my Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?

I’ve always maintained a healthy skepticism when it came to the mystical realm of astrology. Like many, I only associated astrology with broad horoscope readings in newspapers. All that changed when I encountered Moon Reading. It wasn’t just an eye-opener; it was a cosmic revelation.

The level of precision that Moon Reading provided was nothing short of astonishing. From the intricate details of my natal chart to the intricate web of cosmic connections between planets, everything was impeccably accurate.

What amazed me the most was the way the reading managed to depict my personality traits and life patterns with such staggering accuracy. Aspects of my character that I had always found hard to articulate were laid out in front of me in clear, insightful terms. It was like meeting myself for the first time.

Moon Reading did not stop at mere character analysis. It went further into detailed life predictions that have, until now, unfolded with uncanny accuracy.

Some were immediate, like changes in my mood and energy levels, which corresponded accurately to the planetary transits.

Others were long-term predictions about career progress and relationship dynamics. To my amazement, these predictions manifested in real life, making me a firm believer in the power of this tool.

The effects of Moon Reading on my life were profound. With the newfound understanding of my personality traits and potential life path, I have been able to make more informed decisions, leading to significant improvements in my personal and professional life.

The reading’s insights have enabled me to understand my strengths and weaknesses better, and work on them consciously. I’ve become more compassionate, understanding my loved ones’ actions and reactions from a different perspective, leading to healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Moreover, the predictive aspect of the reading has served as a helpful guide in navigating challenging life events. It has offered me an expansive outlook, assuring me that temporary difficulties are just stepping stones to better phases in life.

This cosmic perspective has fostered a resilient mindset and a positive outlook on life, helping me evolve as a more balanced and harmonious individual.

Moon Reading goes far beyond being just a novel experience; it has the potential to catalyze significant self-discovery and life transformations. If you’re open-minded and willing to dive into the fascinating realm of astrology, I couldn’t recommend this service more highly.

It’s more than just a reading; it’s a journey of self-discovery that has the potential to bring about a profound shift in your life’s trajectory.

What is Moon Reading?

Moon Reading is a free personalized video astrology reading service that promises to help users better understand themselves and their loved ones. The app provides detailed readings based on users’ birthdays, as well as customized advice and recommendations.

So far, Moon Reading has received positive reviews from users and experts alike. Many have praised the app for its accuracy, while others appreciate the convenience and accessibility of the service. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, Moon Reading is definitely worth checking out.

What is Ultimate Astrology Reading?

Ultimate Astrology Reading is a paid addon to Moon Reading that offers a deeper insight into your future and role in the cosmos. It’s a beautiful, 50-page personalized report that builds upon your Moon Reading and analyzes your character and fate in far greater detail.

My experience so far with Ultimate Astrology Reading has been fantastic. I’ve found it to be accurate and insightful, and it’s helped me better understand myself and my loved ones.

You must complete Moon Reading first to unlock Ultimate Astrology Reading.

Who is behind Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading?

Brad Spencer is an American astrologer born in 1975 in small-town Iowa. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by astrology and honed his skills in casting natal charts and interpreting them. After moving to LA and apprenticing under a famous astrologer, Spencer started his own online astrology consulting business in 2005 called Moon Reading. This provides incredibly accurate and perceptive natal chart readings by combining astrology with psychology.

Given Moon Reading’s success, Spencer launched another online service called Ultimate Astrology Reading in 2014, providing even more detailed birth chart analyses. With rave reviews about their usefulness and accuracy, these online readings have made Spencer’s services very popular. Now in his late 40s, the married father of two continues providing insightful astrological guidance through his successful online reading services. His work has been featured in major publications praising the precision of his astrological insights in helping people understand themselves better.

How much does Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading cost?

Moon Reading is free but Ultimate Astrology Reading is $67. To get your Ultimate Astrology Reading, you must complete your Moon Reading first.

Does Ultimate Astrology Reading come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Ultimate Astrology comes with a money-back guarantee if you buy it from the official website. You must complete your Moon Reading first to unlock Ultimate Astrology Reading.

Is Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology a digital or physical product?

They are both digital-only products.

How does Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology work?

Moon Reading works by analyzing the position of the moon, stars and planets on your date of birth.

To make an accurate report, Moon Reading will need your zodiac sign, full name, date of birth, country, region, and city of birth.

Once you give this information, the system will make a 3D model of the solar system at the time you were born that you can interact with.

Astrologers will get all of this information and a 3D map, which they will use to make a detailed report. So, it’s important to send accurate information. Once everything is ready, you’ll get a personalized video that shows your hidden talents and strengths. This report tells you a lot about yourself and will help you find out what your TRUE potential is.

Ultimate Astrology reading works similarly to Moon Reading but on a much more detailed and personalized level. See the features below.

Ultimate Astrology Reading Features

Birth charts

The birth charts show your fate, future events and personality features based on the positions of the planets are also influenced by other variables, like the time zone and physical location.

3D solar system map

Ultimate Astrology Reading creates a three-dimensional representation of the solar system based on your birth date. An astrologer then ascertains the moon’s position and gives a thorough analysis in the form of a map. The accurate breakdown makes it possible to calculate the Moon’s location in relation to the planets and their influences on your life.

