Can Astrology Predict When I Will Get a Job?

Many people wonder if astrology, the study of how planetary movements impact human lives, can provide insight into when they will find a new job. While astrology cannot give definitive answers, it may offer clues about favorable timing based on your birth chart. In this post, we’ll explore how astrological transits and cycles can relate to job searches and career changes.

The Importance of Your Natal Chart

In astrology, your natal or birth chart is created based on the positions of the planets at your exact time, date and location of birth. Your natal chart provides the foundation for interpreting future astrological events like transits. When doing career astrology, astrologers first look at planets and houses in your birth chart connected to work and professional development like:

The 10th House

The 10th house governs career, aspirations and public reputation. The sign on the cusp and any planets located here give clues about your career interests and aptitudes.

Planets in Capricorn

Capricorn is the zodiac’s authority on drive, goals and social status. Someone with a strong Capricorn influence (personal planets or many in the 10th house) may be very career-focused.

The 2nd House

The 2nd house rules your approach to earning, budgets and possessions. Since your job provides income, this house offers additional career insights.

Once an astrologer understands your natal inclination toward work and career, they can begin interpreting upcoming astrological events like motions, eclipses and transits that may impact your job search.

Outer Planet Transits

The outer planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slowly and thus their effects unfold gradually over long periods. Significant outer planet activity in your chart may signal milestone career shifts.


Saturn’s transits bring maturity and new levels of responsibility. Saturn in your 10th can mean promotion to higher positions. Difficult Saturn transits can be times of career uncertainty.


Uranus shakes things up when it transits your chart. Uranus in your 10th house or aspecting your Midheaven can indicate unexpected career twists like job losses but also breakthroughs into exciting new fields.

Neptune and Pluto

Like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits can correlate to major career changes, reinventions and developments in skills and passions. Their transformative effects are intensified when impacting your 10th house or planets in your natal chart.

Tracking long-term outer planet cycles can help you anticipate upcoming career growth periods. Being proactive around these times increases your chances of capitalizing on opportunities.

Nodal Axis Transits

The Moon’s Nodes represent your life path and soul-level purpose. Their 19-year cycle through the chart coincides with fateful meetings and events. In career astrology, pay attention when the Nodes contact:

  • Your natal Nodes – returns you to vocational interests from past lives.
  • The 10th and 4th houses – career and home life balance.
  • planets in your natal chart – activates that energy.

Node interactions with your chart zones and planets will steer you toward your highest calling.

Progressed Planets and Chart Shifts

Your natal chart also evolves over time through planetary progressions, where the planets slowly move through the signs. Significant progressions impacting your chart can induce career changes and opportunities. Especially note progressed planets or angles:

  • Changing signs
  • Making aspects to natal planets or angles – like your Midheaven
  • Changing houses

Major progressions involving your 10th house, Midheaven or planets ruling your career houses produce pivotal career years. Working closely with such progressions helps optimize their timing.

Return Charts

Certain planetary returns also carry career significance:

  • Saturn Return – Time of increased career responsibility around age 29-30.
  • Uranus Return – Possible career breakthroughs and changes around age 84.
  • Chiron Return – Opportunity to pursue soul-level work around age 50-51.
  • Jupiter Return – Expansive career opportunities recur around age 12.

When age-related returns fall in your 10th house or aspect your career planets, their impact intensifies. Returns can thus highlight strategic career periods.


Eclipses occur in 18-year cycles and align with fateful events when they conjunct important points in your natal chart. Eclipse seasons are dynamic times that can suddenly reshape careers and lives. Pay close attention when eclipses activate:

  • The angles of your chart – the Ascendant/Descendant axis and Midheaven/IC axis.
  • The rulers or occupying planets of your career houses.
  • Other vital planets and points in your natal chart.

Eclipses near these zones herald game-changing career twists and opportunities at their twice yearly peaks.

Tracking Ongoing Planetary Cycles

Beyond major outer planet transits, progressions and returns, faster-moving planets like Mercury and Venus constantly form aspects within your natal chart. New, waxing and waning cycles of these inner planets correlate to the ebbs and flows of all life areas, including work.

To unlock astrological timing clues for your career, observe cycles created by natal angles and planets. For example, Venus contacting your Midheaven, monthly Sun-Moon aspects or Mercury retrogrades impacting your career houses can show favorable timing for career initiatives like networking, interviews and negotiations.

Staying aware of the ongoing planetary cycles impacting your chart helps optimize career plans. Astrology reveals cosmic support for your aims waxing and waning in rhythm with the heavens.

Astrology Offers Guidance, Not Guarantees

While astrological timing techniques can illuminate productive periods for career development, they don’t provide guarantees or absolutes. Astrology shows tendencies and potentials, not firm predictions. You still have to take action on opportunities that arise.

Ultimately astrology empowers you to work in flow with your chart. It provides information to aid understanding about when external events may support your career plans and goals. Tracking astrological cycles allows you to act at strategically favorable times.

The cosmos endlessly shift in their cycles, within the sole constant moment of now. Understanding these cycles provides perspective and context to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. While no technique can definitively answer “when will I get a job,” astrological timing methods can reveal auspicious seasons to align effort with astrological motion.


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