Astrology Report for November 2024

As the seasons shift from Fall to Winter, November’s astrological alignments reflect a need for rest and renewal. With Mercury and Mars retrograde this month, reassess plans and relationships from a higher perspective. Nurture your spiritual wisdom and intuition.

Key Astrological Events in November

The Scorpio New Moon on November 4th facilitates intuitive depth and healing. Chiron goes direct on November 8th, moving healing plans forward. Mercury goes retrograde in mystical Pisces starting November 10th, revisiting spirituality and creativity. Mars then goes retrograde in Gemini on November 24th, rekindling conversations and local travel.

Horoscope Highlights for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Surprises reshape a key partnership or collaboration this month, Aries. Adapt to needed changes rather than resisting. Review agreements before signing. An old business prospect may return for a second look.

Taurus: Your health, work, and daily routines need attention as Mars retrogrades, Taurus. Change habits not serving your well-being. Make self-care and stress reduction priorities amid uncertainty. Delegate and reciprocate support.

Gemini: Mars retrograde reactivates your creativity, passion, and romantic side, Gemini. Revisit old hobbies, interests, and enjoy local sights. Nurture existing relationships with gestures and quality time. Schedule pleasant adventures.

Cancer: Domestic issues unfold for resolution this month, Cancer. Support family members in crisis. Renovate living spaces for comfort. Review real estate options. Resolve housing issues before signing commitments.

Leo: As Mercury retrogrades, re-evaluate recent decisions and unfinished discussions, Leo. Reconsider unprofitable contracts. Revise creative works needing refinement. Confirm facts and plans once the planet turns direct.

Virgo: Financial planning, investments, and shopping hold appeal this month with Mercury in your money zone, Virgo. Research thoroughly before purchases. Review budgets and resumes to increase earnings. Conserve funds where possible.

Libra: It’s all about you – update your image, share your colorful personality, start passion projects, Libra. But reconsider unfinished personal matters once Mercury retrogrades mid-month. Make inspired revisions.

Scorpio: Solitude and inner reflection will restore you as the planets activate your spirituality zone, Scorpio. Release toxic patterns and beliefs holding you back. Tap into your intuition through dreams, meditation, and time in nature.

Sagittarius: Surprises reshape your social network this month, Sagittarius. Nurture friendships aligned with your growth. Attend to others’ needs within healthy boundaries. Community involvement feeds your soul under these stars.

Capricorn: Your career could pivot as Mars retrogrades, Capricorn. An old opportunity may return, or it may be time for a new direction. Follow your heart rather than insisting on control. Success unfolds through inspiration.

Aquarius: Higher learning, travel, and global connections satisfy you this month, Aquarius. Enroll in workshops and classes. Plan spiritual retreats, even virtually. Avoid rigid perspectives. Expand your vision.

Pisces: Intimacy and finances need attention, Pisces. Discuss shared assets and resolve obligations. Avoid new investments until December. Strengthen connections through trust and displaying your authentic self, vulnerabilities included.

Aligning with November’s Energy

November directs energy toward:

  • Rest, relaxation, retreats, and therapeutic spaces
  • Inner soul-searching, meditation, and dreamwork
  • Creativity, romance, hobbies, and simple pleasures
  • Home, family time, comforting domestic spaces
  • Reconsidering options before commitments
  • Releasing rigid assumptions and renewing faith
  • Returning to what fulfills your spirit
  • Reviving dormant goals, ideas, and relationships

Surrender and receive November’s gifts of realignment. You emerge wiser.


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