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Soul Urge Number Calculator below: this calculator makes it very easy for you to find all of your core numbers in one simple calculation.

Note the calculator below uses ‘Heart’s Desire’ for ‘Soul Urge’.

Read our detailed guide about Soul Urge numbers below the calculator and unlock hidden parts of your personality and desires that haven’t surfaced yet.

If you want to learn more about numerology in general, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide.

If you’re ready to learn more about the Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire number, read on.

How Do I Use the Soul Urge Number Calculator? ?

The Soul Urge Number calculator is very simple to use but bear in mind that the result for your Soul Urge number displays as ‘Heart’s Desire Number’ in this particular calculator.

Heart’s Desire is just another name for the Soul Urge Number but this particular calculator prefers the former even though the latter is more popular.

Despite it’s simplicity, we’ve included a step-by-step guide to use the calculator below including screenshots.

Please note that these images are just screenshots so don’t waste your time clicking on them!

The real calculator is above, entitled the ‘Core Numbers Tool’.

Note this is just a screenshot; the real calculator is above!
  1. Enter your full birth name, including any middle names. As the title of this field suggests, it’s critical that you enter in your full birth name and avoid using nicknames. If you’re a married woman be sure to use your maiden surname.
  2. Enter your birth date. Again it’s critical that the information entered here is accurate because if it’s not then you will receive the wrong reading.
  3. Finally click the ‘Calculate Core Numbers’ button and check the results below.
Note this is just a screenshot; the real calculator is above!

The first section of the results screen looks the same as the table above.

Again we remind you that your Soul Urge number is in fact the Heart’s Desire number in this table–both mean the same thing.

We won’t go into too much detail about the other numbers in this results table.

Note this is just a screenshot; the real calculator is above!

We won’t discuss Pythagorean numerology in this guide but if you want to learn more about who the Pythagoreans were and what they believed then we have written a detailed guide on this.

That wraps up how to use the Soul Urge number calculator: pretty straight forward, really.

You don’t need to use the calculator more than once because it doesn’t provide a daily reading–just one number for everyone.

Even if your name changes your birth name doesn’t so you will always have the same soul urge number for life.

Now that we’ve gone through and explained using the calculator in detail, we can spend more time going through exactly what the Soul Urge number means and how it fits in with the rest of numerology as a whole.

What is the Soul Urge Number? ?

The Soul Urge Number, often called the Heart’s Desire number, resonates most strongly with your soul more than other numerology numbers and is the key to true happiness.

If you have studied Freudian psychoanalysis you will be familiar with the id, ego and superego.

Your Soul Urge Number opens a window to understanding your id and somewhat your ego.

Your conscious mind rarely dips below the waves of the surface but our brains are mostly dealing with unconscious activity.

You know the feeling of being hungry but not knowing what you want to eat, or being bored but not knowing what to do.

Your Soul Urge Number reveals your deepest desires and betters your understanding of how to attain them–and it’s often deeper than just money and sex!

Power, acknowledgement, validation, purpose, motivation, knowledge, catharsis, companionship.

All of these desires lie deep within and are difficult to discover without knowing your Soul Urge Number.

To calculate it manually without using the Soul Urge Number calculator, use the method below:



6 + 9 = 15

1 + 5 = 6

John Smith’s Soul Urge Number is 6.

Note that it’s standard practice in numerology to keep reducing multi-digit numbers into single digit numbers by separating them and adding the separate digits until they produce a single digit number.

What Does My Soul Urge Number Mean? ?

Let’s go through your Soul Urge Number results in more detail.

We will examine each of the 12 possible results that you may receive from the Soul Urge Number calculator.

Note that the base Soul Urge Numbers go from 1 to 9 but there are also the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 included on the end.

Soul Urge Number Compatibility ?

If you want to find out how compatible you and your partner are via numerology then we recommend you check out our marriage compatibility guide.

Soul Urge Number 1

Your desire for independence is the driving force behind your thought processes and the decisions that you make in your life.

Unless you feel as if you have both hands on the wheel, you’re uncomfortable with the notion that others are dictating the course of your life and ultimately your fate.

Leadership comes naturally to you because it comes hand-in-hand with your desire for independence; if you’re in a position in life where you feel you lack control because it lies in the hands of others, it makes you deeply unhappy.

Image result for freedom

That doesn’t mean to say you’re a control freak or a micromanager; you’re quite happy with others in your remit to exercise freedom of choice to a certain degree.

It’s simply the idea of you not being in the pilot’s seat that intimidates you.

Whether it’s in relationships, in your career or even in the context of friends and family, the only way you will be truly happy in life is if you are loyal to your instinctive drive for independence.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 1.

Soul Urge Number 2

The desire for peace and harmony are what govern your decisions in life. You dislike drama and conflict and try to avoid it at all costs.

