The Numerology karmic debt numbers you need to know

Numerology is a system of measuring human potential by analyzing numbers according to their placement in the alphabet. The Karmic Debt Numbers are an extension of these numbers to calculate our personal karmic debt, or how much we have Karma that needs to be redeemed.

The more debt we have, the harder our hearts get to forgive someone who has wronged us. The key is that you can redeem these debts not just by forgiving others but also by forgiving yourself and taking responsibility for your mistakes. As each person uncovers their own karmic-debt number, they can see how much they need to work on themselves and what areas of their life need change.

What is the Karmic-Debt Number?

It is a number that represents our personal karmic debt, or how much we have Karma that needs to be redeemed. This includes past life karma from where we’ve been bad, as well as current life karma from where we are being a jerk.

As each person uncovers their own karmic-debt number, they can see how much they need to work on themselves and what areas of their life need change. The more debt you have, the more you need to change yourself. You can then forgive others and know that your karmic debt has been forgiven!

Karmic Debt is a way of looking at how we have contributed to our own suffering from past lives, as well as how much we have contributed to others’ suffering in this life. It is important for us to understand these principles so that we can be better people on planet Earth and not add anything more bad Karma into this world.

Karmic Debt works great with the law of attraction, as well as karmic healing. If you remember that bad Karma can be redeemed through forgiveness and self-improvement, then it is easy to understand why you attract what you need more of!

Below is a summary of how Karmic Debt works. This will help give some insight into how our minds work in regards to us attracting certain experiences based on our own personal debt numbers. It also helps explain why people are attracted to others with whom they have “bad karma” or problems! You may want to read this again if these concepts seem too complicated for you now, but I promise it will make sense later! Here are the different types of karmic debts:

Negative Karma

These are past life negative energies from where we were being horrible people who hurt other innocent lives around us. How many times do we see someone lash out at another only because their spouse has not forgiven them yet?

We all have these types of negative energies inside ourselves that feel uncomfortable when triggered by another person’s upset actions toward us. Some examples include bad relationships, jobs that don’t match your skills or interests, things keeping happening that just don’t seem right… anything which gives us bad feelings is contributing to your current karmic debt number.

Positive Karma

This includes good deeds done during our past lives which have contributed positive energy flows back into this lifetime so far (your good karma). Other examples would be helping people in need or doing random acts of kindness throughout your day besides paying bills etc….this could even be something like helping someone else get somewhere quickly so they can get home before dark time after time…allowing them space and respect without interrupting them along the way..etc..

Current Life Karma

The events occurring in this life which keep giving other people pain or anger towards your actions while angry yourself about an issue within the relationship , job etc

Future Life Events

Last minute changes happening due to last minute mistakes made earlier on which cause unexpected future occurrences such as illnesses and accidents.

Past Life Events

Traumatic situations happening exactly like we saw happen several years ago happened today.

The above information is a good way of understanding how we attract things into our life which cause pain to us and/or other people. It can also help understand why certain relationships get worse after one person forgives another for their past negative behavior, or why the current problems in all relationships get worse when someone gets angry with an issue within the relationship.

Karmic Debt Number Meanings

Each type has different numbers associated to it, so let’s take a look at each of them below:

Numerology is a system of measuring human potential by analyzing numbers according to their placement in the alphabet. The Karmic Debt Numbers are an extension of these numbers to calculate our personal karmic debt, or how much we have Karma that needs to be redeemed.

Each type has different numbers associated to it, so let’s take a look at each of them below:

Karmic Debt Number One

The Number One is the master number, and represents the body. The energies that flow through this number are a blend of all other numbers, so it stands on its own as a cornerstone for any Karmic Debt Chart.

Karmic Debt Number Two

The Number Two is related to our emotions and feelings. This one has strong ties with family dynamics, because we typically have two parents in every household. It also reflects how we relate to others within our close circle of friends or coworkers, since it’s easy to feel drained by the emotional energy from these relationships too.

Karmic Debt Number Three

The Number Three symbolizes money and finance issues in your life—you may have been forced into making choices on your finances at an early age due to some sort of financial hardship you experienced growing up (for example: following a parent’s bad advice). Or perhaps this was something done out of necessity while going against your true desires for what you wanted financially when you were younger—but now that you are older and wiser, wouldn’t it be great if those decisions could be reversed?

Karmic Debt Number Four

The Number Four is the number of relationships we have in our life. It involves how close or far away we feel from others, and whether or not they are a part of our lives on a daily basis (for example: your family members). This one can be tricky to read when you’re trying to figure out what someone else might need from you—but there is no doubt that it will affect every relationship you have with anyone!

