Can astrology predict pregnancy?

As a young newlywed in the early 1990s, I became fascinated with astrology and its potential to provide guidance about fertility. When my husband and I started trying to have a baby, I looked to the stars to increase our chances of success.

Consulting the Stars in a Pre-Internet Age

This was before the internet made astrological information so readily available. I had to rely on books from the library and the guidance of my childhood astrologer, Mrs. June. She helped me draw up my natal chart and interpret what it showed about my motherhood prospects.

My emotional Cancer moon indicated my maternal instincts and fertile nature. Meanwhile, my fifth house of children, ruled by inquisitive Gemini, drove me to gather all the celestial insights I could find.

The Importance of Timing

Chart in hand, I began meticulously tracking my cycles and planning conception attempts around moon phases and zodiac transits. This took patience and dedication in the pre-digital era!

Phase One: Ovulation

I learned that a waxing moon in a fertile sign like Cancer or Taurus during ovulation offered the best chances. So I made sure my husband and I tried to conceive under these cosmic conditions.

Phase Two: Implantation

Likewise, I wanted the moon waxing and in Cancer or Virgo during implantation for optimal nurturing energies. This timing was tricky but worth the effort.

Phase Three: Early Pregnancy

Once pregnant, I hoped for a Venus-ruled moon in Libra or Taurus to grace those first delicate weeks, lending beauty and serenity.

Our Miracle Baby

After many meticulously timed attempts, I finally conceived during the full moon in Cancer – the ultimate fertile transit! My pregnancy was smooth sailing and I birthed a healthy baby girl.

As I reflect back now 30 years later, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. Today astrological insights are available with the click of a button. But the stars still guide those hoping to conceive, now as then.


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