Numerology Marriage Compatibility: Sex, Love & Relationships 👰

Numerology compatibility numbers for marriage, love and relationships can predict whether one will last or whether a divorce or breakup is likely with uncanny accuracy.

Perhaps it’s not your marriage that you’re worried about–you could be concerned whether it’s love or an arranged marriage between two friends.

Perhaps it’s not marriage compatibility you’re worried about at all–maybe you’re just concerned about the future of your relationship or about the strength of the bond of love between you and your partner.

Either way, love numerology predictions work exactly the same way as marriage compatibility predictions. The information in this guide is applicable to not only marriage but also love and relationships.

Discover your relationship’s fate in seconds with our easy beginner-friendly marriage compatibility calculator.

If you don’t get the result you wanted, don’t worry–we have that covered too. We don’t want you to break up with someone you love!

The best thing about our marriage prediction calculator is that it will always be absolutely free. It’s particularly difficult to get numerology love reading free these days but we try to be as generous as possible to our readers.

If you’re new to numerology in general and would like to learn more before jumping in the deep end, please take a look at our numerology beginner’s guide.

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First of all let’s get started with the most important tool for you right now–the calculator.

Numerology Marriage Compatibility Calculator ?

Get your free marriage prediction in seconds and discover your love compatibility by birthdate and name via the calculator below:

This calculator makes your life much easier and saves you a lot of hassle by simplifying the whole process of calculating your name and birthdate compatibility for marriage.

Of course, even if marriage isn’t on the horizon for you or your partner, you can use the same calculator to predict your relationship and love compatibility by name or birthdate.

This is the most complete and accurate name and birthday compatibility calculator on the web. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it and calculate your romantic compatibility by birthdate free!

How to Use the Marriage, Love & Relationship Compatibility Calculator ?

We’ve included some helpful screenshots below to get you started–they are screenshots so don’t waste your time clicking them! The real calculator is above.

The calculator can quickly determine your marriage compatibility by date of birth and time. Name numerology compatibility is also taken into account by the calculator.

This is a only a screenshot so don’t waste your time clicking on it–the real calculator is above!

The first thing to do is to fill in your and your partner’s names and dates of birth in the appropriate fields and then click the ‘Get Marriage Compatibility Reading’ button.

Seems fairly self-explanatory but you’d be surprised at how confusing it can be to many people.

This is a screenshot.

The interesting part–the bar at the bottom represents an estimation of how compatible you and your partner here, not only be name but also by birthday relationship compatibility. Don’t worry if it’s low (below 40%), we’ll take care of that later!

Let’s break down each of the different compatibility ratings:

Name compatibility: how similar your personalities, interests and goals are.
Heart’s desire compatibility: how similar your deepest personal desires are.
Personality compatibility: how similar your behaviour is.
Life path compatibility: how similar your fates are.
Power compatibility: how sustainable your relationship will be in your latter years.
Marriage relationship compatibility: how beneficial marriage would be for both partners.

The first 5 ratings are interesting but ultimately the marriage relationship compatibility rating is the most important one here.

If the others are high and this one is low in it means you’re probably better off unmarried or even as friends rather than as a married couple.

That’s it–you’ve taken the first step to determining your numerology marriage matching by date of birth.

Now read on to improve your interpretation of your reading.

How Should I Interpret the Compatibility Rating? ?

Numerology readings can be frustratingly vague, particular those coming from calculators–the reading of a script falls far short of a reading that a real professional can give you.

Unfortunately not all of us have the time or resources to seek the counsel of an expert numerologist, hence the abundance and popularity of calculators that determine numerology compatibility numbers for marriage.

If your compatibility rating is low–don’t panic! Without a consultation from a professional numerologist then it could mislead you into making a rash decision.

However if the rating is low and you feel like your marriage or relationship isn’t going well then perhaps this is a wake-up all.

Likewise if the rating is high and you have a bad gut feeling about it then it’s likely that no calculator, no matter how sophisticated it is, can ever read the deepest depths of your soul.

Numerology Marriage Dates Calculator ?

If you’re still unsure of how to pick a wedding date using numerology, our marriage dates calculator below should be of great use to you.

As with any wedding date numerology calculator, be careful that you input the right information–any incorrect information will lead to a misreading, which if taken seriously could have a dramatic impact upon your future!

After you’ve input your details, read the wedding date numerology analysis carefully but don’t make any rash decisions based on it. Your true love name match result may resonate with an uncanny truth in real life but you need to dig deeper to truly understand it.

Remember your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life–ensure you take sufficient time to plan it and don’t rush it because the calculator told you to do so.

How Can Numerology Help Me Pick a Wedding Date? ?

Because numerology is the science of deriving meaning from names and dates it’s the perfect methodology for working out your perfect wedding date.

