Numerology 1 and 1 Compatibility 💑

Numerology 1 and 1 compatibility can be difficult to establish but if both partners are aware of the common pitfalls of this type of relationship and are willing to work around them then this can be a match made in heaven. This main issue with two Life Path Number 1s being in a relationship is the inevitable power struggle.

If you haven’t read our Life Path Number 1: The Pioneer guide then we recommend doing so before or very soon after reading this. It’s a long, detailed and comprehensive guide on what it’s like to be a Life Path Number 1 and how to handle others with LPN1.

If you want to learn more about numerology is general, then please read our ultimate beginner’s guide to numerology. If you already understand the basics then let’s get to it.

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What are Life Path Number 1s Like in Relationships? ?

In relationships Life Path Number 1s can be:

  • Domineering
  • Controlling
  • Possessive
  • Intense
  • Passionate

What are the Common Problems with Two Life Path Number 1s in a Relationship? ?

Life Path Number 1s have an abundance of energy, both motivational and creative; this is we call it the number of the ‘pioneer’. However, LPN1s have a tendency to be overly dominant in relationships, which can work well with some partners but can be disastrous with others. Be aware of your controlling nature and you can make anything work though.

rams butting heads
Do you often butt heads with other partners who like to be in control?

The problem with two ‘pioneers’ being in a relationship is that they will constantly fight each other to be in the pilot’s seat of the cockpit; neither will be satisfied being the copilot. If left unchecked the consequences of a long power struggle can be catastrophic to both parties.

numerology 1 and 1 compatability pilot and copilot
Instead of fighting over who is the pilot and the co-pilot, why not both just be pilots?

By reading this guide you have already taken the first step towards stabilising a turbulent relationship between two LPN1s. How many failed marriages and divorces have happened between two LPN1s who had no idea there was a solution?

The power struggle between two LPN1s can run so deep it can even manifest itself in petty things like choosing the brand of bleach you use to clean your bathroom. If it ever gets to this level or it has done so already then you need to take urgent action to save your relationship.

If we examine the power struggle between two LPN1s on a deeper psychological level we can theorise that it all comes down to chemical rewards–dopamine in particular. Dopamine is pleasure hormone released when our brains feel like we deserve it. Everyone enjoys dopamine releases but we need to be mindful of how our quests for it can affect others. If you are LPN1 then yours comes from seeing others appreciate, approve and implement your ideas–it could be something as mundane as picking a holiday destination or something as critical as choosing a home.

Image result for dopamine
Like most things, it all comes down to chemistry.

What Life Path Numbers Make Good Partners for Life Path Number 1s? ?

3s, 5s and 6s are the best Life Path Number partners for Life Path Number 1s. We won’t go into too much depth about why these make better partners but what they each have in common is that they are less likely to engage in a power struggle than other LPNs.

Alternative Science recommends Cosmic Energy profile for accurate readings based on the Mayan calendar.