How Astrology Ruined My Life

It all started when I was 13 years old and found a book on astrology at the local library. I was immediately drawn in by the idea that the position of the planets at our birth shapes our personality and destiny. It just seemed to make so much sense and explain why people are the way they are.

I started devouring every astrology book I could get my hands on. I would stay up late at night drawing up astrology charts for myself, my family, and my friends. It became an obsession. I started judging people based on their zodiac signs and making major life decisions based on astrological timing.

Losing Friends

As I got older, my passion for astrology started to cause problems in my relationships. I would get upset if someone’s personality didn’t match the description of their zodiac sign. I started avoiding friends who had “bad” placements in their natal charts.

My closest childhood friend was a Scorpio. According to astrology, Scorpios are intense, secretive, and prone to jealousy. As our friendship went on, I started noticing these traits in her more and more. Eventually it got to a point where I ended the friendship altogether because I didn’t think our star signs were compatible. She was devastated and I lost one of the best friends I ever had.

Ruined Marriage

When it came time to get married, I insisted on only marrying someone who was astrologically compatible with me. I ended up with my husband who is a Taurus even though we didn’t have much in common besides our sun signs.

Throughout our marriage, I would get upset over minor transits that were supposed to cause trouble in relationships. I would insist we make big life changes based on favorable alignment of the planets. My husband went along with it at first to make me happy. But over time he started resenting me for allowing astrology to dictate our lives.

Things came to a head last year during Mercury retrograde. I told my husband I thought we should separate because of the bad astrological energy. He finally put his foot down and told me he refused to live this way anymore. The marriage deteriorated quickly after that and now we’re in the process of getting divorced.

Financial Ruin

On top of losing friends and my marriage, my obsession with astrology also led to financial ruin. I would hire astrologers to do natal chart readings and make important financial decisions based on their advice. Many times they would tell me not to invest money or make big purchases during Mercury retrograde or Mars in retrograde. As a result, I missed out on countless lucrative opportunities over the years.

I also spent a small fortune on new age products like crystals, tarot cards, and astrology software. I told myself I needed these tools to unlock the secrets of the universe. In reality, it was just a waste of money that contributed to money problems between me and my husband.

Abandoned Dreams

The biggest regret of all is how astrology made me abandon dreams and passions for fear they weren’t aligned with my chart. For example, I’ve always loved writing and dreamed of being an author. But my natal chart said my destiny was in teaching others. So I became a high school teacher instead of nurturing my writing talent.

There were so many times I didn’t pursue something simply because “the stars said it was wrong for me.” Now in my older years, I’m filled with regret over the life I could have lived if it wasn’t for astrology guiding my every move.

Moving On

Although astrology robbed me of so much, I’m now in the process of taking back control of my life. I still find astrology interesting, but realize it should only be used for entertainment purposes, not as a guide for life decisions. I recently joined a book club and am making new friends who share my interests, not just my star sign.

My divorce from my husband is almost finalized and I’m looking forward to new beginnings. I plan to pick up writing again and may even take a memoir writing class. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

I hope my story serves as a cautionary tale to other women out there. Don’t make the same mistakes I did by allowing astrology and pseudoscience to run your life. Use your own inner wisdom and strength to decide your destiny. The stars don’t control us – we are the masters of our own fate.


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