Review: Get a free free full numerology report now

This review is based on my own personal experience of using the website for the past four months.

I have to confess that I myself was a skeptic when I first heard about this website. However, I wanted to check whether this prediction was true or not and I decided to give it a try.

I filled out the form and pressed the “Get My Report!” button. I got a notification that my report was ready to be viewed, but I decided to give it a few minutes before going to see it.

I went back to my computer and accessed my email. I had received a new message from Numerologist with the subject: “Your Long Number Report is Ready!” The title confused me at first, but then I remembered that I had filled in the form with my phone number.

I opened the message and downloaded the attachment accordingly. I can’t express the feeling of shock and awe I had when I saw the first page of my very own report. The website had described my personality and my life to such an extent that it was almost creepy. It seemed like they knew everything about me.

I’m not going to tell you everything that was in my report. That would be infringing on the rights of I will tell you one thing, though – the report was spot on! I couldn’t believe it!

Now I use my personal experience and the website as a proof to all of my friends that numerology works. Thanks to Numerologist, now I can see things from a different perspective. It helps me to stay positive every day!

Here’s how I found

I learned about this website on Facebook, where it was mentioned in a group called Numerology and Dreams. Someone had posted a link to the above website and several people had left positive remarks about this website.

I took the test and I must say I was surprised to learn that my personality matched up with what I know about myself. It’s strange, but this website has made me think about things and look at myself in a different way. I can’t believe that something like this actually exists, but then again the world is a mysterious place.

As I was reading through some of these comments, I couldn’t help but to think back to when I was a kid and how I used to enjoy reading my horoscope in the newspaper every now and then. I would always try to find it somewhere, whether it was in the TV Guide or even in a tabloid. I remember being fascinated by the descriptions that were written for my particular star sign.

I don’t remember which sign it was, but at some point I came across a description that sounded really familiar. It was so similar in fact that I would’ve sworn that someone had copied and pasted parts of the description from the week before.

That’s when I stopped looking at my horoscope altogether. I soon noticed that other people around me had stopped reading their horoscopes altogether as well.

That was more than 30 years ago.

Nowadays, people don’t even pay attention to their star signs or whether the moon is in the right position. Days and months are all accounted for without having to worry about what the position of the stars are at any given moment.

I can’t remember the last time that I’ve heard a person complaining about when an eclipse was going to take place because it was going to be bad luck. You don’t hear much about astrology anymore.

Since discovering numerology and it’s fair to say my interest in astrology has dropped considerably. Astrology can be wishy-washy and vague but numerology hits the nail on the head for me with uncanny accuracy.

So anyway, enough about my numerology origin story and more about and how it has changed my life and how it can change yours. also provides a personalized reading with the top experts in your field. You have access to relationship reports that can help you boost your love life to the next level. They can also tell if your relationship will last for a long time or not. even gives the ability to send free messages with other members. You can ask questions, make friends, and discuss theories about whatever you want.

Another neat feature is their horoscopes. They provide daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly horoscopes that are compatible with your zodiac sign. The horoscopes are actually pretty accurate to me.

With, you can unlock a whole new world. It’ll be the online equivalent of opening a book and diving into it. The possibilities are endless.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.

What have other people said about

How Does Work?

It’s actually pretty simple to use, you just go on and create an account for free. After that, you’ll be able to see the letters from 1 to 100 and it is up to you to combine them into words.

When doing this, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the numbers have special meanings. For example, the number 4 represents justice while the number 8 is symbolic of power.

The task then, is to pick numbers that you think will form the most powerful words. You get 10 credits to start with and you can buy more using the paypal link on the site.

You can submit your word to for scoring and whoever gets the highest score wins! was created by a teenager with extraordinary abilities when it comes to numbers. Quite frankly, this guy is a human calculator and has the ability to know all sort of things related to numbers and their meanings.

The site was created as a way for him to share his gift with the world and he hopes that it will be a fun way for people to learn as well. In his own words: “Learning doesn’t always have to be boring!”.

The reports you’ll be reading and watching are from numerologists who have studied the art of reading numbers since they were in diapers. It only takes a few minutes to get your own report online–or if you want, you can call them up and talk with a Numerologist over the phone!

How accurate is

This is a common question that arises in one’s mind before they choose to get their own personalized report. However, the website assures that it has got all the necessary tools available on the website to help you succeed in life. The numerology report is just one of those features of the website.

Who is for?

Are you a bit curious about your future? Do you want to know more about your life and what the numbers say about who you are? If this seems interesting to you, then is the website you should pay a visit to.