A disastrous wedding day could spell doom for your future married life–don’t risk wasting a fortune on a catastrophe you could have prevented if you’d done your homework!

The first thing to bear in when picking your wedding date based on this methodology is that not everyone practices numerology.

Your friends and family, even your spouse, might peer pressure you into choosing a date more suitable for them.

Don’t forget–this is your special day and you shouldn’t allow anyone to compromise it from being what’s traditionally supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

Fortunately what numerology has in common with marriage is that they both existed well before any historic records.

So to answer the original question, ‘can numerology help me pick a wedding date?” the answer is a resounding yes!

The first step is the calculate the numerology number of your proposed wedding date.

As with any numerology calculation, simply add all of the digits of the date together, including the day, month and year, then keep adding the digits until you only have one number left.

For example, let’s say you propose to get married on the 4th April 2021:

4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13

1 + 3 = 4

Your numerology wedding day number is 4. Straightforward enough? For now, maybe, but the next section complicates things a little.

Marriage Numerology Wedding Day Number Meanings ?️

Finding your lucky number for wedding date is a critical choice that can have significant impact on the success of your wedding–not only for you and your spouse but also for your guests.

Take enough time to research the right wedding numerology date and you will be glad of the enormous difference it can make for your wedding day.

Marriage Numerology Number 1 ?

The Sun governs your special day–a symbol of life and worship more ancient than the Earth itself, let alone any religion.

Choosing Wedding Day Number One demonstrates your desire to make your spiritual bond eternal, much like the Sun.

Although we all know that the Sun hasn’t been around forever not will it be here forever, it’s a living metaphor for immortality.

Perhaps choosing WDN1 is a reflection of your conservative nature, being cautious enough to pick the safest option for the long run.

Perhaps, however, it’s symptom of insecurity about your confidence in the future of your marriage.

If deep down you believe the answer is the latter then this could be the wake up call to prevent doomed marriage.

Marriage Numerology Number 2 ?

The Moon watches over your wedding day, partially in shadow.

Wedding Day Number Two has close ties to a half or quarter moon, depending on which numerologist you ask.

For the sake of simplicity the dark side of the moon symbolizes privacy and secrecy–this day is best suited for those wanting a modest and private ceremony.

It’s understandable if you do want a private ceremony–some of us cringe at the very thought of being the centre of attention, a few of us may even suffer from panic attacks due to social anxiety.

If you are one of these people then fear not, you are probably just an introvert–consider having a small, private ceremony only for your nearest and dearest. Also think of the savings!

Marriage Numerology Number 3 ☿️

Mercury presides over Wedding Day Number Three. The ancient Romans worshiped Jupiter as the god of wealth and abundance.

Abundance of what though? Money, children, friends, anything you can think of, you’ll have more of.

As the old saying goes “lightning never strikes twice” but if you choose WDN3 then anything can happen. Twins? Triplets? Quads? Winning the lottery?

You’ll never find out until it happens but WDN3 sets you on course for plenty more of what you already have along with a few wildcards along the way.

Marriage Numerology Number 4

Four represents harmony. If you value the quality of your relationship and having similar goals with your partner then Wedding Day Number is your perfect choice. ‘Until death do us part’ never rang truer with WDN4.

It’s not all about your personal bond and love though–don’t forget to take into account all the other partnerships in life like business and friendship.

If you’re planning on running a joint enterprise and have similar goals and are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses then picking WDN4 only makes that aspect of your relationship more concrete.

It’s not all about your personal bond and love though–don’t forget to take into account all the other partnerships in life like business and friendship.

If you’re planning on running a joint enterprise and have similar goals and are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses then picking WDN4 only makes that aspect of your relationship more concrete.

Marriage Numerology Number 5

Jupiter presides of Wedding Day Number 5, the ancient Roman god of the sky and thunder.

Perhaps you are more familiar with Zeus, his ancient Greek counterpart, the bearded king of the gods who is often depicted tossing around lightning bolts.

If what you fear most in life is having a mundane repetitive routine and losing all enjoyment in your life then WDN5 is the right choice for you.

Like lightning, WDN5 represents chaos, randomness and unpredictability. If you want to ensure that married life is a rollercoaster for you and your partner then this is your best bet.

We’ll finish with a warning though–a rollercoaster also has dips.

Marriage Numerology Number 6 ♀️

Although the symbol of Venus is associated with femininity, the ancient Roman goddess was worshiped for blessings of love and beauty in general.

If you treasure you and your partner’s looks above all else, look no further than Wedding Day Number 6.

The desire to age gracefully crosses all of our minds at some point and it’s not always predictable how well you are age.

Receding hairlines and pattern baldness for men, skin sagging and shrinking for women.

