How Much is Obsidian Worth? Price, Value & Cost

Obsidian, known for its unique beauty and spiritual properties, is an accessible gemstone to purchase. Its cost varies, with no uniform standard set in the market. Basic, unrefined obsidian can be acquired for as low as $5 per kilogram, while the price for rarer or polished variants can climb to $100.

It’s worth noting that obsidian is typically sold by the kilogram, but conversions to other units are as follows: per gram is $0.005, per carat is $0.025, per pound is $2.27, and per ounce is $0.14​1​.

Per gram:$0.005
Per carat:$0.025
Per pound:$2.27
Per ounce:$0.14
Per kilo:$5

The cost of obsidian is also influenced by its color or type. Six primary types of obsidian exist, each with different pricing. Black obsidian, the most common type, can be obtained for roughly $5 per kilogram.

Snowflake obsidian, identified by its white speckles on a black surface, is priced between $10 to $20 per kilogram.

Rainbow obsidian, known for its spectrum of iridescent hues, starts from $20 per kilogram, increasing with the vibrancy of its rainbow pattern.

Mahogany obsidian, recognized by its reddish-brown color, is valued at $10 to $30 per kilogram.

Sheen obsidian, named for its shiny, reflective surface, is a high-value type costing between $50 to $100 per kilogram.

Finally, fire obsidian, the most uncommon and coveted type, is priced between $80 to $100 per kilogram, depending on the intensity of its fire-like pattern​1​.

In comparison to other semi-precious gems, obsidian is not expensive. Its price is akin to other affordable stones such as citrine, black tourmaline, and amethyst​1​.

Moreover, obsidian is not considered rare. It can be sourced from many regions worldwide, including the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, Japan, Iceland, Mexico, and Australia.

Obsidian forms from rapidly cooling molten lava above ground, explaining its widespread availability in areas with volcanic activity​1​.

Despite its affordability and abundance, obsidian holds significant value. Historically, it was prized by various civilizations for its unique properties, utilized in tools, weapons, and spiritual amulets.

Presently, it’s often employed in jewelry making and as a decorative stone. Certain types of obsidian jewelry may be more valuable than others.

Obsidian’s value stems not only from its natural beauty but also its spiritual significance and benefits, making it a sought-after gemstone​1​.

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