Can astrology predictions be wrong?

When I was younger, I was obsessed with astrology and horoscopes. I would check my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly predictions religiously. I planned my life around what the stars supposedly said about me. If an astrologer told me something negative might happen in my relationships or career on a certain day, I would avoid major decisions or activities on that day.

This went on for years until I met my husband John when I was in my late 30s. John did not believe in astrology at all. At first, this caused some conflict between us. I would insist on consulting my horoscope before making big choices about our life together, and he thought it was nonsense.

Over time, as we grew closer, I began to trust John’s opinions more than my astrology readings. One day, something happened that made me realize astrology predictions really could be wrong.

The Day My Weekly Love Horoscope Was Totally Off

I’ll never forget it. According to my weekly love horoscope for my sign, there was supposed to be conflict in my marriage that week. The astrologer who wrote the forecast said Venus was clashing with Saturn, causing disruption in relationships. She advised caution with romantic partners.

I was worried all week and kept waiting for John and I to get in some big argument. But you know what? That week was one of the best of our entire marriage up to that point! We had a romantic date night, walked on the beach holding hands at sunset, and had meaningful talks about our future together. There was no conflict whatsoever!

When I Stopped Letting Astrology Control My Choices

After that experience, I realized I had been letting astrological predictions have too much power over my life. Just because an astrologer says something might happen doesn’t mean it will. The stars cannot dictate my relationship with my husband or fully predict what life will bring.

I stopped reading generalized weekly and monthly horoscopes. I talked to John about how I wanted us to make choices together based on our own wisdom, not vague astrological advice. He was so happy I had this revelation! It brought us even closer.

How My Life Has Improved Without Astrological Limitations

Ever since I stopped allowing astrology to control my decision-making, my life has improved tremendously. I feel freer and like I genuinely create my own future now.

For example, a few years ago, I got an amazing job opportunity that I would have turned down before because a psychic had once told me that changing careers after age 40 would be disastrous for me. I went against her prediction, took the job, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made!

I’m also much happier in my marriage. John and I rely on our communication skills, not the stars, to get through any relationship challenges. And when wonderful surprises happen, I don’t credit the universe, I credit us!

Advice to Others Who Look to Astrology for Answers

My advice to anyone who is always looking to astrology and horoscopes when making major life decisions is this: Don’t give any external system so much power. You are the author of your life.

The stars may offer some fun entertainment and self-reflection, but they don’t dictate your destiny. Trust your intuition. Make choices based on your own experience, wisdom, values and desires. Develop healthy relationships where you support each other’s growth as individuals. You may be amazed at how astrology has less and less bearing on your life!

So in summary, yes – astrology predictions can absolutely be wrong! And allowing them to control your life can be very limiting. Take it from me – you will be much happier and empowered when you realize YOU are in charge of your future. The stars are just there to shine some light on your unique path.


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