Can Astrology Predict if Meghan and Harry Will Last as a Couple?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship has captivated the world since they first started dating in 2016. As an American actress marrying into the British royal family, their union has faced intense public scrutiny.

With Meghan’s outgoing personality contrasting Prince Harry’s more reserved nature, there has been much speculation about their compatibility and chances of a lasting marriage.

Looking to the Stars for Insight

Many have turned to astrology to glean insight into Meghan and Harry’s zodiac compatibility and what the cosmic alignments indicate about their relationship’s future. As a Virgo born on August 4, 1981, Meghan is analytical, hardworking, and perfectionistic. As a Virgo, she values order and routine. Prince Harry, born September 15, 1984, is a Virgo as well. So what does their shared earth sign indicate about their compatibility?

Virgo Qualities Align

Virgos are pragmatic and oriented around service like Prince Harry’s dedication to military duty and charitable causes. Virgos value discernment in relationships, prizing those based on mental connection and understanding like Harry and Meghan’s obvious rapport. As an earth sign, Virgo is also practical and grounded in reality. Harry and Meghan both eschew drama and value healthy communication. These shared Virgo traits bode well for their ability to build an enduring partnership.

Mutable Modality Allows Flexibility

Another astrological indicator in Harry and Meghan’s favor is their mutual mutable modality. Mutable signs are flexible and adaptive to change. Harry and Meghan have already proven able to adjust to major transitions like Meghan adjusting to royal life and their move to America. The mutable, change-embracing energies should enable them to evolve together as their relationship develops.

The Role of Key Planetary Placements

Beyond their sun signs, examining the key planets in Harry and Meghan’s natal charts provides further insight into their synastry or relationship compatibility. Here are some of the major planetary factors at play in their cosmic bond.

Venus and Mars Alignments Promote Passion

In astrology, Venus represents love and beauty while Mars governs sex and passion. Meghan’s Venus is in nurturing Cancer while Harry’s is in prim and proper Virgo. These placements indicate a deep care for one another. Harry’s Mars is in passionate Leo while Meghan’s Mars is in sensual Libra. This suggests strong sexual chemistry and attraction between them. The balance of Venus and Mars energies contributes to an enduring intimate connection.

Mercury Mindmeld Supports Communication

Communication planet Mercury plays a pivotal role in relationships. Fortunately, Harry and Meghan each have Mercury in cooperative Libra. This promotes excellent conversational skills, equal give-and-take, and smooth social graces between them. Meghan’s Mercury also trines Harry’s Uranus, indicating they connect in exciting, intellectually stimulating ways. Open communication is crucial for any partnership, so Harry and Meghan’s Mercury alignments are ideal.

The Importance of Challenging Aspects Too

Yet even with the positive planetary positions in Harry and Meghan’s synastry, astrologers point out some challenging aspects that add complexity. Just like real life, some tension is necessary for growth.

Uranus Sparks Independence

Meghan has rebel planet Uranus prominently placed on her ascendant. This suggests a strong self-will and desire for freedom. Early in their relationship, Meghan continued living in Toronto while Harry was in the UK. Even after marriage, they have bucked royal conventions. Meghan’s Uranus energy will likely demand occasional independence.

Pluto Brings Intense Transformation

Another astrological wild card is Meghan’s Pluto in Libra exactly square Harry’s ascendant and Moon. Pluto alignments often signify irresistible attraction but also deep transformation. Meghan’s presence in Harry’s life, as evidenced by their stepping down from royal duties, will undoubtedly require major adjustments for the prince. Pluto implies their bond will profoundly transform them both.

What Does the Future Hold for the Sussexes?

Meghan and Harry’s fairytale royal wedding in 2018 captured the world’s imagination. Yet they have also faced backlash and intense public pressure since then. Can their love withstand the chaos? Astrology suggests the cosmic cards dealt Meghan and Harry a winning hand for compatibility, but their destiny ultimately lies in their own free will.

Meghan’s North Node Points to Service

In astrological terms, the North Node represents one’s spiritual life purpose. Meghan’s North Node is in altruistic Aquarius, suggesting her soul path involves compassionate service, social justice, and unity. By marrying Harry, she gained an enormous global platform. Together their humanitarian endeavors can make a difference.

Saturn Makes Lasting Bonds

The planet Saturn represents maturity, longevity, and depth. Saturn aspects between charts signify strong glue between couples. Meghan’s Saturn trines Harry’s Sun/Moon midpoint suggesting their commitment will deepen over time. Saturn supports resilience during periods of difficulty. Meghan and Harry’s synastry suggests their powerful bond can withstand external pressures.

Conclusion: The Stars Align for Sussex Success

While every marriage has its challenges, an objective look at Meghan and Harry’s astrological synastry hints at a promising future together. Their shared values, excellent communication, powerful chemistry, and spirit of service all bode well. The depth of their connection suggests obstacles will only strengthen their commitment. As long as they maintain flexibility and grant each other independence, their stellar bond can go the distance.


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