Can Astrology Be a Career? An In-Depth Look at Turning Your Passion into a Profession

Astrology, the study of how the positions and movements of celestial bodies impact human lives, has seen a major resurgence in recent years. With more people looking to the stars for guidance, many are wondering if they can turn their interest in astrology into a full-time career.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the different career paths available for aspiring astrologers and how to go about establishing yourself professionally in this field.

Understanding the Growing Interest in Astrology

Over the past decade, astrology has steadily grown from a niche interest into a mainstream cultural force. Surveys indicate that over 30% of Americans believe in astrology today compared to less than 25% in 2009. Social media has played a big role in astrology’s rising popularity, with astrological memes, Instagram influencers and TikTok videos spreading zodiac knowledge far and wide. Apps like Co-Star have also made astrological insights more accessible and digestible for millennials.

With more people looking to the stars for self-understanding and guidance, interest in astrological services has also grown. This presents new professional opportunities for knowledgeable astrologers who want to turn their passion into a career.

Career Paths in Astrology

There are several potential career paths one can pursue as a professional astrologer:

Astrological Counseling

One of the most common astrology careers is providing personalized horoscope readings and astrological counseling services to clients. As an astrological counselor, you meet with clients, discuss their birth charts and current life circumstances, offer insights and advice based on astrological techniques. This requires extensive astrological knowledge, counseling skills and high emotional intelligence.

Many astrologers today offer virtual counseling services, connecting with clients around the world via video chat from a home office. You can advertise your services through your own website, astrology directories, social media and more. Average hourly rates for astrological counseling range from $100-$250 per hour.

Writing Horoscopes

Writing daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes for publications is another possible career path. Successful horoscope writers have a skill for conveying astrological insights in a concise, entertaining way. Typically a horoscope columnist is paid per word or per horoscope. Some secure a regular column in a newspaper, magazine or website while others freelance for multiple outlets.

Building a reputation as an accurate horoscope writer takes diligence, writing skills and studying astrological trends. Most successful writers start by pitching their horoscopes to various blogs, magazines and newspapers until they secure regular paid writing gigs.

Teaching Astrology

Many accomplished astrologers make a living teaching online or in-person classes and workshops. You can offer beginner courses on birth chart fundamentals, natal chart interpretations, predicting transits and more. Or tailor classes on specific branches of astrology like relationships, career forecasting or financial astrology.

Most teaching astrologers set their own course fees and structures. Pricing options include paying per class, monthly memberships or annual subscriptions. You can teach from home via your website or platforms like Skillshare as well as offer in-person classes at metaphysical shops, yoga studios or astrology centers.

Creating Astrology Apps and Software

For astrologers with a technical background, opportunities exist to create astrology apps, software and SaaS platforms. Successful products help users understand their natal charts or make accurate forecasts with ease.

Popular examples include the Pattern, Sanctuary and Chani Nicholas’s app Naked Astrology. If your product gains traction, monetization can come from purchase fees, subscriptions, in-app purchases or ad placements. The startup costs for software development can be high, but the payoff of a winning astrology app can be lucrative.

Consulting and Research

Some astrological career paths veer away from client counseling and teaching. Opportunities exist to consult with companies on how astrological alignments factor into product launches, timing, marketing and more. niches in market research, data analytics and think tank consulting also exist.

Government institutions and major corporations have been known to occasionally employ astrologers for confidential research and analysis. These roles require advanced astrological expertise, research skills and typically PhD level credentials.

Steps for Becoming a Professional Astrologer

Transitioning from astrology enthusiast to career astrologer requires dedication, marketability and business savvy. Here are some steps that will help pave the way:

  • Get Proper Training and Credentials: Enroll in courses at established astrology schools like Kepler College to gain legitimacy. Earn certifications that demonstrate your knowledge depth.
  • Build Your Experience: Take on volunteer or low-pay positions like writing for astrology blogs to start building up real-world experience. Offer free readings to friends and family to practice your skills.
  • Create an Online Presence: Having a professional looking website, quality social media accounts and published articles is key for establishing credibility in the internet age.
  • Develop Your Services: Determine what offerings align with your unique strengths: counseling, teaching courses, creating memes, etc. Refine your approach and offerings.
  • Set Professional Rates: Research the competitive market to determine appropriate pricing for your services. Communicate the value you provide to justify higher rates.
  • Market Yourself: Spread the word about your astrology practice through social media, local partnerships, press releases, astrology directory listings and any other channels that help attract clients.

The Outlook for Astrology Careers

While establishing yourself in the astrological market takes dedication, the future looks bright for those who want to turn their passion for the stars into a career.

The cultural interest and mainstream appetite for astrology continues to expand. With more people looking to the heavens for meaning, guidance and reassurance during these uncertain times, the need for knowledgeable astrologers is growing. We are only beginning to tap into astrology’s potential.

For insightful people willing to put in the hard work required, astrology offers a deeply fulfilling career path. Your unique gifts and perspective on the cosmos are needed now more than ever. With proper training, business acumen and persistence, a profitable and meaningful career as a professional astrologer is absolutely possible. The stars await.


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