However, that’s not to say that you’re overtly conflict-averse but, like water, you prefer to take the path of least resistance whenever possible.

At least you’re aware there’s a delicate balance between being too passive and too aggression; assertiveness.

Image result for water stream

You wear your heart on your sleave; if you’re not familiar with the expression it means that you hardly hide your emotions–not because you struggle to but because you’re comfortable with others knowing them.

However if you feel a surge of negative emotions then you’re more likely to hide them due to your conflict-averse nature.

Others view you as sensitive and may even comment on your extraordinary levels of empathy; you have a natural urge for conflict resolution and are at your happiest knowing that all elements of your life are in order and balance.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 2.

Soul Urge Number 3

A natural extrovert, your desire to be around others and have them enjoy your company is the key motivator for you in life.

Others are drawn to your natural radiance of joy and charisma simply because you make them feel good around you; you’re a master conversationalist, you’re upbeat and you’re funny–what more could you offer?

‘The life of the party’ is an expression that gets thrown around a lot these days but it truly applies to you over others.


Because it’s what you live for.

The way you see it is that life’s too short to be serious and miserable all the time so you’ve made it your mission to be as fun and entertaining as possible.

Image result for bonfire

Like a bonfire, people are drawn to your warmth and radiance.

However, also like a fire you may have a tendency to get a little too hot for comfort sometimes; be careful that your high energy levels and desire for banter aren’t irritating or even hurting other people.

Be wary of their expressions and reactions to your speech and presence. It’s one little caveat of being an extra extrovert.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 3.

Soul Urge Number 4

You centre your goals around one common theme that governs all aspects of your life: stability.

You’re out of your comfort zone when in chaotic situations that threaten the careful balances and delicate structures that you have taken so much time to construct so painstakingly well.

However it’s when these structures are particularly delicate that your vulnerabilities become most apparent.

Is your structure a sturdy pile of rocks or a teetering house of cards?

If indeed it’s the latter then you need to rethink your priorities to ensure you don’t have too much emotional investment in something that could be so easily sabotaged.

Image result for stability nature

Sometimes you go out of your way to hide your obsession over balance; perhaps you thought this was obsessive-compulsive disorder before but that disorder usually concerns obsession over trivial matters.

Your yearning to achieve balance isn’t aimed at trivial matters but at greater, more significant and perhaps more abstract aspects of your life.

Don’t feel embarrassed or intimidated by others about your preference for balance, stability and structure; if you do you may end up sacrificing the enjoyment you find in life.

Instead stay loyal to what makes you content and motivates you.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 4.

Soul Urge Number 5

Exploration and wanderlust are the key motivators in your life. You are at your happiest when you are as free as the breeze; new places, new experiences and new people are what excite you the most in life.

Losing your freedom is deeply disturbing to you and you will do anything to fight it when put in such a situation.

Being anchored to one spot for an extended period of time is a surefire way for you to experience the most misery.

Friends, family and having to be at a certain place at a certain time can shake the very core of your being.

Like a caged bird, your deepest desire when imprisoned against your will is to spread your wings.

Image result for feather on wind

Having children too early in life will make it frustrating and difficult for you to satisfy your urges of wanderlust.

Likewise having a conventional job will have the same impact on your wellbeing.

The lifestyle we recommend for you is that of the digital nomad; one who works solely online and has the freedom to travel where they please.

Unfortunately the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone; not all of us are interested in staring at a screen all day.

In that case it may be best to pack your bags and fly to a new corner of the world and start anew in a job you’re comfortable doing but in unfamiliar territory.

It should give you plenty of new ground to cover, new cultures to learn and new people to meet.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 5.

Soul Urge Number 6

You are a giver at heart and taking care of others and giving them happiness creates a symbiotic bond between you and them.

As the old idiom goes ‘to give is better than to receive’ but it rings especially true in your case; you find being generous to others extraordinarily rewarding.

The gifts that you best enjoy giving to others aren’t necessarily physical; sometimes the gift of time or lending an ear is what others want most of all and both are often overlooked.

You have a great sense for when others are feeling lonely and frustrated and you are well aware that sometimes all others want is a friendly ear rather than some unsolicited advice.

Image result for nature giving

Be wary, however, that others don’t attempt to subjugate you and exploit your generous nature.

Unfortunately some people are out there just to see how much they can squeeze out of others and your good nature will attract them like blood to sharks.

You are a fantastic partner to have for anyone in a relationship because your very presence is so therapeutic to others.

With your extraordinary powers of empathy you are almost always aware of what others around you want and when you can provide it, you do with eagerness.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 6.

Soul Urge Number 7

Knowledge is power, as the old adage goes, and knowledge is your primary motivator in life.

Not necessarily because you’re power hungry but you really enjoy the feeling of acquiring new knowledge. You have the learning bug.

Have you taken an IQ test recently? If not or you’ve never taken one you should do soon because the results will probably surprise you.

