finances, possessions, self-worth
  • Jupiter in Gemini – June 19 to July 17 – Expansion with studies, communication, connections

Harness these lucky Jupiter windows to launch important ventures or make bold moves in the highlighted spheres.

Saturn & Uranus Bring Tests and Awakenings

While Jupiter expands horizons, serious Saturn and unpredictable Uranus provide tests, hard lessons, and sudden revelations. Their challenging squares will be strongly felt in 2023.

Key dates:

  • Saturn square Uranus – January 15, June 23, December 24 – Tension between tradition and revolution. Expect the unexpected.
  • Saturn opposite Uranus – February 14, July 12, March 16, 2024 – Breakdowns of structures, births of innovations.

Adjust carefully under these skies. Heed the call for systematic change.


The astrological weather of 2023 holds tremendous potential for growth and renewal across all signs and elements. By noting the key dates and alignments, we can ride the cosmic waves and unlock the best that 2023 has to offer. Harness the luck and lessons from the stars to create your best year yet!


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