Can astrology be real? How it changed my life

I’ve never been one to put much stock in astrology or horoscopes. As a pragmatic, logical person, I’ve always dismissed astrology as pseudoscience at best and silly superstition at worst. But a few years ago, after a major life change, I decided to give astrology a chance. What I discovered surprised me and made me rethink my assumptions.

A Skeptic Gives Astrology a Try

After my husband retired and our last child left the nest, I found myself at a crossroads. With so much free time on my hands, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. On a whim, I booked an appointment with a local astrologer named Amanda.

I went in skeptical, but open-minded. Amanda asked for my birth date, time, and location and began mapping out my natal chart – a diagram of where the planets were at the exact time I was born. Then she started telling me things about myself that she couldn’t possibly have known – my tendency to overthink decisions, my close relationship with my siblings, my idealism. I was shocked by her accuracy and insight.

Astrology Provides Comfort and Reassurance

Over the next few months, I continued meeting with Amanda. Each time, she would provide guidance based on the movement of the planets. She would warn me when chaotic Mars entered my seventh house of relationships, so I could be extra patient with my husband. She let me know when nurturing Venus entered my fifth house of creativity, suggesting it was a good time to pick up that watercolor painting I’d been thinking about.

I found a lot of comfort and reassurance in Amanda’s astrological insights. During times of upheaval or transition, she was able to point to cosmic reasons, which helped me stay grounded. I realized astrology was providing a framework to understand my life’s ups and downs.

An Eerie Ability to Predict the Future

The most convincing part was Amanda’s seeming ability to predict the future. She told me that an opportunity from my past would resurface in April when Jupiter entered my tenth house of career. Skeptically, I waited.

In early April, out of the blue, I received an email from a former colleague asking if I would be interested in taking on a part-time consulting project for my old company. I was floored! I knew Jupiter was likely not directly influencing my career, but the timing was eerie.

After that, I stopped doubting and started embracing astrology. It has become an indispensable tool for me. I even call Amanda now before making any big decision about my life.

Where Skepticism Meets Openness

I’m still a healthy skeptic at heart, but astrology has opened my mind. While I don’t think the planets directly control our lives, I believe they influence natural cycles and synchronicities in the universe and provide us with guidance if we learn to listen. The map is not the territory, but it can illuminate the path.

I don’t expect I’ll ever fully comprehend the cosmic forces behind astrology. But I’m no longer closed off to the mystery, magic, and possibilities of the stars. Sometimes you just have to surrender to not knowing.


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