How Numerology Numbers Are Calculated from Names

In numerology, names hold special significance. By converting the letters in names to numbers using specific charts, important core numbers are revealed that purportedly disclose hidden information about personality traits, talents, life purpose and more. But how exactly are the main numerology numbers derived from a person’s name? Let’s explore the basic techniques.

Translate Letters to Numbers

The first step involves translating the letters in a name into numbers. Different schools of numerology use various letter-to-number charts. This numeric conversion underlies all name calculations.

Analyze First, Middle, Last Name Separately

Typically a reading looks at numbers from first, middle and last names individually rather than combined to reveal distinct insights about personality layers.

Calculate Expression Number From Full Name

This pivotal number comes from assigning numbers to all the letters in your full name at birth, then adding them to a single digit. It allegedly reveals your outer personality and talents.

Derive Motivation Number From Vowels

The vowels in your full name get added together to reveal your inner drive and desires described by your Motivation Number. Vowels express soul energy.

Find Personality Number from Consonants

Only the consonants in your first name get added to yield your Personality Number, supposedly indicating your most overt traits and how you publicly project yourself.

Analyze First and Last Name Numbers

Your First Name number discloses your creative potential and how you initiate. The Last Name number conveys family and heritage influences on your path.

Destiny Number From Full Name

This pivotal number comes from adding all letters in your full name. It represents your central life purpose and soul mission to fulfill based on the name you were given.

Missing Numbers Indicate Challenges

Any numbers missing from your name have meaning. Their energies represent struggles, growth areas or fears you must overcome on your life path.

Combined Number Provides Overview

Some readings synthesize numbers from first, middle and last names into one Combined Name number revealing your broad life path direction and challenges.

So in summary, through established letter-number conversion charts, numerologists derive revealing numeric codes hidden within our given names. Exploring both individual name numbers and combined values provides personalized insight.


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