This website can be used by anyone who is at least eighteen years of age or older. It doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual orientation is either. However, those who are under eighteen years of age are not permitted to use this website at all.

You should also not enter this website if you lack creativity in any way, as the information that is presented here can be confusing for some. The website can provide insights about your personality and what you can do in order to improve your life in the long run. is mainly for:

  • People who want to learn more about themselves
  • People who are looking for personalized advice
  • People who are interested in what the future holds (A little)

Who is not for?

Although this website can offer you some fascinating information about yourself if you are willing to take the time to learn, it’s important to remember that is not able to provide you with the answers that you are seeking.

This website does not provide you with any information that schools or colleges are able to teach you and it’s not going to help you find a job or solve the most difficult problems in your life either.

What this website can do is give you some insight about yourself and your personality. It can also tell you what your strengths are as well as some of your weaknesses. When you know this information, you can then set out to make changes in your life that you feel are necessary or want to make.

When it comes to making life choices, can give you the tools you need in order to do this, but the final decision is ultimately yours.

In addition, can tell you what kind of career path might be best suited for you, but it will not give you any information about how to obtain a certain degree. So if you’re looking for help in this area, then this website probably isn’t going to help you much. is simply a website that can give you general information about yourself. It’s much like horoscopes, which many people read on a regular basis in order to find out what might be in store for them that day or perhaps even that week.

You can think of as your own personal horoscope, except the information is going to be a little more accurate and (hopefully) a bit more interesting.

You can visit anytime you want, but it’s probably best to only do so when you’re seriously interested in finding out more about yourself and how you might be able to make small changes in your life in order to experience greater success and happiness as time goes on. is not for:

  • Anyone not looking for a reading. This ain’t your average “What Age Will You Die?” quiz.
  • Anyone uncomfortable with self-reflection
  • Anyone looking for a quick, immediate solution to a difficult problem (This is a reading, not life advice)

Does offer a free report?

You can actually create your free report right away without signing up. This is a sample report that will show you exactly what to expect when you purchase one of the full reports.

However, it should be noted that this is just a small taste of the information contained in the full reports. The free report is a great way to get started, but it isn’t nearly as in-depth as the full reports.

It’s true that many sites offer free reports like this one, but very few offer the level of accuracy and personalization that you’ll get with This is because most sites are using flawed algorithms that were never meant to be used on names and birthdates in the first place.

With, you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate information available because our reports are all created by expert numerologists with a solid understanding of how names and dates interact, not just robots like other sites.

The information which is required for a free report is your name and the date of birth, exact e.g. 10 November 1981 or 10/11/1981. After you enter these data, you will able to see the free report at any time without limitations. It is enough to go in and read it again. 

But if you want to gain access to other Numerologist features, you will be asked to enter your personal information. There is no need to be concerned as your personal information will never be shared with any third parties without your permission.

It is very easy to create an account on you should just choose a username and password. This is the main distinctive feature of the website, which makes it really stand out from its competitors. After you have become a member of, you are able to find in your “Personal Report” such sections as “Your Name Number” or “Life Path Number.” They tell you more about your inner characteristics.

However, if you want to know your complete forecast, you should upgrade your account. There is a special button for this purpose on the upper corner of the page. You will be asked to enter the necessary information such as name, e-mail address and payment details.

Getting into the “Members Only Area” you can explore all your features. Even buying the “Premium Package” won’t cost much, which is another advantage of Do you want to know your personality type? Check your “Name Number”, find your “Life Path Number”, identify your “Soul Urge Number.” In total there are 9 different numbers to be found.

What extra do I get from registering with

Once you’ve created your profile, you can go back whenever you want and enter it again. No matter how many times you change the information, the report will be slightly different every time. This is because each report is based on a “snapshot” of your life at the exact moment that you created it. As you grow and change, your report changes with you.

This feature is especially useful if you’re trying to choose a name for yourself or a baby. Since the information in the report is based on the moment that it was created, the name you choose for yourself or your child will be personalized to reflect who you (or they) are right now.

As you grow older, you may want to update your report by creating a new one and deleting the old one. You can do this whenever you feel that your life has changed significantly.

In addition to the daily, weekly and monthly reports, you also have access to a list of all of your past reports. This is very useful if you want to look back on any major life changes you’ve experienced. You can even save these as PDFs and print them out if you want.

The system also has an innovative function of the “Challenge Report”, which allows you to compare two Numerology Reports and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

What’s special about

Numerologist assures that its videos are different from other online reports available on various websites. Other websites provide you with reports that are either vague or too general and do not specifically tailor to your life. The vagueness leads to more confusion as you do not really know what step should be taken next in order to achieve success in your life or which path should be chosen.

