Free Will Astrology Scorpio: Your Week Ahead


Scorpio, this week spotlights transitions and transformations. The stars indicate it’s time to shed limiting beliefs, behaviors or situations holding you back. Step courageously into new territory. But avoid extreme measures. Change unfolds gradually through intention and effort.


Monday’s earthy Capricorn moon helps anchor all this transformational energy. Make realistic plans for positive change rather than demanding quick fixes. Lay solid foundations through steady effort. Slow and steady progress satisfies.

Key Thoughts for Monday:

  • Make realistic plans
  • Focus on gradual progress
  • Avoid extreme measures
  • Lay solid foundations


Passionate Mars, your ruling planet, clashes with nebulous Neptune on Tuesday. Avoid starting new projects or connections today. Your desires are convoluted. Focus on understanding your authentic dreams and wishes first.

Key Thoughts for Tuesday:

  • Avoid new starts now
  • Your desires need clarity
  • Understand your authentic wishes


Mercury aligns with Saturn on Wednesday, perfect for focused conversation. Discuss prospects for growth and transition with mentors. Their experience provides important wisdom. Take notes!

Key Thoughts for Wednesday:

  • Discuss transitions with mentors
  • Learn from their experience
  • Take notes on their guidance


Thursday’s bold Leo moon recharges your confidence. Take charge of your life direction! Initiate necessary changes yourself rather than waiting on others. Your willpower and charisma create results.

Key Thoughts for Thursday:

  • Initiate changes
  • Harness confidence
  • Flex your willpower


Surprises arise Friday when the moon clashes with Uranus. Expect detours from routines. Avoid resisting these disruptions. They redirect you towards exciting transformations. Embrace change!

Key Thoughts for Friday:

  • Break out of old ruts
  • Detours lead to growth
  • Welcome change


Imaginative Neptune enhances visions this weekend. Envision your future. Mercury ends its retrograde Sunday, increasing clarity. Discuss dreams with loved ones. Positive affirmations expand possibilities.

Key Thoughts for the Weekend:

  • Envision your future clearly
  • Discuss dreams with loved ones
  • Use positive affirmations


Overall Scorpio, embrace important transformations this week through courage and intention. But allow changes to unfold gradually. By laying solid foundations and understanding your authentic wishes, exciting breakthroughs occur!


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