Free Will Astrology Leo: Your Week Ahead


Leo, your natural magnetism is amplified this week! The stars align to boost your confidence and creativity. It’s time to put yourself in the spotlight and share your talents with the world. Harness this fiery energy while avoiding ego conflicts. Stay humble and focused. Read on for your free will astrology forecast!


Monday’s grounded earth sign moon helps temper your bold impulses. Channel your ambition into realistic planning. Plot achievable steps towards success. Lay strong foundations rather than demanding quick results. Patience pays off.

Key Thoughts for Monday:

  • Make realistic plans
  • Focus on foundations
  • Avoid impulsive moves
  • Cultivate patience


Passionate Mars clashes with hazy Neptune on Tuesday, complicating desires. Avoid initiating new projects or connections today. Focus on finishing current tasks first before starting new endeavors.

Key Thoughts for Tuesday:

  • Finish old projects first
  • Postpone new initiatives
  • Wait for clarity to emerge


Analytical Mercury aligns with serious Saturn on Wednesday, perfect for organized thinking and conversation. Schedule important meetings and brainstorming sessions. But avoid rigid thinking. Stay open.

Key Thoughts for Wednesday:

  • Schedule important meetings
  • Think logically and organize thoughts
  • Maintain openness


The moon enters your sign on Thursday, firing up your passions! Let your inner superstar shine today. Lead meetings and activities. Share your creativity and talents with others. Enjoy the spotlight!

Key Thoughts for Thursday:

  • Shine bright as a star
  • Lead with passion
  • Express your talents
  • Relish the attention


The moon clashes with Uranus on Friday, making emotions erratic. Go with the flow. Don’t force things to go your way. Unexpected events could lead to good outcomes. Enjoy spontaneity!

Key Thoughts for Friday:

  • Expect emotional ups and downs
  • Avoid demanding control
  • Embrace spontaneity


Imaginative Neptune inspires you this weekend. Explore creative projects, spirituality and romance. Mercury ends its retrograde on Sunday, improving communication. Discuss future aspirations with loved ones.

Key Thoughts for the Weekend:

  • Boost creativity and imagination
  • Share spiritual practices
  • Communicate dreams with loved ones


Overall Leo, own your star power this week while remaining flexible. Share your talents and passion while avoiding ego conflicts. If you balance confidence and humility, the spotlight will find you naturally!


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