Numerologist, on the other hand, does not provide you with vague and boring reports. It provides you with personal and useful advice that is sure to lead you to success in life.

You only need to enter your name and date of birth on the website’s homepage in order to be able to access your personal report. The rest of the process is simple and fast.

Some other reasons why is unique:

  • They’re the original since 2009
  • They’ve served millions of clients from all over the world since 2009.
  • They consult in 5 different languages.
  • They’ve consulted with people of more than 100 nationalities.
  • They’ve produced over 10,000,000 readings.
  • They’re the original pioneers of online numerology.
  • They have an elite team of 15 master numerologists with PhDs in Numerology.
  • They offer a wide range of different types of reading, not just numerology.

How much does cost?

Deluxe Numerology Report – Regular Price: $77, Sale Price: $37

The Deluxe Numerology Report is your in-depth personalized Numerology report that focuses on the many intricate and complex layers of your personality. This report includes your three-digit numbers, your nine-digit numbers, and your master number.

Your three-digit numbers consist of your day number, month number, and year number. These numbers play a major role in the way you live your life on a daily basis and is often compared to a person’s Sun Sign.

Your nine-digit numbers consist of all the other numbers within your name and date of birth. These numbers act as an additive code that breaks down your personality into even more specific categories that include ambition, social order, intellect, adaptability, and many more.

Personality Decoder – Regular Price: $29.99, Sale Price: $14.99

The Personality Decoder is a report that can help you know more about yourself and what drives you to do the things you do. It also offers advice on how to get ahead in life.

It’s important to note that the personality decoder isn’t fool-proof in its predictions as each person has their own free will and can choose to ignore their natural tendencies.

However, the personality decoder can give you an idea of what you are like and what you should try to focus on. For example, the personality decoder told me that I’m highly ambitious and that I tend to be impatient at times. It also said that I should try to be more outgoing since I’m quiet and reserved.

Daily Numeroscope – Regular Price: $27/month, Sale Price: $7/month

The Daily Numeroscope is a report that will give you a daily reading about your circumstances based on the numbers in your name.

You can look at a calendar to see what your daily numbers are. For example, the current day is a Tuesday so those with the number two in their names will be especially lucky for the rest of the day. Three is also a prominent number and so on. Each day the numbers will change, but you can take actions to increase their positive effect, such as giving gifts with the same number.

The best way of using the Numeroscope is to check it every day. Check it for yourself to see what actions you can take to improve your luck. Check it for your friends and family too, and they’ll be sure to think you have a sixth sense about these things.

If you want to try something unusual and are looking for an easy way to gain a better insight into your future, then the Numeroscope could well be the perfect choice for you.

Annual Numerology Forecast – Regular Price: $59.99, Sale Price: $39.99

This report takes the current year and tells you what the coming year has in store for you based on the numbers.

For each month it details the major themes of that month as well as giving an overview of the most important aspects of the year ahead.

Are there exciting opportunities or dangers just around the corner?

Does next year hold the promise of prosperity and success or are there going to be obstacles to overcome?

Is it really a good year to make a big purchase you’ve had your eye on?

This report gives you the lowdown of the coming months.

Monthly Astrology Forecast – Regular Price: $27/month, Sale Price: $7/month

This report gives you a monthly and daily look into your future based on the position of the planets that correspond to your birthday.

Have you ever thought that if only you had known about that car crash or robbery an hour earlier you might have been in the area and been part of it? Well if that’s the case then this is the report for you. It gives you a list of major events occurring during the month ahead based on when you were born. 

The events are broken down into types, such as accidents, robberies and thefts, so if this type of thing appeals to you then this is the report for you.

Are you a cautious person? Are you a thrill seeker? This report tells you what the monthly and daily outlooks are for your health, depending on whether you’re a cautious person or a thrill seeker.

Manifesting with Numbers – Regular Price: $497, Sale Price: $247

Learn to use numerology manifestation to conjure the objects of your desire.

Do numbers hold the secret to unlimited wealth, love, and happiness? The next time you stare at your bank balance and get that sinking feeling, or you find yourself single in a sea of love-struck couples, it might be worth taking a look at your date of birth. You might just be holding the key to your own happiness in the palm of your hand.

The Cosmic Collection – Regular Price: $77, Sale Price: $37.00

The Cosmic Collection includes all of the reports listed above in a discounted bundle.

About Mike Madigan, the Founder of

The idea for the website came from one of those life experiences that most people have at some point in their lives. Mike was having trouble with a girl he really liked. He wanted to get her a special birthday present but he had no idea what to get her. 