It takes a hungry mind to crave the intake of so much information but it also takes an intelligent one.

Image result for nature light shafts

You grow quickly frustrated at people who seem too lazy or busy to learn anything new.

When you invest so much time into learning and your friends and family don’t you sometimes struggle to be patient with them.

You are a skeptic and analyst and you prefer to check your facts first-hand rather than blindly believe what others tell you.

Some may perceive you as cold and calculating because you don’t exactly wear your heart on your sleave; you keep your feelings to yourself.

When your mind is constantly ticking because of the vast influx of information its processing it’s easy to lose touch something.

Your path to happiness is obvious; never stop learning and honing your knowledge through practice.

Such is the way of Soul Urge Number 7.

Soul Urge Number 8

Greatness, at any cost–your mantra for life is centered around power.

Yes, you are power-hungry. So what? There’s nothing wrong with wanting more responsibility in life.

Money is obviously something that everyone wants and often it comes hand in hand with power.

It’s unlikely you care about the negative stereotypes about craving power and wealth anyway; the people who perpetuate them are the ones who have neither.

Image result for moon nature

However the problem is when you crave both but lack the means to gain them.

Your weakness is impatience; you want the rewards without taking the time and effort to grind for them.

This is a dangerous mindset because it leads to taking more risks and shortcuts than the average person normally would.

Others may perceive your pursuit of greatness in a negative light, as mentioned above. Ignore them, they are most likely just jealous.

It’s called a ‘crab mentality’ when people try to hold others back from success as they fear they themselves will fail to find it.

It would be best for you to find others with a similar mindset so you can both chase the dream together.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 8.

Soul Urge Number 9

You’re a perfectionist and won’t settle for anything less.

Whether its simple things like how you arrange your furniture to the most complex feelings in your relationships, you must have everything exactly as you want it.

You want to change the world you live in to a utopia; a perfect place for you and everyone around you to inhabit.

Just when you’re close–frustratingly close–to achieving your vision, something always happens to undo your hard work.

It’s almost as if there are mysterious forces at work deliberately taunting you by sabotaging your efforts.

Image result for symmetry landscape

Unfortunately humans aren’t naturally perfect so many of your well-meaning efforts go to waste.

Some notice your attempts at crafting a utopia around you and view them with hostility.

They may believe you are attempting to manipulate them for your own ends, despite your good intentions.

Perhaps if you made your world smaller and included less people and possessions in it then your goal would be much more attainable.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 9.

Soul Urge Number 11

Has anyone told you you’re “wise beyond your years?”

Sometimes called common sense, wisdom isn’t merely another word for intelligence.

Wisdom reflects more upon your decision-making skills and perception rather than your raw intellect and knowledge.

Some people are very knowledgeable, well-educated and intelligent but continuously make poor decisions in life.

These people have a different kind of intelligence to the wisdom you possess.

You may not be the most formally-educated person ever but you’re certainly no fool; others may try to mislead you but you weren’t born yesterday.

Image result for owl

Whilst wisdom is certainly a desirable virtue, it’s not going to carry you through life alone.

If you compliment your wisdom with knowledge then you can hardly go wrong, as long as you pick a subject that suits you.

The danger is relying solely upon your wisdom and growing complacent in life.

Yes you are better at making the right choices than others but that’s not going to automatically make you a billionaire rockstar overnight.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 11.

Soul Urge Number 22

Your desire is to leave a legacy.

No matter what it is you feel the strong urge to leave something behind for the world to remember you by.

You can’t bear the thought of you being forgotten and, though it’s morbid, a gravestone simply isn’t enough.

You could write a novel, compose a symphony, start a business or make a breakthrough.

Whatever if it, the critical factor is that it’s something that lasts.

Image result for lightning

However, beware you’re not drawn to infamy rather than fame.

Some people do evil acts just for the fame, regardless of the punishment and moral repercussions.

They seek validation through their actions but are unable to do anything constructive.

So instead they do something destructive in the hope that their names will be remembered.

Such is the path of Soul Urge Number 22.

Soul Urge Number 33

You love your hobbies to the point of obsession.

Whatever it is you like doing most, you spend a disproportionately large amount of your free time on it.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; some pastimes are very constructive, especially if they are business-related.

If business is your passion then it’s likely you are or will become a successful entrepreneur

Related image

However if your hobbies aren’t productive then this can be extremely detrimental to your wellbeing and career if left unchecked.

Sports may not be the most productive activity career-wise or in terms of education but at least it’s exercise.

Couch potato activities like playing video games are extra dangerous when too much time is spent on them.

The ill effects on health go without saying but the opportunity cost of wasted time stacks up at an alarming rate.

Whatever your passion is, if it leads to a lot of wasted time on unproductive activities then be sure to keep it in check.

Such is the way of Soul Urge Number 33.

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