The 10 Best Astrology Games

Astrology games are a fun way to learn more about your zodiac sign and the signs of your friends and family. With astrology experiencing a resurgence in popularity, especially among millennials, there are now more astrology-themed games available than ever before.

Whether you’re an astrology beginner or a longtime enthusiast, these entertaining games can help you explore the meanings and mythology behind the 12 zodiac signs. They also make great gifts for the astrology-lover in your life.

1. Stellium

Stellium is a beautifully designed game that takes a closer look at the planets and astrological houses. Players take turns building a unique birth chart by drawing cards.

With different game variations focusing on astrological compatibility and self-discovery, Stellium is ideal for one-on-one play or larger groups. The artistic cards feature information about each astrological house and planet.

2. Astrologaster

For a humorous take on Renaissance-era astrology, try Astrologaster. In this video game, you play as Simon, an astrologer treating patients in plague-ridden 16th century London.

You interact with a cast of colorful characters while analyzing their astrological charts to diagnose their maladies. With its Shakespearean dialect and astrological potion-mixing, Astrologaster puts a fun spin on medical astrology.

3. Zodiac Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle features all 12 zodiac signs beautifully illustrated in their corresponding colors. The 300-piece puzzle measures 18×24 inches when completed.

As you put the puzzle together, you’ll brush up on your knowledge of the symbols, elements, modalities, ruling planets, colors, and more for each sign. Zodiac Puzzle makes a great astrological decoration for your wall once completed.

4. The Astrology Oracle Deck

For astrological guidance and insight, check out The Astrology Oracle Deck. These 44 cards each highlight a specific astrological configuration, planet, sign or house.

You can do one-card readings to tap into astrological energies for self-reflection and discovery. With its minimalist design and helpful guidebook, this deck is great for beginners and experts alike.

5. Astrology Memory Match

Astrology Memory Match helps you master the zodiac symbols and meanings in a classic memory game format. The deck contains 60 cards with beautiful artwork for each sign, planet and astrological house.

By matching cards that belong together, you’ll come to intuitively learn all the key astrology associations. This game can be enjoyed solo or in groups.

6. Star Signs

In this tranquil board game, players construct a night sky filled with their chosen constellations. You select which zodiac signs and planets to add to your celestial tableau.

With its emphasis on focused creativity, Star Signs has a meditative quality. As you craft your personalized celestialscape, you’ll learn more about the meanings behind each astrological symbol.

7. The Astrology Bingo & Birth Chart Kit

For astrological fun at your next party or get-together, pick up this Astrology Bingo set. It comes with four bingo boards focusing on the planets, signs, houses and aspects. The calling cards cover major astrological concepts.

You can also use the included materials to calculate and draw birth charts for each player. This kit combines bingo excitement with chart reading practice!

8. Astrological Oracle Cards

Specifically designed for generating conversations, these Astrological Oracle Cards encourage sharing interpretations, discussions and insights. The colorful cards feature evocative keywords to spark introspection about life’s big questions.

Whether playing solo or in groups, reviewers say these artfully designed cards promote deep and meaningful exchanges. They cover astrological concepts in a relatable way.

9. Starscope Celestial Adventure Game

In this creative activity book, kids can color and decorate celestial maps featuring the constellations, planets and zodiac symbols. The book includes imaginary horoscopes, space stories, puzzles, mazes and more.

Starscope makes learning astrology fun by encouraging kids to embark on their own celestial voyages. For astrology-loving families, it’s a wonderful interactive experience to enjoy together.

10. Astrology: The Game of Personal Discovery

Lastly, for those who want a traditional board game approach, Astrology: The Game of Personal Discovery is a top choice. Players move around the horoscope-shaped board answering questions and collecting planets.

With three levels of play, it’s suitable for kids and adults. The game promotes learning about your own chart and those of fellow players. Reviewers say it provides spot-on astrological insights in a warm, lighthearted way.

The Future of Astrology Games is Bright

This list covers just a sampling of the creative and enlightening astrology-themed games now available. Whether traditional or modern in format, these entertaining games help deepen your understanding of astrological principles from planets to signs to houses.

Learning astrology through games engages active learning and participation. With more publishers and designers exploring astrology game themes, the future looks bright in this budding niche.

So gather your family and friends, and explore which of these entertaining and educational astrology games resonates with your interests. Learning astrology through play is a fun journey of self-discovery.


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