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Numerology Marriage Compatibility: Sex, Love & Relationships 👰

Numerology compatibility numbers for marriage, love and relationships can predict whether one will last or whether a divorce or breakup is likely with uncanny accuracy. Perhaps it's not your marriage that you're worried about--you could be concerned whether it's love or an arranged marriage between two friends. Perhaps it's not marriage compatibility you're worried about […]

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Numerology 1 and 2 Compatibility 💑

Numerology 1 and 2 compatibility is better than two Life Path Number 1s but arguably not the best match and certainly not without its fair share of pitfalls. However if the LPN2 partner is satisfied with being the co-pilot of the relationship then there is no reason they won't flourish together. If you haven’t read […]

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Numerology 1 and 1 Compatibility 💑

Numerology 1 and 1 compatibility can be difficult to establish but if both partners are aware of the common pitfalls of this type of relationship and are willing to work around them then this can be a match made in heaven. This main issue with two Life Path Number 1s being in a relationship is […]

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