Free Will Astrology Sagittarius: Your Week Ahead


Sagittarius, this week ignites your adventurous spirit! The cosmic weather boosts your optimism and helps you break free from routines. It’s time try new activities, explore uncharted territory and expand your horizons. Follow inspiration wherever it leads! But avoid reckless choices.


Monday’s grounded earth sign moon helps temper your wanderlust. Make realistic travel plans or set tangible learning goals. Plot adventurous steps within your budget. Lay solid foundations for future discoveries.

Key Thoughts for Monday:

  • Make realistic adventure plans
  • Set learning goals
  • Build strong foundations


Passionate Mars clashes with nebulous Neptune on Tuesday, complicating your desires. Avoid starting new projects or connections now. Give yourself time to separate fantasies from authentic wishes.

Key Thoughts for Tuesday:

  • Desires are confused now
  • Avoid new starts
  • Determine true wishes


Mercury aligns with Saturn on Wednesday, making it the perfect day for big picture planning. Research future prospects. Map out goals. Just avoid rigid thinking. Leave room for unexpected blessings.

Key Thoughts for Wednesday:

  • Research future plans
  • Map out goals
  • Maintain flexibility


Thursday’s bold Leo moon fires up your self-expression! Take the stage and share your talents, ideas and humor. Stay open to constructive feedback. It will help you improve.

Key Thoughts for Thursday:

  • Shine creatively
  • Share your talents
  • Accept constructive feedback


The moon’s clash with Uranus on Friday makes plans unpredictable. Embrace detours as part of the journey. Unexpected changes lead to growth. Relax and enjoy the ride!

Key Thoughts for Friday:

  • Expect changing plans
  • See detours as part of the adventure
  • Enjoy the journey


Dreamy Neptune enhances your imagination over the weekend. Enjoy inspiring art, music or time in nature. When Mercury goes direct on Sunday, make future travel plans!

Key Thoughts for the Weekend:

  • Stimulate your imagination
  • Spend time in nature
  • Plan future adventures


Overall Sagittarius, satisfy your wanderlust this week through inspired action. Explore and learn while building realistic plans. If you blend optimism with practicality, amazing growth unfolds!


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