Being a bit of a numbers freak, he decided to look at the date of her birthday— 08/26 and using this information, he tried to find a combination of numbers that might reflect something about her.

He started by looking at the numbers one by one. 08, obviously means 2008 which is the year she was born. 2 means brother and 6 means love. So putting these together he thought brotherly love could be a good present. For her birthday that year Mike got her a big teddy bear to show her how he felt, half brotherly and half romantic.

They’re still together and now they are getting married. Mike says that Numerologist was a big help in picking out the ring.

The bottom line is that whoever you are, wherever you are in the world and whatever language you speak, understanding numbers WILL help your life!

What other content does offer?

Numerologist has been through some major website updates since its 2009 launch. They’ve added hundreds of articles to their blog. Each of these articles are unique and covers various topics in Numerology. Whether you want to know more about your personality, love life, finances, or career, Numerologist’s got it all covered.

Numerologist has also created video content to back up the articles on their website. Their Youtube channel, Numerologist TV, currently has more than 40 thousand subscribers. This is a great way to share their content and reach out to a wider audience.

Does provide customer support?

You can contact them either via phone, email or live chat.

Does have a refund policy? recognizes that it may not be right for everyone. If you are unsatisfied in any way, please send an email to requesting a refund and they will promptly provide you with one.

All refunds are provided minus the price of the reports read.

 All refunds will be in USD. If you would like a refund in another form, you will need to send back the reports as well. Refunds will not be given for any other circumstances.

Is safe to use?

There have been no reports of any kind of identity theft or other problems from anyone who has used this service. In fact, based on the high demand for their services, it’s safe to say that is very safe to use.

Is a scam?

There have been many scams that we have encountered online and unfortunately, they can be quite tricky to spot. Most of these scams try to take advantage of your emotions in some way or another, which is why it’s always important to think before acting.

However, is definitely not a scam and it will not try to trick you in any way.

This website is 100% genuine and it offers accurate information that can tell you a lot about yourself. You do not need to pay anything in order to access the features and benefits of this website.

If you are worried that your information might be exposed, then you can relax, as this will not happen as they have an excellent cybersecurity track record and have never been hacked.

What are the pros and cons of


  • There are many great things about Let’s highlight some of the main points:
  • Easy to access reports online
  • Very affordable price
  • Great for events such as Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Prompt and friendly customer service
  • Interesting and unique articles on website
  • Quick summary of your personality
  • Life changing experience


  • Availability of reports in only a few languages
  • Reports aren’t available for purchase with cryptocurrency
  • No mobile app (yet)

Final verdict on this review of

As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of Numerologist. I can’t help but express my obsession and excitement for this wonderful website! It has literally changed my life and the way I look at things.

I took advantage of some of the advice given to me by my report. For example, I made an attempt at writing poetry and short stories in order to improve that particular skill. I also started talking to people a lot more at work and tried to engage more in meetings.

I eagerly looked forward to receiving my monthly reports and would try to implement as much of the advice as I could in my everyday life.

I can see my life improving steadily over the course of the next year already. My poetry and writing skills were getting better and I was having regular conversations with people without feeling too intimidated.

I couldn’t be happier with what has provided me. I eagerly checked my e-mail today in order to see if there would be a new report for me today.

I wasn’t disappointed when I found one waiting for me in my inbox. I opened it up and read through it with great interest. The report covered a whole variety of topics and some were very general, while others were very specific. I was pleased to find that my reports continued to give me advice that I found to be very useful and implementable in my life. 

One part of today’s report that really stuck out to me was a segment on relationships. It was common knowledge that I had never really been in a relationship due to my extreme shyness.

The report stated that I had the ability to love and greatly cherish someone and that I just needed to work on the skills needed in order to successfully express these feelings.

It went on to say that love was something that could be learned and developed through training and experience. I take great joy in reading the advice the reports gave me when it comes to relationships.

In a surprising turn of events, I actually met my soul mate after reading one particularly memorable report. We connected immediately and even though we haven’t been together for very long, I can already tell that this is the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

I find it funny that I never would have met her if it wasn’t for the reports.’s predictions got me through some really tough times and ultimately led me to meeting my soul mate. It’s weird to think that something like this exists and that it has an affect on people’s lives, but it does and I’m living proof.

I will definitely continue using as long as I can afford it. I truly believe it will pay for itself at the end of the day. I really enjoyed how specific and in-depth my reading was. Every piece of advice given to me has been helpful in my life. I definitely recommend trying it out yourself.