We will not equally suffer the toll of time on our looks but choosing WDN6 will give you more confidence about the future of yours.

Marriage Numerology Number 7 ?

Do not pick Wedding Day Number 7 under any circumstances, it’s considered very bad luck and can spell catastrophe for your ceremony and your future.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral but that comedy doesn’t do justice to the true horrors that await those who unsuspectingly pick WDN7 by mistake.

Marriage numerology number 7 is a very clear indicator of what dates to avoid for marriage.

We say by mistake because there is absolutely no reason why any sane individual would knowingly pick this number. Do so at your own peril, you have been warned!

Marriage Numerology Number 8 ♂️

Mars presides over Wedding Day Number 8. Although the ancient Romans worshiped him as god of war, Mars has a different meaning in the context of numerology.

Rather than the lust for glory and battle that he represented back then, think of lust in general–yes, that’s right–sex!

Perhaps the masculine symbol associated with Mars implies it already but if GREAT SEX is your priority then look no further than WDN8.

There’s no beating round the bush here, or mincing of words or whatever you preferred choice of words for dancing around the point.

Marriage Numerology Number 9

Neptune presides over Wedding Day Number 9. Once revered by the ancient Romans as the god of the sea, much like his ancient Greek counterpart Poseidon, Neptune has come to represent wider meanings in numerology.

In today’s numerology context, the sea, and thus Neptune, represents healing.

If you or your partner are suffering from a chronic illness or disability then arranging your wedding day to be on WDN9 is likely to be a sensible option.

However we always advise seeking a doctor’s advice first in any circumstances when your health is under question.

In today’s numerology context, the sea, and thus Neptune, represents healing.

If you or your partner are suffering from a chronic illness or disability then arranging your wedding day to be on WDN9 is likely to be a sensible option.

However we always advise seeking a doctor’s advice first in any circumstances when your health is under question.

Alternative Science recommends Cosmic Energy profile for accurate readings based on the Mayan calendar.

Indian Marriage Compatibility ?

Although astrology is all the rage in India, Indian numerology compatibility is an equally valid methodology for determining the future of a relationship.

The Asht-Koot Milan system (involving the kutas and gunas) is very specifically Indian but unfortunately we don’t have any available resources on the subject.

However this doesn’t make numerology less valid a methodology. Like astrology is based on the cosmos, its also based on something as old as time itself: numbers.

One cultural difference that India has is the prevalence of arranged marriages. If you suspect someone you know is have one or you are planning one yourself you can use the love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth calculator above. A love or arranged marriage calculator is something we’re planning to add.

You can use the calculator to easily find your Indian numerology compatibility by date of birth and more.

Whilst not numerology, we do have a resource about vashikaran mantras with a Hindi translation.

Birth Chart Love Compatibility

Although this is strictly speaking a numerology guide, many readers request information on horoscope and astrology with regards to relationships.

Marriage compatibility astrology is an entirely different kettle of fish to numerology, though the results are uncannily similar. We would love to get into more depth about how to find your marriage horoscope by name and date of birth but we have to stay on topic considering this is a numerology guide.

We will update you once we have expanded our resources to cover astrology compatibility by date of birth and name in more depth. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this free birth chart compatibility report and may it provide the seeds for a fruitful relationship.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Day Numerology ?

Perhaps you’ve thought long and hard and still can’t decide which Wedding Day Number is best for you (hint: not 7).

It might also be that the peer pressure from your friends and family is also weighing in on your decision and you just can’t please everyone.

That’s fair enough–it shows that they care about you enough to be concerned that you are choosing a day that they are available to attend on.

What we have to say on this matter is don’t overthink it–if you can’t pick the right numerological date then don’t put your wedding off for months and months until you can get it right; life’s too short after all.

Feeling like this over choosing the perfect wedding date? Don’t stress too much, it’s meant to be the happiest day of your life.

Maybe you’re married already and are panicking at your ill-informed choice of Wedding Day Number, or perhaps you relieved that you picked one that’s paying off right now.

Either way, please remember that numerology is a deep and mysterious science that you can’t expect to understand properly from reading a couple of articles about it.

That’s why there are countless professional numerologists who have invested years of their lives into studying the movements of numbers within the universe, yet none can claim they are 100% experts and know everything.

Even if you’re not married or not planning to get married, this guide is still a useful resource for couples who are exploring the deep rabbit hole that is relationship numerology or love numerology, whichever you prefer.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this wedding numerology guide. It took countless hours to research and write it and we are humbled that we are helping so many couples pick a lucky wedding day.

Read our numerology beginner’s guide to continue on your quest for knowledge of mastering this esoteric science.

Here’s another great resource if you still have unanswered questions.

Alternative Science recommends Cosmic Energy profile for accurate readings based on the Mayan calendar.