House Number Numerology Calculator & Guide ?

House number numerology concerns the forces behind the most valuable asset for many of us.

“A man’s house is his castle” is a well-known, centuries-old phrase that still rings true today. Truer than ever, in fact.

Real estate has never been less accessible due to dramatic shifts in the modern economic climate, hence why so many are turning to house number numerology for peace of mind.

We’ve performed exhaustive research on the topic of address numerology and it humbles us that you’ve taken time to read our comprehensive guide on the topic.

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Hopefully you’ll learn some life-changing lessons on home numerology and appreciate your home more and view it from metaphysical angles that most people would never even be aware of.

Take sufficient time to consider any decisions you make about your home–your living space is critical to any enjoyment you take in life.

This numerology address calculator ensure that you make the correct decision about where you choose to live, not only based on your lucky house numbers, but also on deeper levels you can’t learn about from others guides.

If you want to learn more about numerology in general before reading on, please check out our beginner’s guide.

Without further ado, let’s move on to our house number numerology calculator.

Address Numerology Calculator ?

Below is the address numerology calculator that you can use to find good house numbers for luck:

If you need any assistance with the lucky house number calculator, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you and ensure that you’re not only getting the correct reading but also understanding it properly.

Here’s how to work out your numerology house number:

If you live at number 214, simply add the digits together:

2 + 1 + 4 = 7

Your house number is 7, see number 7 below to find out what powers this number channels within your home.

It gets a little more complex if your house number produces a multiple digit result, like for instance 337:

3 + 3 + 7 = 13

13 is not a valid numerology number so you must simplify to to a single digit number by adding its individual digits again:

1 + 3 = 4

So if your address number is 337 then your house numerology number is number 4.

Numerology House Numbers ?

Before you dive straight in and start uncovering the hidden meanings behind the number of your home, we highly recommend that you take time to understand the process of determining your numerology house number first.


Numerology House Number 1

Your home is not only somewhere you live but also a workspace for focus and productivity.

If you’re the kind with an entrepreneurial spirit and are running a startup or an established business from home, numerology house number 1 is the ideal fit for you.

We all know that in the world of business you mustn’t stop until you are number 1 at what you do and this number’s connotations of perfection are closely tied to your house number.

However if you want to separate your home life and your work life, then it’s likely that numerology house number 1 is the wrong choice for you.

You might be raising kids or caring for someone in need, in which case you don’t need to centre the balance of your home around productivity but rather care instead.

Likewise, if you’re married or committed to as long-term relationship with your current partner than you may find that the focus on productivity that numerology house number 1 brings may be detrimental to your relationship.

If you’re a workaholic and constantly tapping away on your laptop then your partner may grow weary of the lack of attention you’re giving them.

The is one of the biggest caveats about house numerology number 1. That is, unless you’re business partners and in a committed relationship, then it’s probably the best lucky house number for you both.

Numerology House Number 2

For those who believe the pen is mightier than the sword, numerology house number 2 is the best fit for you.

Number 2 represents peace and harmony. If you’re in a turbulent relationship or in a stressful period of your life, channeling the harmony behind numerology house number 2 can be a powerful remedy to any drama in your life.

A house with this number also channels a reinforced sense of empathy amongst it occupants. A stronger bond and a sense of togetherness is promoted by this number.

Even trivial arguments such as whose turn it is to cook or clean will occur much less often in a household governed by numerology house number 2.

Perhaps it’s the ideal house number for those in retirement who value harmony over productivity, or those who simple want to keep their home and work lives as separate and distinct as possible.

However there are certain combinations of people who will never get along no matter the circumstances they are in. If you feel you’re part of a situation similar to this then you may never find peace with that person unless you are separate from them entirely.

Numerology House Number 3

For those who wear their hearts on their sleaves with pride, numerology house number 3 is the sure-fire win for you.

Number 3 fosters passion and emotional intensity but it’s not for everyone. Be cautious about choosing this number because it can bring a whole world of new problems to your door.

If you’re one half of a young couple and want to enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions the numerology house number 3 is perfect for you.

However, ‘rollercoaster’ implies dips as well as peaks. Beware that you may be getting more than you bargained for in terms of emotional volatility.

As the old phrase goes, “the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. That’s not to say you are shortening your life span by choosing to live in place with numerology house number 3 but you could be in danger of exhaustion, both mentally and physically.

In the right circumstances, with the right pair of people, numerology house number 3 is an outstanding choice–under your roof you’ll grow your fondest memories about your time together.

Perfect for newlyweds who are secure about their ability to handle a wide palette of emotions.

Numerology House Number 4

For those who consider themselves ‘the salt of the earth’, numerology house number 4 is especially desirable for you.