Mystic cave meditation

The mystic cave meditation that is part of this program works wonders for reducing stress. The audio helps viewers open up their internal energy centers by combining astrology with meditation. The meditation sounds integrate astrological ideas and a zodiac signs to give you a personalized meditation experience.

Binaural rhythms are used in these audio recordings to access the subconscious. For those who don’t know, the difference between two frequencies is what makes up binaural beats. Your brain will get a new frequency that is a difference between two frequencies when you start hearing two separate frequencies at once. Binaural rhythms have been scientifically shown to boost creativity, mood, cognition, attention, and memory.

It sounds like you’re meditation in a cave of echoes, hence the name mystic cave meditation.

What can Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading tell me about my health?

Moon Reading can tell you a surprising, perhaps even life-saving, amount about your health. For example, it can reveal whether you are at risk for certain life-theatening diseases and conditions.

It can also show how well you are coping with stress, and whether you need to make lifestyle changes to improve your health. Moon Reading can also provide guidance on how to improve your diet and get the nutrients you need for good health.

For me, Moon Reading has been a valuable tool for monitoring my health and making necessary changes to improve my well-being. Now that my understanding of my relationship to the lunar cycle has grown, I’ve become better attuned to the subtle changes in my body and mood that happen each month.

What can Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading tell me about my wealth?

Even the most delicate adjustments in the moon’s position can have a significant impact on your financial status. According to Moon Reading, if the moon is in a positive position in your birth chart, it indicates that you are likely to experience financial success and abundance. On the other hand, if the moon is in a negative position, it suggests that you may struggle with money matters.

If the latter is the case, don’t worry, Moon Reading will guide you on the right path to rectify your financial situation. It did for me, at least.

I was born with the moon in a negative position, which meant that I often experienced financial difficulty and struggled to save money. However, thanks to Moon Reading’s advice, I was able to change my ways and am now much more financially stable and have a brighter future.

What can Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading tell me about my love life?

Moon Reading can give you an idea of what the future may hold for your love life. It can also help you understand your current relationship and where it may be headed. If you are single, Moon Reading can give you insights into what kind of partner you may be attracted to and compatible with.

My personal reading was uncanny. It described my current relationship situation perfectly, and gave me some useful advice on how to approach things differently in order to improve my love life. After I followed it, my relationship took a turn for the better and it’s almost as if nothing happened in the first place.

What are the pros and cons of Moon Reading?


  • 100% free.
  • Learn your real strengths and weaknesses
  • Unlock your hidden talents
  • Discover the true meaning of your life
  • Foretell your destiny


  • Only available in video format.
  • Not as deep a reading as Ultimate Astrology.

What are the pros and cons of Ultimate Astrology Reading?


  • Money-back guarantee, thus risk-free
  • Learn more about yourself and future than ever before.
  • Beautiful, 50 page personalized report.
  • Bonuses like birth charts, 3D solar system map, and binaural meditation audio.


  • Ultimate Astrology Reading costs $67.
  • Only available in video format.

What are other people saying about Moon Reading?

Here’s some testimonials from the official website:

“I have been reading the moon for a few years now and find it to be an extremely accurate predictor of events.”

“I love how Moon Reading can help me predict things that are going to happen in my life.”

“This is such a great way to get information about what is going on in your life and what is going to happen next.”

Is Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading a scam or legit?

Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading is a legitimate astrology reading service. It’s been around for several years and has helped thousands of people get accurate readings, including myself.

I’ve had readings from Moon Reading before, and I can say that their readings are very accurate.

My personal experience

My personal experience with Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading so far has been . . . uncanny to say the very least.

My experience with Moon Reading was nothing short of enlightening. The personalized report provided deep insights into my astrological makeup and offered guidance for navigating future challenges and opportunities. The service was professional, prompt, and comprehensive, exceeding my expectations.

I’ve only had my reading done for a few months now, but in that short time frame, I’ve found that the insights I’ve gained from it have been invaluable.

In particular, I’ve found that the information I’ve received about my love life has been eerily accurate.

I’m not entirely sure how Moon Reading works, but whatever it is, it definitely has a way of getting to the heart of the matter.

I would highly recommend Moon Reading to anyone seeking to explore their astrological profile or gain insight into their life’s path. It’s an investment in self-understanding that can truly be transformative.

What’s the official Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading website?

You can find the official Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading website here.

What’s the Moon Reading / Ultimate Astrology Reading customer service phone number?

You can find their phone number here on their official website.

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  1. Just want to say…
    Brad is totally genuine and good. You can trust him and his readings… !00%
    Thanks to him I have felt greater peace and safety in my life path.
    Once living paycheck-to-paycheck, now I have been able to leave my job and now have a beautiful home, a housekeeper and a property manager. Life is Great! ~ BJ Burn

  2. Is it really $67 now? I’ve already paid an initial $11! I like the report I was sent but am hesitant to spend another $67 despite being tempted.

  3. I spent $11.00, now knowing that there may be additional cost. However, I am not too sure it is worth the additional $67.00, so all in all it will cost me about $80.00. Before I turn over any more money to Brad, I will have to research in depth.


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