How to receive email alerts of Clickbank affiliate sales


The ClickBank Email Notifications Script will be installed to your hosting
account. Your hosting must support PHP 7 (or above).

Installation of the ClickBank Email Notifications Script

Step #1: Copy clickbank.php to your
hosting account and set it up

The downloaded archive contains a file ‘clickbank.php’. Copy the php file
to the root folder of your website.

Name it “clickbank.php” or whatever you like. Note down the file
path like This path will be used in
the following step.

Now, you have to edit the ‘clickbank.php’ with any simple text editor (like

CB_SECRET_KEY: This must be your ClickBank Secret Key. If you don’t
have one, just think it up right now. The secret key can be up to 16 letters
or digits, and must be in ALL CAPS.

FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS : This should be a “From:” email address for
your email notifications. For example, “”. This
definition can be empty.

TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS : This must be your email address where you want
to receive the email notifications.

Step #2: Create a ClickBank Secret Key

Log into your ClickBank account and access the “Vendor settings” -> “My Site” section,

Type here your Secret Key (can be up to 16 letters or digits in ALL CAPS; must be the same as the
CB_SECRET_KEY definition in your clickbank.php’ file), the URL to your copy of clickbank.php’,
select the “2.1” “6.0” INS version, click “TEST IPN” to verify the URL and click on the “Save
Changes” button. You should receive a test email.

Please, pay attention that the version must be 2.1 6.0! The ClickBank Email Notifications Script
hasn’t been tested for other INS versions.

Step #3: Make sure your email notifications don’t go to your spam folder

When you have many sales, the ClickBank Email Notifications Script will send you a lot of
messages. And your email service/program may start treating them as spam.
To make sure you receive all email notifications, you should whitelist your
FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS or your domain name. This is being done by applying special filters in
your mail settings.

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