Karmic Debt Number Five

The Number Five stands for work and career issues. You may find yourself needing to get something off your chest about your job at times, so this one really lets us know what we want to say without worrying too much about hurting people’s feelings. If you prefer keeping things professional during business-related interactions, this would show up more often than if you prefer being casual and connecting on a deeper level with everyone around you while working together. Lastly, the Karmic Debt Calculator will show how much Karma needs to be redeemed through earning money! The wrong actions in these areas could mean either receiving rewards in the future (such as financial gain) or having karma added onto debts.

Karmic Debt Number Six

The Number Six is related to how we handle money. If you’re constantly in debt, it means that your financial situation will be a struggle for you and your family until things change. However, if you make use of the Karmic Debt Calculator and find out what number needs to be redeemed by earning more money or making better choices with regard to spending/saving, then this could bring wonderful rewards into your life! It would also show up on future income tax returns (if applicable) as either earned income or positive earnings—and the final outcome of gaining new credits like deduction of interest paid will come back around into higher paychecks at some point in time.

Karmic Debt Number Seven

The Number Seven reflects our health issues; whether they are physical, mental/emotional or spiritual matters. This one shows up when we have ongoing problems relating to having a healthy lifestyle: getting enough sleep each night instead of staying awake too late playing video games online while neglecting food and exercise; taking care of ourselves physically so we don’t fall ill after trauma from events in our lives; dealing with difficult emotions such as stress and anger which can keep us from feeling good about ourselves on a daily basis… all these would add onto debts here! The Karmic Debt Calculator can help put together an action plan that involves any healing work that may need done within yourself before moving forward on this path towards resolving these issues once and for all! Just remember, forgiveness comes first before starting anything else.

Karmic Debt Number Eight

And finally… The Number Eight represents Master Numbers coming together because everything has already been said above it to create something new—which brings us full circle back around again just where we started off at the beginning right? You guessed it… That’s true Karma at work being awarded based upon what was accomplished through awareness-raising decisions made during life experiences leading up to them now being reflected upon once again so everyone involved including others within society see who they really are throughout their experience doing things well versus poorly. This is truly living proof that Karma cannot be “forced” upon someone else except through human actions intended for personal gain—and the only way to earn anything back over time without actually paying for it is through using knowledge gained along the way now shared with others by opening people’s eyes beyond fear-based beliefs rather than forcing them down anyone’s throat under threat of harmful punishment.

Numerology Core Karmic Debt Numbers

Now let’s take a look at the core numerology Karmic debt numbers: 13, 14, 16, and 9.

Karmic Debt Number 13

The number of a complete cycle. You have been through your whole life, from conception to death and back again. 13 is the most prominent karmic debt number because it represents the culmination of all that you have done in this lifetime as well as how much Karma you carry with you into the next one. In numerology, thirteen is referred to as “The Sum Of All Evils.”

Karmic Debt Number 14

14 can represent any particular aspect or phase in life though it is frequently tied to wealth and power. According to numerology, fourteen has its origins in an Egyptian myth about a pharaoh’s son who was given a magical ring by Isis, which would grant him whatever he wished for but if he lost it then his wish would be granted anyway… at great cost! This ties nicely into our current economic situation where many people are asking for more money but aren’t willing to pay their bills or do anything at all with what they already have so that they might get even more….and on and on until eventually there will come a point when everyone loses everything including themselves.

Karmic Debt Number 16

16 is a number that represents the culmination of a cycle. It can also represent a complete vision or goal in life. It allows you to be more specific about what you want and will help you accomplish your desires, but it can also bring about great confusion.

Karmic Debt Number 19

19 is often referred to as “The Sum Of All Fears.” This makes sense because nineteen was the original sacred number of Ancient Egypt and when we add our own fears onto ourselves, we essentially create an infinite loop…which is exactly what kept happening with the economy so long.

Numerology Karmic Debt Calculator

The Karmic Debt Calculator is a great tool for anyone who understands the value of this life-changing knowledge—or even those who may still be learning about what they need to do to make changes in their lives. If you are ready, let’s begin now.

So for example, say if your full birth name is PAUL LEE SMITH, you would add:


You would then reduce this down to a single digit number, so-



Note: the only time you would not reduce the numbers to single digits is if you got an 11 or 22 as these are known as Master Numbers.

In the above example, Paul would have a Karmic Debt number of 6.

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