Can astrology predict marriage?

I’ve been fascinated by astrology since I was a teenager. As a young girl, I would eagerly read my horoscope in the newspaper every day, looking for clues about my future romantic relationships.

Little did I know then how important the stars would become in leading me to my soulmate and happy marriage later in life.

Discovering the Power of Astrological Compatibility

It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I truly began to understand the power of astrological compatibility. A friend suggested I get my natal chart done by a professional astrologer. During our session, she mapped out the positions of the planets at my exact time and place of birth. She then explained how the interactions between the planets in my chart and my partner’s chart can reveal the strength and weaknesses of a relationship.

I’ll never forget when she told me, “Your chart shows you’re destined to marry a Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon man.” I was dating someone at the time who was nothing like the description. Needless to say, we broke up shortly after. I decided to keep my eye out for someone who matched my astrological partner profile.

Finding “The One” Through Astrology

A few years later, a mutual friend set me up on a blind date with a man named David. There was an instant connection between us. After our second date, I worked up the courage to ask him his birth date and time. When he told me March 15 at 5:30am, I nearly spit out my drink! His Sun was in Pisces and his Moon was in Cancer – a perfect astrological match for me!

From that point forward, I knew David was “the one.” We compared our full astrological charts and were amazed by how incredibly compatible we were according to the stars. We had similar personalities, interests, communication styles and approaches to relationships. Astrology provided a “sneak peek” into why we got along so well and clearly explained the natural attraction between us.

Planning Our Wedding by the Stars

When David proposed, we decided to plan our wedding date based on guidance from our astrologer. She advised us on the most auspicious date and time to get married for a long-lasting and happy union. We ended up having a lovely sunset ceremony on November 11, which was astrologically significant for both of us.

On the big day, as I walked down the aisle toward my soulmate, I felt such gratitude for the role astrology played in helping us find true love. The stars had aligned perfectly to bring David into my life.

Twenty Happy Years Together and Counting

Now, twenty years later, I can proudly say astrology led me to the love of my life. David and I are more in love today than ever before. We have an unshakeable bond that has kept our marriage strong through ups and downs.

When challenges crop up, we understand it’s just the planetary alignments creating some temporary strife. And when we’re in periods of harmony, we make the most of it and plan romantic vacations under the stars. We feel so blessed to have found each other with help from the ancient art of astrological matchmaking.

I can’t imagine my life without David in it. I’m so grateful I followed my astrological guidance to find my soulmate. It just goes to show the magic and wonder astrology can reveal when you know how to use it properly. I hope my story will inspire more people to turn to the stars to find their perfect partner.


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