Life Path Number 2 Personality & Compatibility Guide

Life Path Number 2 Personality & Compatibility Guide. Is the pen indeed mightier than the sword? If your Life Path Number is 2 then you would probably make a very good candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. You are an expert negotiator who radiates charisma and possesses gifted levels of emotional intelligence.

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The Life Path Number (LPN) indicates what type of personality you have.  If you haven’t calculated your Life Path Number yet then please use the Life Path Number calculator first to get your reading–it’s very simple and only takes a few seconds to calculate. If you have done so already and your LPN is 2, then read on.

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What Does Life Path Number 2 Mean for My Personality? ?

Life Path Number 2 means that you are averse to conflict and you are at your happiest when you have removed it from all areas of your life. Your empathy levels are so high that some might say they are borderline telepathy; you can’t read people’s minds but your guesses of what they are thinking are frighteningly close. 

Perhaps some people have expressed shock when you have revealed your uncannily accurate reading of their minds. Either way, be careful about revealing your thoughts on what’s on others’ minds as they may be disturbed that you are attempting to probe them.

When you see conflict in the lives of others your natural instinct is to resolve it as quickly and peacefully as possible; after all, you are the Diplomat. You can keep your cool in even the most testing scenarios and other people losing their temper at you and others around you is one of your pet peeves.

However your aversion to conflict is a double-edged sword; sometimes you find it difficult to be assertive in the face of others who are being difficult. Perhaps others interpret your placid demeanor as a weakness and see it as an open invitation to walk all over you. If you don’t already you should learn to speak up when others are passive-aggressive or outright bullying in their manner towards you.

Loyalty is another of your virtues; you prefer having a smaller group of people who are very friends than a larger group of acquaintances. However, be cautious of others taking advantage of you; if they think your loyalty is unquestioning then they might try and abuse it. Your gifted levels of emotional intelligence means that you find deeper connections with others rewarding and stimulating, however you find excessive smalltalk to be numbing. 

Occasionally your desire to push your conversations to deeper levels scares others who are intimidated by anything other than the most superficial connections. Often you find that others are simply too shallow for you to feel motivated enough to get to know them; that’s not to say you’re smarter than them but your above average emotional intelligence makes it challenging for you to get on with these types of people.

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What are the Negative Characteristics of Life Path Number 2? ?

Having a calm demeanor can be a double-edged sword. If you are so averse to conflict that you constantly back down out of arguments and apologise for things that aren’t your fault, others will notice and take advantage of you. Some people are just bullies and are eager to find anyone they can abuse and get away with it.

life path number 2 buddha
Buddha’s example of tranquil behaviour is pleasant but impractical in the modern world.

Do you often find that others are rude to you for no good reason? Or others try to blame you or put you down at every available opportunity? They are abusing you because you are too passive. and will continue to do so until you stand up for yourself. They are hungry to feed their egos off of you and you appear too easy a target for them to pass up the chance.

Bullies can smell your unwavering tolerance and passiveness likes sharks can smell blood in the water.

You must learn to be assertive, but more importantly when to be assertive and how to do so without coming across as aggressive or passive-aggressive. Assertiveness can be defined as standing your ground whilst avoiding rudeness; be careful because there is a fine line between what others may perceive as polite assertiveness and rude dismissiveness.

If you’re still unsure of what passive aggressive behaviour looks like, watch this video.

We all know what aggression is but passive aggression is a toxic personality trait that can creep into all aspects of our lives. Offices, schools, chat rooms– to name but a few breeding grounds of passive aggression–perhaps you weren’t aware this type of behaviour has a name but you have been subjected to it on many occasions.

passive aggressive
We’re emphasising passive aggression here because it’s a common pitfall for Life Path Number 2s.

Let’s break down passive aggressive behaviour just to be sure we’re on the same page. Here are a few everyday examples of passive aggressive behaviour:

  • Malicious compliance; following instructions in a way that will deliberately annoy others.
  • Constant sarcasm but with a distinct lack of humour: “oh I’m sooo glad to be in the office today.”
  • Feigning victimhood.
  • Backhanded compliments, again with humourless sarcasm: “oh your shirt looks so well-ironed today, Karen.”
  • Apathetic, dismissive attitude.

Now that we’ve discussed the type of behaviour to avoid we can focus on the type of behaviour that will suit you the most: assertiveness. Assertiveness is characterised by knowing how to say no in a way that won’t be perceived by others as rude. Here are a few everyday examples of assertiveness:

  • Declining the offer of alcohol because you are driving.
  • Resisting peer pressure to do something you don’t want to.
  • Asking someone on a train to turn down their music.
  • Telling people to hush if they are talking during a movie.
  • Suggesting a different idea to your boss’s if you think it’s better.
  • Asking someone who cut in line to go to the back.

Assertiveness is a sensible balance between passiveness and aggressiveness and if in doubt, you can rarely go wrong by being assertive rather than just passive or aggressive. However, as a Life Path Number 2 it’s unlikely you’ll ever be aggressive unless provoked repeatedly when you’re having a bad day. The lesson here is if in doubt be assertive!

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What Professions Suit LPN 2? ?

Considering that people with Life Path Number 2 are natural diplomats, it should come as no surprise that they are drawn to professions that require empathy and mediation skills. You are far from suited to the standard office drone cubicle job; you are a people person first and foremost–meaningful relationships are your oxygen.

