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What is your lucky name numerology calculator? There are several different calculators out there, but the most popular and accurate one is called “Lucky Name Numerology.” This calculator takes your first and last name and breaks it down into how the numbers of each word correspond to you. For example, someone named Sharon Smith would be a 7. That number would stand for intelligence, honesty, creativity and respect.

People often ask me, “What do the lucky name numbers mean?” If you take your first and last names together, that will give you a very good idea of what kind of person you are. For example: if one has the unlucky number 0 (zero) as his/her birth date then he or she is not going to be able to make any money because this number represents poverty. In Europe there was even once an old proverb which says “If it looks like a duck – quacks like duck – walks with ducks – swims with ducks-it must be DUCK” meaning someone who does everything in life just for making fast bucks! And all these things were considered by numerologists during calculations about people’s destiny . The funny thing is that each astrological sign possesses its own characteristics connected mostly with self confidence , attitude towards other people, etc.

In this article you’ll learn everything about lucky name numerology

Lucky name numerology calculator – is a tool that gives you an idea about the person’s character, his or her potential for success. It will also tell you if your first and last names have any hidden meanings , what does each number mean? How lucky are these numbers?

According to the numerology, what makes a person lucky? What kind of destiny does this name carry with it and how will those people live their lives ? All these questions can be found out by using our online Lucky Name Numerology Calculator .

Lucky number 7 – The seven is an independent type. This freethinking individual likes his independence , hates being told that he must do something about which he has no opinion or knowledge. He works hard for success but lacks ambition; just lets things happen without planning ahead very much. It takes him time to express himself because first he studies all angles before deciding upon action. Visualizing in detail everything down to minute details are typical characteristics of such individuals as they work slowly at whatever task presented itself on any given day! They have strong leadership capabilities once they get started! Their average life expectancy: 72 years (women) & 76 yrs.(men).

Lucky number 8 – The eight is a very ambitious type with clear-cut ideas about how to get ahead in life. He loves power and will use unethical methods when he thinks they are justified by the end that must be achieved. This person’s strong points include originality, imagination and ambition but his weak point? His tendency towards ruthlessness if needs dictate! Wanting things for himself alone this individual often finds difficulty getting along well with others who do not share similar goals or outlooks on life . They have high expectations of themselves as well as from other people around them; perfectionists at heart , their word always gives an impression of honesty because it comes straight fr0m the heart ! Their average lifespan: 74 years (women) & 80 yrs.(men).

Lucky number 9 – The nine is an idealist who has a strong desire to be of service. He dreams big and wants the best for himself, but often ends up disappointing him because he expects too much from other people! His imagination runs riot in his head which can sometime get out of hand leading this person into unintentional lies or exaggerations . A natural diplomat with outstanding abilities , tactful enough not to hurt anyone’s feelings, it takes quite some time before others realize that they have been fooled by such individuals ! Their average lifespan: 77 years (women) & 82 yrs.(men).

Lucky number 0 – The zero is a symbol for the person who does not exist. This individual has no personality and cannot be relied upon to do anything at all, because he or she simply doesn’t care about anyone else enough! They are selfish people with an aura of mystery surrounding them which often makes other types feel out of place whenever they try getting close ! Their average lifespan: 73 yrs.(women) & 78yrs(men).

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