Can astrology predict personality?

I first became interested in astrology about 5 years ago when a friend gave me a book about the basics of astrology for my birthday. At first, I was skeptical – how could the position of the planets and stars at the time of my birth influence my personality and life events? But as I read more about the meanings of the 12 zodiac signs, planets, and astrological houses, I started to see some connections.

Once I had my birth chart drawn up, I was amazed by how accurate it seemed to describe my personality, strengths, weaknesses, and even some major life events I had experienced. I’m a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, and Libra rising. As I learned more about these placements, so much started to make sense.

Gaining Insight Through Astrology

Astrology gave me a new lens through which to view my life experiences, relationships, and sense of self. Here are some of the key insights I’ve gained:

Understanding Myself Better

Now that I better understand my zodiac sign traits and those of my moon, rising, and other placements, I feel like I know myself on a deeper level. Astrology explained why I can be stubborn yet romantic, determined but also indecisive at times. My chart paints a more nuanced picture of my personality.

Improving Relationships

Astrology has helped me understand the people in my life better too. I’m now able to pick up on our compatible and incompatible traits earlier on in relationships, whether romantic or platonic. I have more empathy for why we clash or connect.

Guidance During Tough Times

During difficult periods in my life, I’ve been able to find some comfort and direction by consulting my birth chart. The challenging planetary transits and house placements reveal what themes I should reflect on and learn from during those times.

Feeling More Optimistic

While astrology isn’t fortune telling, I do pay attention to the lucky periods related to my chart. Checking the current astrological weather gives me a sense of optimism about prosperous times ahead.

Astrology as Part of My Routine

Now I incorporate astrology into my life in a few ways:

  • I stay up to date on the meaning of transiting planets through the zodiac signs and houses. Major phase changes, retrogrades, and eclipses teach me what to reflect on.
  • I consult my birth chart if I’m feeling confused or aimless to get clarity on my direction. My north node and houses with many planets reveal my soul’s purpose.
  • I read daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes to see upcoming trends related to my sign. These help me prepare mentally.
  • For major decisions like career changes or moves, I get a consultation with a professional astrologer to weigh the astrological timing and get their input.
  • I now give gifts like birth chart readings and astrology books to friends and family who are open to it!


While astrology may not be for everyone, it has had a profoundly positive impact on my outlook and understanding of the world. I don’t use it to pigeonhole people into restrictive boxes. Instead, it provides nuance, patterns, context, and meaning to complement the mystery and variability of life on Earth. If any part of my journey with astrology resonates with you, I encourage you to explore this cosmic tool.


The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Twenty-First Century Edition by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

The Twelve Houses: Exploring the Houses of the Horoscope by Howard Sasportas

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