You are best suited to professions like these:

  • Lawyer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Counselor
  • Nurse
  • Pediatrician
  • Politician
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales executive
  • Teacher

At first glance these professions appear diverse–perhaps an almost random selection–but what ties them all together is their need for people skills. These professions can be broadly divided into two groups, persuaders and carers:

Persuaders: lawyer, politician, sales executive

Carers: psychiatrist, counsellor, nurse, teacher, customer service representative

Perhaps we should further divide Life Path Number 2s into carers and persuaders and write a different article for each but that could get very complicated and we might be tempted to subdivide them again even further. We’ve decided to only offer this page for information on Life Path Number 2s for simplicity’s sake.

Unlike other Life Path Numbers that favour autonomy (working alone), like Life Path Number 1, you thrive in the company of others. You are a people person in the truest possible sense and to deprive yourself of the company of others is a tragic waste of your great talents. This is why none of the professions we recommend to you are freelance or solo ventures. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have an entrepreneurial spirit and not start your own business but you shouldn’t lock yourself in your room and do freelance work like a hermit.

Image result for freelance work hermit
Working from home is a terrible waste of your gifted people skills and emotional intelligence.

If you concentrate on professions that involve caring for others then you can’t really go wrong as an Life Path Number 2s. You crave deeper emotional connections on a daily basis and it’s difficult to get that from regular work colleagues. Patients, on the other hand, are usually more than willing to forge stronger bonds that extend far beyond the superficial interactions most of us have with colleagues on a daily basis.

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What Does Life Path Number 2 Mean for My Career? ?

You avoid workplace drama whenever possible and are calm and resilient in the face of conflict when it arises. Keeping the peace at work is your way of ensuring that you and your colleagues are as happy and productive as possible. Your gifted levels of empathy ensure you’re always on the same page as your colleagues.

In a work environment you are:

  • Harmonious
  • Diplomatic
  • Empathetic
  • Conflict-averse
  • Easy-going

You have all the traits of successful upper management written all over you. Your outstanding, gifted levels of emotional intelligence make you an exemplary people person but you must be careful that you don’t become too much of a people pleaser. What we mean by that is you shouldn’t constantly put others in front of yourself because some people will see that as an open invitation to start walking all over you.

people pleaser
You can’t please everyone–stop worrying about what other people want rather than what you want!

Take the reins of your natural instinct to please others and identify first as a people person rather than a people pleaser; you want others around you to be happy but without making too many sacrifices of your own. If you are someone’s boss or responsible for managing multiple employees you don’t want to appear too soft; if they sense you are conflict-averse then they will start habitually calling in sick and late to work. Why? Because they can–you’re too nice!

Again we return to assertiveness, which we discussed in a section above. To reiterate, assertiveness is characterised by the ability to stand up for yourself or others and say no in a polite but firm manner. We won’t re-use the same examples of assertiveness but we will come up with some next ones in the context of the workplace:

  • Confronting employees who are habitually late.
  • Requesting doctor’s notes from chronically ill employees.
  • Dealing with grievances in a calm professional manner.
  • Sensing and resolving conflicts amongst other colleagues.
  • Pushing back on tasks that you are too busy for or are out of your remit.
passive aggressive scale venn diagram
Aim for the middle!

We’ve all had terrible aggressive bosses but how many of us have suffered from overly passive bosses? Perhaps you have also had the misfortune of having a boss that’s too soft, which can be just as bad. Picture this–a colleague is exhibiting highly unprofessional behaviour towards you and you feel its appropriate to file a grievance report against them. What if your boss is too soft to give them a proper disciplinary hearing, let alone fire them? Once you’ve experienced the unexpected pitfalls of having a soft boss then you will understand how easily it can breed a toxic environment.

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How do I Find Happiness as Life Path Number 2? ?

The short answer to how you can best find happiness as a Life Path Number 2 is simple: balance. We do, however, emphasise the difference between ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ because although the concept of balance is simple, attaining it isn’t easy. As an Life Path Number 2 it’s in your best interest to maintain harmony in your life through balance.

Image result for see saw
You seek balance between you and the people close to you in your life above all else.

As a Life Path Number 2 you live and breathe harmony to the point that without it the very fabric of you starts to unravel. By harmony we mean harmony amongst others, of course–it’s absolutely no good being a loner because at you very heart you are a people person. To deny yourself human interaction is very dangerous, especially as a Life Path Number 2.

double edged sword
Your insatiable desire to surround yourself with others is a double-edged sword.

To use even more metaphors (hopefully without causing confusion), human interaction can draw you in like a moth to a flame if you aren’t careful. Some people are bullies or manipulators looking to exploit you emotionally or financially, but your gifted levels of empathy mean you’re sharp enough to spot people with these kinds of underhand motives wherever they crop up in your life. We don’t want to repeat ourselves too much but, again, assertiveness is a key skill for you to pick up if you haven’t done so already.

So, your key to happiness as a Life Path Number 2 comes from other people, but that alone isn’t sufficient information for you to start improving your quality of life immediately. How about another metaphor? Picture yourself as the Sun and your nearest and dearest as the planets orbiting you. The stars are people who pour your coffee in Starbucks or distant colleagues who you seldom interact with or any other strangers that play minor roles in your life.

You are the Sun, the planets are the people closest to you and the stars are others.

The reason we choose the Sun metaphor is that the Sun is a lifegiver, much like you. You radiate love and warmth to those around you, but you also offer an axis of stability to those who orbit you. You are important to many people and that relationship between them and you is symbiotic or two-way; there is a positive feedback loop between you giving your time to them and them reciprocating. This is the balance in your life you should seek as a Life Path Number 2 if you wish to achieve true happiness.

Finally here’s another great post on Life Path Number 2.

Alternative Science recommends Cosmic Energy profile for accurate readings based on the Mayan calendar.

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