4 represents a special level of tenacity and determination that most people will never reach. If true grit and stick-to-it-iveness are the key traits that you value most in lift, look no further than numerology house number 4.

It’s not only about motivation though; it’s also about preserving and reinforcing that thick-skinned resilience that you’ve developed over the years.

If your life is in a period of turmoil then numerology house number 4 is quite possibly the best for you.

This number offers the unique opportunity for you to ‘ground’ your life, much like how we ground electrical circuits for safety.

Next time lightning strikes, you’ll be safely grounded in your abode as long as it’s house number 4.

Numerology House Number 5

You are an adventurer whose primary motivations are the thrill of exploration and wanderlust.

Although it seems strange to associate a fixed abode with movement, travel and exploration, numerology house number 5 makes sense once explained.

House number 5 sign in ceramic tiles on wall

Even a long-term traveler needs a place they call home. A base, if you will, unless you’re a vagabond, that is.

If you seek a base for your expeditions rather than a more permanent home, 5 is ideal for you.

However if you can’t sate your craving for exploration, then a home with number 5 will quickly wear on you; you’ll feel as claustrophobic and frustrated as a caged bird.

5 allows you to channel your desire to explore the seven continents and the four corners of the earth more so than any other house number.

Numerology House Number 6

6 resonates with charity and altruism; you have a good heart and a strong desire to help others in need.

If you are a true ‘good Samaritan’ than look no further than number 6 for your home.

A home with number 6 radiates a sense of hospitality unmatched by other numbers.

Even if you’re not actively caring for another your guests will be enchanted by the welcoming atmosphere brought on by number 6.

However, as with Life Path Number 6, house number 6 comes with similar caveats; the first being that it can give you a tendency to overlook your own wellbeing in favour of others.

Secondly your guests may visit a little more than you might expect them to or overstay their welcoming, even despite your hospitable and welcoming nature.

Be on your guard that others aren’t taking advantage of your generosity.

Numerology House Number 7

7, a number associated with luck, has a different meaning altogether in numerology: perfection.

If you are a perfectionist then house number 7 is . . . perfect for you.

A home with number 7 allows your to channel your inner desire to achieve perfection in all forms; it transforms your living space into a blank canvas–and you are the artist wielding the brush.

Beware, however, the dangers in the pursuit of perfection. It’s impossible to achieve it in everything in your life, no matter how deep your desires for it go.

If your spouse or anyone you’re living with isn’t on the same wavelength as you, then there’s the risk that your mission for perfection will threaten the rapport between you.

If you’re living alone then there’s no risk of falling out with your housemate or spouse–go for it, go all-in and do everything within your power to reach your goals.

Numerology House Number 8

Have you ever been told that you ‘don’t mince your words’?

Number 8 is the house number for those who prefer a more direct approach in life–that is you don’t like beating around the bush and prefer to get straight to the point when dealing with others.

Like a tortoise’s shell, 8 is a number that offers a robust layer of protection to is occupant, and not just the physical kind.

If you dwell in a home with number 8 you can be confident in your protection from not only others who you find bothersome but also bad karma.

However this shell may prove to be more than you bargained for at times. Others may find it too difficult to penetrate and leave you alone more often than you like.

Not a problem if you’re introverted and don’t mind being alone for prolonged periods, but the insulation that 8 offers can be too much for some.

Also you may be comfortable in the thick shell provided by 8 but others won’t be as resilient as you to the metaphorical sticks, stones and words that people throw at them.

Be cautious that your directness and efficiency doesn’t come across as too brusque or harsh when dealing with more sensitive individuals.

Numerology House Number 9

The final number is for the natural-born leader.

If you constantly find others are turning to you for guidance or if you’re in a position of authority at work then it’s quite likely you’re just a natural-born leader.

House number 9 resonates with the leader at heart and provides you with a great base of operations.

This doesn’t mean to say that you enjoy ordering others around for the sake of it, nor are you on a power trip. You’re simply talented at being in a position of authority and others recognise that and take it to heart.

No matter what you do or where you go, your natural resonance for leadership blooms and you soon find yourself calling the shots.

Numerology house number 9 is the ideal way for you to challenge your ambitions of leadership.

Chinese Lucky Numbers for Your House ?

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If you’ve ever studied feng shui as well as numerology, you’ll notice that numerology lucky house numbers share much in common with feng shui house number meanings.

Final Thoughts ?

So hopefully by now you’ve greatly improved your understanding of home numerology and feel readier to make that big decision and finally take the plunge.

Numerology for homes is a delicate science that must be understood as fully as possible and practiced with caution before making big decisions around it. After all, your home is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make.

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