AstroTarot Reading Review ⚠️ SCAM OR LEGIT?

What is AstroTarot Reading?

AstroTarot is an astrological and tarot reading service that takes you into the unknown. Astrologers from around the world come together to help humanity’s most difficult questions, when science fails us or society falls apart. We are here to provide guidance for those who want more than just a reading. We offer a full set of readings with and without the use of Tarot Cards, all based on scientific principles that explain the true meaning behind each sign and their position in your chart.

Our astrologers’ skills span over two decades, yet we strive to maintain harmony with modern science to produce accurate readings. In addition to traditional astrology, we combine this with Tarot Cards to create a full reading of your chart and personality. Our free consultation is an opportunity for you to get answers about the past and future events that may arise in your life by talking directly with our astrologer. The information provided by our astrologers is based on the charts, areas of the chart and planets that we have studied over many years.

AstroTarot deals with personal problems such as job loss, relationships, love affairs or family issues. The events in your life are explained by looking at the planets that occupy a certain position in your chart, the position of each planet is directly related to a certain area or section of your chart. The planets’ positions and aspects can be interpreted as if you were standing on a hillside looking at different parts of the hill from different directions.

The astrologer speaks with you about the planets that are influencing your chart. We also deal with the planets and stars that make up your personality. What is important to note about our astrology interpretations is that we do not put them into a rigid pattern or formula, and each person’s life is different from one another because of their unique personalities.

Our astrologers are not the kind of people who have an opinion on whether or not something is true. We take our job seriously and go through a long training program to teach us how to give accurate readings, regardless of what we think of them. This helps us learn from the mistakes that many others make when interpreting their charts. With time, we are able to relax and not worry about how others perceive us and what we think about our readings.

When it comes to psychic readings, accuracy can depend on many factors, including which reader you choose, what kind of card reading needs are being assessed and the type of tarot deck that is being used. You should always ensure that your psychic reader is highly qualified in the field and that they have received proper training to do their job.

AstroTarot clients are happy with how accurate their readings were, especially when compared to other tarot readers who advertise high-priced services without real experience or education in this field. They also offer a wide range of services that range from simple tarot card readings to full-fledged astrology and numerology consultations.

Because of the general confusion in regards to tarot, I am going to give a brief explanation so that you can better understand what astrology is and how it relates to individual readings. Your life span is like a simple timer clock ticking away your time on this planet. It starts with conception and then proceeds through childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood. Your years are numbered according to how well you perform on this timeframe of time.

The Astrology Tarot Reading is a method used by astrologer Dan Brown who has also written the book “AstroTarot: A Game for Living with the Stars”. The astrology reading is where the tarot cards are used to determine who you really are.

To do an astro-tarot reading, Dan Brown uses a system of 13 astrological “cards” (each card carries all 12 zodiac signs) and then does a single prediction for them. The astrological cards are then placed in a tarot deck and the entire process is repeated for all 13 zodiac signs.

How does AstroTarot Reading work?

The method of a AstroTarot reading depends on how long your session is going to last and whether or not you want your cards back (or if you want them all to return). In general, a card reader will take you through an astrology reading. He or she will read the cards and then present to you what they have found out about your life. 

The tarot practitioner will also ask questions in order for him or her to understand how much of your personality is based on your strengths and weaknesses, what the future looks like for you.

The astrology reading works by using one’s birth chart to determine their personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential future events. The cards are then arranged in the traditional tarot deck and a single prediction is made for all 13 zodiac signs.

The main purpose of an astro-tarot reading is to provide information about one’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential future events by using astrological readings from the tarot cards.

The astrology reading is not a random guessing game but rather an exact science and the information obtained from it can be used to determine one’s potential future events, strengths and weaknesses.

It has been said that every prediction made by an astro-tarot reading is based on a single astrological card. This is true because the 13 zodiac signs all have 12 cards and each of those 12 cards (each sign) has an associated planet that it represents.

The planets also carry certain qualities such as “dignity”, “maleficence”, “triumphance” as well as other significant qualities such as the sun.

The astrological cards are also grouped into a specific category called the Major Arcana of tarot which can represent any card in the deck with one exception; The Fool is not considered a major arcana card.

The 13 Major Arcana of tarot cards are the only cards that have been used in astro-tarot readings since Dan Brown began using them. The individual card numbers vary from pack to pack but they always begin with 0, 1, 2 and 3 just like the regular tarot deck except for the Fool which is not considered a major arcana card.

The astrological cards are usually arranged in groups of three each side in order to give them the appearance that they have a “scale”. This is why you can see little birds flying around your head when you look at this deck.

The tarot cards are arranged in a specific order with the major arcana at the top and all minor arcana cards below it. This is where you will see that there are 13 Major Arcana of tarot cards in each pack.

The Major Arcana of tarot also has 12 Minor Arcana cards which are the cards that carry all 12 zodiac signs.

When you look at the astrological reading from a tarot deck, it is reflected as “the 13th card” because they have been arranged in order of importance from largest to smallest. Since two of them represent each of the 12 zodiac signs, there are 13 cards in all.

The astrological reading is a combination of astrology and tarot that can be used to determine one’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential future events because the major arcana cards represent each sign individually with an associated planet.

The astrological cards are arranged in a specific order with the major arcana at the top and all minor arcana cards below it. This is where you will see that there are 13 Major Arcana of tarot cards in each pack. The individual card numbers vary from pack to pack but they always begin with 0, 1, 2 and 3 just like the regular tarot deck except for the Fool which is not considered a major arcana card.

How long will it take?

The time required for an AstroTarot reading depends on the complexity of each reading. A card reader who has been doing this for a while can probably give you one in 10 minutes. A beginner or someone who wants to do a private reading might need more time depending on how much of the reading they want.

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