Astrology Report for August 2024

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride as August hosts two dramatic Eclipses along with Mars and Mercury going retrograde. Expect the unexpected in relationships and plans. Leave wiggle room to adapt to changing circumstances. Focus energy into renewal.

Key Astrological Events in August

Uranus stations retrograde on August 5th, encouraging reflection on independence. A Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius occurs on August 7th, illuminating relationships and social matters. Mars goes retrograde in Gemini starting August 10th, revisiting communication issues. The Pisces Full Moon on August 22nd increases intuition and dreams. Mercury retrograde then runs August 23rd to September 14th in Virgo.

Horoscope Highlights for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Surprising plot twists reshape a key relationship, business venture, or financial matter as eclipses electrify your axis, Aries. Protect your independence while addressing issues responsibly. Adaptability brings stability through changes.

Taurus: Your committed relationships require effort and compromise as Mars pulls back, Taurus. Don’t assign blame, just do your part. Shared projects from the past may resurface. Protect your boundaries amid demands.

Cancer: Your health, work, and daily routines need tweaking, Cancer. As Mars retrogrades, change habits or roles no longer working. Make self-care and organization priorities amid chaos. Delegate and reciprocate support.

Gemini: Mars retrograde rekindles your creativity, passion, and pursuit of pleasure, Gemini. Revisit hobbies, places, and people that made you happy. Current relationships need romantic gestures and reassurance now.

Leo: Family issues come into focus for resolution, Leo. Support aging parents and nurture domestic roots. With Mercury retrograde, revisit past housing options or deals. Settle real estate matters.

Virgo: As Mercury retrogrades in your sign, reconsider recent decisions and unfinished discussions before moving forward, Virgo. Revise projects needing perfection. Doublecheck facts. Postpone major agreements.

Libra: Income matters demand attention, Libra. Review your talents and track record to rectify underearning. An old opportunity may resurface. Conserve funds until you have a solid plan.

Scorpio: You’re introspective as the eclipses electrify your privacy zone, Scorpio. Release toxic patterns and self-limiting beliefs keeping you stuck. Soul-searching and listening to intuition provides answers and spiritual renewal.

Sagittarius: Surprises reshape your friendships and long-term aspirations as the eclipses activate your social sphere, Sagittarius. Reconsider affiliations draining you. Nurture soul tribe bonds supporting your growth. Just have realistic expectations now.

Capricorn: Your career could take an unexpected turn this month, Capricorn. As Mars retrogrades, an old opportunity may return. Or it may be time to change trajectories. Follow intuition rather than insisting on control amid eclipses.

Aquarius: Eclipses shake up your education, adventure, and life path realm. Shift perspectives through classes, workshops, or counsel. Revise documents and plans before inking deals. Trust your inner GPS for direction when uncertain.

Pisces: Sex, finances, and power dynamics need attention, Pisces. Improve intimate communications and share vulnerabilities to deepen bonds. Research investments thoroughly. Adapt financially through changing circumstances. Ask for help.

Navigating August’s Retrograde Tides

Flowing with August’s astrological turbulence requires:

  • Planning ahead as much as possible
  • Budgeting extra time and resources
  • Remaining patient and adapting as needed
  • Listening to intuition over obsessing on details
  • Letting go of rigidity or resistance to change
  • Reflecting on past moments for solutions now
  • Releasing self-sabotaging fears or attitudes
  • Renourishing your spirit amid outer chaos

August fortifies your resilience and faith. Mine its gifts of renewal.


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