How Astrology Helps Us

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to rely on astrology more and more as a source of comfort and reassurance during difficult times. When I’m feeling anxious or unsure about something, I’ll pull up my astrology app to get some cosmic perspective. Reading about the alignments of the planets and how they are impacting my moon sign always makes me feel better. It’s like the universe is sending me subtle messages not to worry, everything will work out.

Astrology also helps explain why I may be feeling a certain way on any given day. If I’m feeling tired and unmotivated, I can look at my astrology forecast and see that Mercury is in retrograde. Suddenly it makes sense and I don’t feel bad about not being on top of my game. The shifts of the planets provide reasons behind our emotions and experiences.

Astrology Improves Relationships

In addition to providing personal comfort, astrology has also helped me vastly improve my relationships with others, especially my husband John. Early on in our relationship, we did each other’s astrology charts. We were amazed to see just how compatible our signs were!

Ever since then, astrology has given us tools for navigating disagreements and appreciating our differences. If we get into an argument, we are able to step back and see it through the lens of our astrological characteristics. This perspective helps us resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully.

John is a Taurus and I’m a Cancer. So I know that he is stubborn and I am emotional. Understanding and accepting these traits has brought us closer together. We are able to communicate better knowing what makes the other person tick.

Astrology is Fun!

Most importantly, astrology adds fun and color to my life! I love asking new friends what their sign is and guessing their signs based on their personalities. Checking my daily horoscope gives me a little rush, like I’m in on a secret about what’s coming. My girlfriends and I sometimes plan our events and nights out based on the astrological calendar.

And I always read the Astrology section in magazines first when I’m at the hair salon! It’s such an enjoyable hobby that connects me to the natural rhythms of the universe.

So in conclusion, astrology has become an integral part of my identity and my relationships. It provides guidance and reassurance, it helps me understand myself and others, and overall it adds joy and magic to my life. The stars will always be there to help me navigate this crazy world!


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